Kirby Smart to stay at Alabama

In a week that saw coordinators from our state changing zip codes, it appears that Alabama defensive coordinator Kirby Smart will stay in his.

It has been reported that Smart, thought to be a candidate for several coaching openings as head coach, interviewed with Southern Mississippi, but has withdrawn from their search.

Smart earns $850,000 annually as the Tide’s defensive coordinator, but you can expect that total to grow even more if Alabama shelves its second BCS National Championship in three years in a few weeks.

Earlier in the week Alabama offensive coordinator Jim McElwain was announced as the new head coach at Colorado State. The Rams opened up the check book (for them), paying McElwain a reported $1.5 Million. Completing his fourth season as coordinator, McElwain will stay on through the BCS title game.

In contrast, Auburn lost both of their coordinators for lateral moves or pay cuts. Defensive coordinator Ted Roof left the plains for the same position at Central Florida. Offensive coordinator Gus Malzahn fled from Auburn for a $500,000+ paycut to become the head coach at college football powerhouse, Arkansas State. Roof won’t be around when Auburn plays Virginia in the Chicken Bowl, while Gus will roll out his bag of tricks, smoke and mirrors for one more game.

Smart, the 2009 Frank Broyles Award winner for the nation’s top assistant, is the engineer behind arguably the nation’s stingiest defense over the last five years. He’s sure to be a head coach some day, somewhere. It simply appears that day hasn’t yet come.

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  1. 1

    Good news for us although I m sure that flash in the pan will have some way to associate this with class. Appears to be one of the few words he learned in that bastion of higher education. Indiana vile just resigned himself to rooting for lsu for several more years since his team is not one of the 70 teams going to a bowl game this year and doesn t have an offensive or defensive coordinator the best I can tell.

  2. 2

    Yeah the Vile raised it’s ugly head. For what reason it loves Masochism I can’t fathom. Maybe up there in the Smokies male lovers beat each other on the head with frying pans during blowjobs. Ya think? Kirby should just stay at Bama unless he has an ego to feed. He already makes with bonuses more than 75% of D1 coaches. Why go to a struggling bottom feeder for 1.25 million and maybe end up fired in a couple of years? Like the xNebraska QB at Kansas. He’d have been better off staying at Buffalo where he was adored. While Saban is at Bama, Kirby will be in Nat Champ contention every year. And when Nick retires Kirby will be on the short list with Jimbo and Dabo and a couple of others. Hey guys. Just 23 more days to bitch slap Flagellator and Fag, then they evaporate. Enjoy!!! RTR!

    • 3
      # 1 al. fan

      I agree Crimsonite Bama wil be in the hunt for years to come and if Kirby stays put, his resume will be a thing of beauty. RTR

    • 4
      The Flash

      Hey dickonite your prediction of me evaporating will be about as accurate as you prediction of bama winning the first game with LSU 31-6! Bwaa Haaw Haaw, you redneck!

  3. 5

    Ok you phuckers have posted way too much on the Malzhan thread. It has exceeded my cell phones memory capacity, so I’m going post here. Flagellator and Fag. I’m gonna shorten them both to ‘Flag’. Funny asshole, but I remember you dissing Bama’s whole schedule, especially FCS Ga Sou, saying even Arky only beat So Carolina. Now it’s Ga Sou was our signature win and they could beat Penn St and Arky? Flag you are so full of shyt you wipe the top of your head when you take a dump! You quoting bare stats and saying I must not have watched the game truly gives away your dementia. Stats always have a story to go with them. OT is a seperate game from 60 minute regulation so don’t even go there. Without OT, Ford was 10 for 50 yards. 10 rushes for 50 yards didn’t do shyt for you and neither did the rest of your running game – obviously. Trent lost 17 yards on 2 carries when the O-line left a rusher untouched. Outside of that he had 21 for 106 or same as Ford – 5.0ypc. Just three little plays taken away and the (cont)

    • 6
      The Flash

      Oh yea Crimsonite I forgot Ford was getting those yards in overtime against a different team/defense than Alabama’s, right? LMAO

  4. 7

    (cont) true picture of the game is revealed. What’s more, we kicked your QB hero of the first 8 weeks out of the game and the defense had to try and make radical in game adjustments for Jeffersons option offense. Not an easy thing to do. Hell, you might not get past midfield this time unless we’re ahead 35-0. Stupid Corndog retards. RTR!

    • 8
      The Flash

      Ok Dickonite, let me get this straight, Fords yards in OT don’t count because he didn’t really get them against the same defense or team that was playing in regulation. LMAO! And we have to subtract trents loss yards because his offensive linemen couldn’t block a defensive player from LSU? Yet when they do block correctly he is a great back.

      And let see, your next laughable reason (read excuse) for not winning the first game is that your defense had to make radical in game adjustments for Jeffersons option offense? Is that because your great coach, didn’t know Jefferson was back on the team, even though he had played in the four previous games prior to Alabama, and therefore he never had his team practice against “Jefferson’s option offense”? What kind of coach is that?

      Crimsonite you are a typical bammer, full of excuses and never admitting that your team is not perfect all the time. And that is why I will stay here win or lose on Jan. 9th to always remind you that you are not.

  5. 9

    I’m in State College, Pennsylvania today. Happy Valley is sort of a misnomer since the stadium is sitting on top of a mountain. Besides, there ‘aint nothing happy going on here now anyway. I hate what this shyt has done to this community. Damnit, I find myself unconciously looking for naked little boys running down the street with a dirty old man in hot persuit. Not a good perception at all. Oh wait!!! Son of a bitch, there goes Flash now and and damn look there’s Fag right behind him. What the hell are they running from? Just a minute, just a minute. Ahh haa! Here comes Sandusky and his dicks a flyin’ in the breeze! Man he’s fast for an old coach. I don’t think Flash and Fag are gonna make it! Ooops! Well, gotta go. Don’t wanna watch this! Laters. RTR!

    • 11
      The Flash

      Hey Dickonite you say and I quote “I find myself unconciously looking for naked little boys” as if we don’t all know you conciously look for naked little boys everyday and is why you probably are in Happy Valley because you thought with Sandusky on house arrest you could slip in town and pick up his slack! I knew you were a pervert but you confirm it with own words. LMAO

      Are you killing a few trees while your there also!

  6. 12

    IM glad Smart is staying in least for now. Now he can put his mind 100 % on this next game. And I hope coach McE does the same. I am sure that a pay raise is in the future for coach Smart. What I would really like to see is a few of the plays that Georgia Southern hit us with tried on LSU and see how they handle it. Again RTR.

  7. 13

    I don’t know what Auburn will do with the Cavaliers.I took a look at their roster and that team is as big as Auburn is. If size matters or not. Auburn better not go into that game with their finger stuck up their rear. If they do ole’ Virginny might take them Tiggers behind the barn. Just my 2 cents. RTR

  8. 15

    Flashless what are you going to do if your team doesn t back you up? We lost November 5th but we are still pretty happy with our coach. At the first of this year the who had clm on a pretty short leash and you can t deny it

    • 16
      The Flash

      Don’t be a dumb ass like Crimsonite Chuch,

      First of all, I’m not like bammer fans and have not made any predictions about the game.Just like I didn’t before the first game. I do believe LSU is the better team but I know anything can happen. Alabama is a good team and worthy opponent. Only dumb asses think they know everything and can predict a score like Crimsonite’s 31-6 Bama win prediction for the first game.

      And you are really stupid as shyt and prove it if you believe LSU had Miles on a “pretty short leash” at the beginning of the year when Miles, who last year had a better SEC and Overall record than Saban, inculding a head to head win against bama after out coaching Saban (as he did again this year), beat a good Texas A&M team in the Cotton Bowl and had LSU ranked in the top 10 in the final rankings last year, ahead of Saban’s bama team I might add. So yes I can and did just deny it proving you wrong again. So go join Crimsonite in the loser column with your predictions.

      And what are you and the rest of the bammers going to do if Miles and LSU does beat Alabama and Nick Saban, making it three in a row and giving Miles a 4-2 record against Saban and Alabama with Alabama having to go into Tiger Stadium next year where LSU should have an even better team than they do this year and clearly want lose as many key players as bama will? Could ya’ll possibly handle Miles being 5-2 against Saban? And if you say its not possible or couuldn’t happen then you will prove your blinded crimson ignorance. Because if you can’t admit that LSU is a good team and a worthy opponent, as I did about Alabama, and which could beat Alabama both in the NC game and next year, then you prove to everyone on this board you are just a homer, and as stupid as Crimsonite.

      So what’s your answer to my questions Chuch?

  9. 17

    Flag, you inbred, motherhumping POS. I clearly qualified the stats I was using and as usual you bring your retarded rant over here with nothing but useless repetition and worthless drivel. The whole phucking nation outside of Bama haters and Coonasses know Bama was the better team on Nov 5th. Even some of you bastards realize it. That’s why you’re scared shytless. That’s why the game is a tossup in your home state. We will bitch slap you Jan 9th! While it’s true that 3 plays CAN determine who wins a game, 3 plays do not ever determine how the game went or who was the best team. Those 3 plays dramaticaly changed the games stats and to say that one play by LSU and 2 plays by Bama set the tone of who outplayed who, is so fucking retarded it doesn’t deserve a phucking response. Besides, Trent had 169 yards after the two overlooked rushers got him for losses. That’s damn near what your whole phucking team had in regulation. Hey butthurt. Are you going to testify against Sandusky. Hell, I’ll be your witness LMMFAO!

    • 18
      The Flash

      Dickonite, you inbred, brotherhumping POS, does your definition of qualified mean to pick and choose only the stats that you like, such as not counting one of Trents carries because he lost yards, because as you say one of your Saban coached lineman missed a block? LMAO

      You will bitch slap us on Jan 9th? Does that mean you are predicting 31-6 again? If not please difine bitch slap for the rest of the world, because we all know your 31-6 guaranteed bama win = a 9-6 LSU win.

      The whole phucking nation outside of Bama haters and Coonasses = bammers only. LMAO

      Yea I’m so scared shytless that’s why I’m staying away from this site ever since the rematch was announced! LOL

  10. 19
    The Flash

    Hey dumb ass if you want to prove how dumb you are by “qualifying” stats, do your self a favor and go look at the stats after the first quarter of that first game and then come back here and tell every body which team out played the other over the last three quarters. And if you want even more telling qualified stats go look at just the stats in the second half. Not only will you see who the better team was when it counted you will see what coaching staff made the better half time adjustments.
    Baww waww waaa you qualified pervert.

  11. 20

    There you go again you retarded motherphucker, pulling shyt out of your ass without the slightest idea what you’re talking about. Not only do I doubt that you know what each individual quarters actual stats were, but I doubt you have the slightest idea where to go to look for that type of breakdown. Just like Saban’s and Miles’ records, you just pull it out your ass. Tell you what cocksucker. If you’re so Gaddamn sure about your phucking Coonass team then let’s do a Pay Pal $1000 bet. Bet whatever the final line is. You take the Corndogs and I’ll take Bama. Chickenshyt! As for next year the early line is Bama in the West because you won’t have a QB who’s ever taken a phucking snap. And the line is even stronger if Trent, Dre’ and D’onte come back. So phuck LSWho! Put up or shut up! I don’t want to read any more of your bullshyt! RTR!

    • 21
      The Flash

      Don’t try to be clever Crimsonite, you’re not smart enough.

      Your the only one with your finger, or someone eleses up your ass. Just because you tried to go find the stats by quarter but couldn’t because YOU didn’t know where to look so that you could respond to me like you always do, does not mean I couldn’t.

      Bama had 295 total yards for the game to LSU’s 239, thats a wopping difference of 56 yards. However at the end of the first quarter Bama had 114 total yards plus 26 return yards, while LSU only had 38 total yards plus 18 no return yards.

      Without qualifying any stats, Crimsonite, that means that Bama had 181 total yards plus 14 return yards for the rest of the game, whereas LSU had 201 total yards plus 64 return yards for the rest of the game.

      So I find it laughable when bammers like you Crimsonite talk about how “the whole nation, except bama haters and LSU fans”, saw that bama was the better team on Nov 5th.

      Well I will grant you bama was the better team, for the 1st quarter only! But after the first quarter, “the whole nation”, including bama haters and lovers alike, saw that LSU was the better team over the last three quartes and overtime! Especially overtime when the game was on the line the most! LMAO

      How do you like those non-qualified stats Crimsonite? Now pull your head out of your ass and lets hear how you try to “qualify” your repsonse to the NON QUALIFIED FACTS!

  12. 22

    Flashless I don t read your boards but those who do tell me you are wrong about the chatter about your coach after last year. Luck does even out ask the barn. If y’all win we ll still be happy mike Shula doesn t coach at Alabama and a goodly portion of your fanbase will stiill have have their hearts broken that someone left that traditional power the who. Oh I forgot they are a 10 year out of every 80 program

    • 23
      The Flash

      So let me make sure I have this right Chuch, you’re basing your comments on second hand information that was obtained by a “large” sample (tonge planted firmly in cheek) of LSU fans on a blog?

      I take back what I said earlier maybe you are as dumb as Crimsonite. Do you think the hand full of people who post on sites like this represent the fan base as a whole? If you do then the bama fan base is worse than I though.

      As for as your comments about Mike Shula, I think Alabama was the laughing stock of the college football world after the whole Mike Price affair/ordeal. Mike Shula came in and because of his reputation helped clean up the bama reputation, even if it was mostly off the field. Although I seem to remember he had Alabama undefeated and ranked in the top 5 one year until they got beat by LSU on your home field. So for the bama fans to talk as bad about Shula as they do, especially with him being an ex bama player, says a lot about the bammer fan base. I personally think he did more to get bama back to where they are now more quickly than what people like you give him credit for.

      And for you bammers its just ashame that Auburn’s and LSU’s 10 out of every 80 years programs had to be in back to back 10 year peroids, making it 20 years. The shame for you is that you are now in the begining of LSU’s 10 year run.

  13. 24
    Hate Smurf Coach

    Flash it is useless to argue with Crimsonite the pillow bitter. When AU beat that ass last year in redneck Mecca stadium, he was full of excuses like now. I certainly feel that LSU will beat Bama this year because of one fact… Their stringbean QB has had no pressure on him the whole year with the exception of the LSU game and one play in the AU game and we see that he pulled a John Parker Wilson fumble and done. Tyrann Mathieu is the best corner blitzing player in the country. Nuff said.

    Look up on YouTube Gay fish southpark and you will see the equivalent of Crimson Blood turd.

    • 25
      Darren Franks

      come on flash just let the hate go.i know you had a bad weekend.stoops said no,tj said no and the auburn nation is in a bad way.o yea more recruits are fixin to hit the ol dusty trail..

      • 26
        The Flash

        Hey Darren Franks you must be just another dumb bammer who can’t let his hate for Auburn go, because you see I am LSU fan not an Auburn fan, so don’t you look like a fool!

        Just let the hate go Darren! It’s like drinking poison and hoping it kills your enemy! Are you could just use it to go kill some more trees.

        • 27
          Darren Franks

          Flash get a grip dude.And am I really saying Flash,wow.You gotta know that LSU cant beat Bama twice in the same year and I dont posion trees but a tiger does sound kinda like fun.Keep that in mind cuz it could happen

          • 28
            The Flash

            First you bammers said LSU couldn’t beat Saban two years in a row, because he “NEVER” lost to the same team twice in a row. How did that work out for you? You gotta know!

            “Cuz it could happen”!

    • 29

      Smurf- if anything is useless, it’s YOU. I don’t know what team you support LSU or API but if it is LSU and talking about our “stringbean” qb you better take a look at one of your next year qb. This kid from Athens,Alabama. Coach Miles better put some weight on this kid or some SEC defensive end or line-backer will really mess his Saturday up. RTR

  14. 30

    Hey flashless quoting yourself and your opinion is really a convincing argument. Also can I remind you of mike archer Curley hallman and Gerry dinardo and are you old enough to rememeber those glory days of who football? Wasn’t t that long ago that your precios program was a coaching burial ground. Let s see if I can remember who changed things for you.

    • 31
      The Flash

      Chuch what the hell are you talking about, quoting myself and my opinion?? You make no sense.

      I’m not quite sure what you tying to respond to with your comments about Curley Hallman and Gerry Dirnardo. If your responding to my comments about Shula, it was you that had dogged him not me. Yes Curley Hallman was one of, if not the worst coaches in LSU history, I will agree with you there, Gerry Dinardo had mixed results much like Shula, but he recruited well, the majority of the starters for Saban’s 2003 NC at LSU were recruited by Dinardo, despite what bama fans want to believe. But neither Curley not Dinardo were former LSU players. I just think the way you and other bammers treat Shula, one of your own, says a lot about the class of your fan base. A comparative example for LSU is Jerry Stoval, a former LSU player. His record was much like Dinardo’s. 2 winning years and two losing years. But you don’t hear LSU fans dogging or bashing Stoval like you and other bammers bash Mike Shula. Like I said, maybe his major contribution to helping bama get back its respectability wasn’t on the field, as much as it was off the field, although like I said he did get Alabama back to a top three ranking at least at one point during his third season and did win a Cotton bowl and shouldn’t at the very least be trashed the way ya’ll do. Much like George Bush, like him or not, at least he restored the respectability of the Office of the President, after Clinton thought it was ok to be having sexual escapades with interns in the oval office while cheating on his wife and then lieing about it, very similar to the Mike Price ordeal at Alabama.

      But I notice you didn’t respond to any of those comments in my first post.

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