Alabama basketball just painful to watch

For the third time in four games, the Crimson Tide lost on the hardwood, tonight to Kansas State. But for the second time in three games, they were obliterated on the road.

I’m going to cut to the chase here; no need for clever wittisisms in this one.

The Alabama men’s basketball team is just downright painful to watch, and it’s rather perplexing as to why.

Recruits? Bama’s got ’em. Trevor Lacy was the pearl everybody wanted, but he was one among several newcomers that were to make the difference.

Returning stars? Tony Mitchell at times looked like an NBA franchise player last season. Green was a solid go to. Releford an absolute freak.

But this year it really looks like every player woke up from a coma after a serious bout with amnesia. Every player looks lost. Sure there are flashes of promise, and pretty dunks.

But somehow a dunk loses its luster when a glance at the scoreboard jogs your memory that you’re still down by 14.

In fairness, it is December, and Alabama is 8-3 overall, not 3-8. And the Tide can turn it on in league play as they did last season.

But it was last season that taught us that league play isn’t enough if you want to make it into the tournament. The committee pays particular attention to games being played NOW, as well as in January and February.

And right now what that committee sees is another contender…in the NIT.

I’m not sure what the answer is; I’m not a coach. But I know there are teams everywhere who have a marginally athletic guard who can drain it. That guard usually isn’t much to look at, has red hair and freckles, and is as pasty as my ceiling.

But the guy can shoot the J to loosen up the zone and create lanes for penetration and passing.

Alabama doesn’t have that guy, and hasn’t has any kind of perimeter shooter since maybe Ernest Shelton suited up, in what feels like an eon ago.

There is talent on this team, but there isn’t focus. Or passion. Or intensity. Or seemingly direction of any kind.

This Kansas State team was not 71-58 better than this Alabama team. But right now, until Bama can rediscover its mojo, expect more games that look like this. It’s just downright ugly to watch right now.

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    Tom Ward

    When 4 of the top 7 players are freshmen, it’s not perplexing at all to understand why the team struggles at times. Just think about Releford last year. He was inconsistent, especially on the road, early in the year. However, as is the case with many freshmen, Releford became more comfortable and more consistent as the year progressed. Green and Mitchell were the same way as freshmen. Tonight was a de facto road game, and freshmen rarely play as well on the road. In the one home loss, against Georgetown, they took many good shots that didn’t fall in the 1st half, and as a team shot well over 50% in the 2nd half.
    Personally, I think they are progressing well, and with the exception of the Dayton game they have played good defense. The future is bright.

    • 2

      I don’t know what games you’ve been watching, but please let me know before it’s about to come on so I can partake as well.

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    Glen Coleman

    Releford is useless without a solid outside shot. Teams know this and play zone all night. Can;t wait for Mitchell and Green to depart. Right now their both focusing on building NBA resumes. Need shooters to compete in the NCAA…

  3. 5

    Releford was a monster last year as just a freshman. He didn’t need outside help, he just simply took it tp the basket when the hell ever he wanted too. This year it ‘aint happening. Freshmen is a slight problem, but not all of it. We have 2 great seniors and sophomore Releford. that leaves 2 highly touted freshmen starting. Kentucky went to the final 4 with 2 starting freshmen 2 years ago! The Georgetown loss should never have happened. They stunk it up for 4/5 of the game or it wouldn’t have come down to allowing a damn 15% 3 pointer as time expired. As for Dayton and Kansas St (KSU ‘aint Kansas, Dorothy!), there just is not any excuse since we did not get beat, we just simply phucking dissolved! If this keeps up I might start questioning Grant. Note: Throughout his time there VCU was about the same as Bama was last year. But as soon as he left the new coach took VCU to the final four. Just a thought. RTR!

  4. 7
    Deacon Dan

    Hard to understand why Bama lost defensive focus when K-State’s 2 best players were on the bench in the first half. Replacement at PG was a freshman, and he lit us up (KS down by 7 when he entered, ahead by 2 at the half). Announcers said one of the K-State players had not made a 3 all season, then he promptly drained two uncontested 3 pointers in a row.
    Oh Well. RTR

  5. 8

    ” The future is bright…..”

    As a fan of Alabama basketball since the C. M. Newton days, I’m personally sick of people telling me that.

    I’m tired of being told about a future that never comes.

    That Georgetown loss sucked. Grant has to understand that this team cannot win a pre-season tournament, generate enthusiasm, then come home to a sellout crowd and blow it.

    And they blew it. That was a beatable Hoya team.

    Now we’re looking at another NIT.

    Excuse me for saying I’m tired of the fucking NIT.

  6. 10
    SEC Morning Five: 12.19.11 Edition « Rush The Court

    […] Alabama basketball is just painful to watch. At least according to an Alabama blogger who must not watch much Auburn basketball. We don’t happen to agree (ok, we could have done without the losses to Dayton and Kansas State!), but the author hits on a point that bears mentioning again — the Crimson Tide struggles shooting from behind the arc. Until Anthony Grant’s team can find a consistent perimeter shooter, they will continue to see packed-in zones that take away the athleticism and strength of Tony Mitchell and JaMychal Green inside. Surprisingly, Mitchell is the team’s best three-point shooter so far at 34% (12-35). The next on the list is Rodney Cooper, a 6’6″ freshman who has made six of 22 threes (27%). As a team, the Crimson Tide are shooting a feeble 24% on the year, a percentage that lands them at 342nd in the nation. Ok, that is pretty painful. […]

  7. 11

    Hey Flash, are you racist? Probably, coming from the only State in the country who registers their citizens by the percentage of African blood in their lineage. What is it, Louisiana considers you legally Black if you have 19% African blood? Dumbasses! By the way how many games has LSWho won this year? When was the last time ya’ll beat Bama? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Stick to Baseball. We’ll do Football and Basketball. Maybe you can find another Pistol Pete someday. Bwaa haww haww! RTR!

  8. 12
    The Flash

    If this keeps up I might start questioning Grant – CrimsoniteDecember 18, 2011 at 10:06 am#

    Hey Crimsonite LSU has been to the Final Four three times since Pistol Pete. How many time in its history has bama been? Oh yea NONE thats right. You sure you do basketball? LMAO

    While you were on here complaing about your basketball coach and team, LSU was busy beating the undefeated and top 10 ranked Marquette team.

    Bwaa Waaa Waaa Crimsonite

    Geaux Tigers!

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