Alabama basketball just painful to watch

For the third time in four games, the Crimson Tide lost on the hardwood, tonight to Kansas State. But for the second time in three games, they were obliterated on the road.

I’m going to cut to the chase here; no need for clever wittisisms in this one.

The Alabama men’s basketball team is just downright painful to watch, and it’s rather perplexing as to why.

Recruits? Bama’s got ’em. Trevor Lacy was the pearl everybody wanted, but he was one among several newcomers that were to make the difference.

Returning stars? Tony Mitchell at times looked like an NBA franchise player last season. Green was a solid go to. Releford an absolute freak.

But this year it really looks like every player woke up from a coma after a serious bout with amnesia. Every player looks lost. Sure there are flashes of promise, and pretty dunks.

But somehow a dunk loses its luster when a glance at the scoreboard jogs your memory that you’re still down by 14.

In fairness, it is December, and Alabama is 8-3 overall, not 3-8. And the Tide can turn it on in league play as they did last season.

But it was last season that taught us that league play isn’t enough if you want to make it into the tournament. The committee pays particular attention to games being played NOW, as well as in January and February.

And right now what that committee sees is another contender…in the NIT.

I’m not sure what the answer is; I’m not a coach. But I know there are teams everywhere who have a marginally athletic guard who can drain it. That guard usually isn’t much to look at, has red hair and freckles, and is as pasty as my ceiling.

But the guy can shoot the J to loosen up the zone and create lanes for penetration and passing.

Alabama doesn’t have that guy, and hasn’t has any kind of perimeter shooter since maybe Ernest Shelton suited up, in what feels like an eon ago.

There is talent on this team, but there isn’t focus. Or passion. Or intensity. Or seemingly direction of any kind.

This Kansas State team was not 71-58 better than this Alabama team. But right now, until Bama can rediscover its mojo, expect more games that look like this. It’s just downright ugly to watch right now.

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