Alabama Football: Offensive Tackle D.J. Fluker to stay at Alabama, complete college degree

Rumors flowed around the Internet this weekend that Alabama offensive tackle D.J. Fluker would leave Alabama early and enter the NFL draft. Today, Alabama’s offensive lineman refuted that with a statement released to the press. Here is Fluker’s statement:

Comment from Alabama Offensive Tackle D.J. Fluker: “I know there have been a few stories and different things out on the message boards lately about me possibly leaving school early. I want to go ahead and put all of that to rest and make it clear that my intentions are to stay in school. At my position, I still have a lot to learn in order to mold myself into the best offensive tackle I can be. I’ve learned a lot from my coaches in my three years here and I feel like I can only get better with more experience. The most important reason is to finish my degree. Right now, I am on track to graduate next December and that’s one of the things I promised my mother that I would do when I decided to come to the University of Alabama. This is a special place and I’m looking forward to spending another year with my friends and teammates, graduating, and playing in front of the best fans in the country.”

Fluker is an important part of Alabama’s offensive line, and should be a key to next year’s offensive production.

Share your thoughts on Fluker’s announcement and what it means to next year’s Alabama Crimson Tide football team.


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    The Flash

    Wow you can tell he has been coached by Saban, the best at leaving yourself a way out!

    “I want to go ahead and put all of that to rest and make it clear that my intentions are to stay in school.”

    His intentions, I repeat his intentions, are to stay in school!!

    He did not say he was staying in school, but his intentions are to stay in school.

    He did not say he would not turn pro after this year, just that his intentions were to stay in school.

    Now even you dumb ass bammers can understand the difference there can’t you?

    Saban is a an expert coach when it comes to statements like this one. Fluker has learned from the best! LMAO

    • 5

      When Fluker is back next season, man, you are going to really look like an idiot. Of course, you already do, but you are going to add to your total. You can tell that Saban leaving LSU still bothers you a lot. It comes through with every post you make. It is going to really hurt your feelings if Bama wins the bowl game.

      • 6
        The Flash

        Brando I could care less if Fluker comes back or not. I wasn’t even saying he wasn’t coming back, I just saying he left himself an out. You tell me why he chose those words, instead of unequivocally stating that he was coming back next year?

        As for as my comment about Saban, it had to do with the way he left Miami, and nothing to do with him leaving LSU. Saban never did what Miles has done at LSU, so you can have the lying little general, I’m glad he left!

        You saw his coaching job in our last game, he sucked!
        And if you don’t believe me ask Crimsonite!

        • 7

          It is still going to make your face mad as hell if Bama wins the bowl game. And you are mad that he left LSU, and when he come back, he went to Bama. Hell, your whole fanbase was a basket case over that. In the last game, as I recall, it was a 6-6 tie at the end of 4 quarters. I think Bama had more opportunities to win the game, and just blew it in overtime. You guys won, but I am not so sure you can do it again because of how close it was the first time. His coaching sucks so bad, that is why he has lost 6 games in four seasons. Yeah, he is a terrible coach. Tell yourself that over and over, and you will feel better.

          • 8
            The Flash

            Man you’re a genius Brando! Of course I’m going to be mad, or more accurately, upset if Bama wins the bowl game. But duh, so are you if LSU wins.

            As for as your comments about Saban leaving and going to Bama and the LSU fan base being upset, the KEY WORD IS WAS! We now realize what we have is better.

            And you recall correctly, amazing, the game in Denny Bryant Stadium was tied 6-6 at the end of regulation, but it was 9-6 LSU at the end of the game so I don’t know what your point is.

            As for as your comment about Bama having more opportunities to win and just blew it in overtime. Well that is typical bammer talk that never wants to give any credit to the team on the otherside of the field. I mean it wasn’t like LSU defense was on the field in overtime stuffing your offense and rushing, harrasing and sacking your quaterback now were they? LMAO I guess McCarron just fell on the ground by himself on third down.

            “You guys won, but I am not so sure you can do it again because of how close it was the first time” – Just think for a second how stupid that statment sounds. We did it once on your home field, but you don’t think we can do it again.

            I never said Saban coaching sucks, that was Crimsonite, and a lot of the Alabama fans calling into the Tuscaloosa radio after the first game. Although there were a lot of national media types, including Paul Finebaum, that said Miles outcoached Saban in that game and in last years game also. But I’m sure you don’t think he can do it again because he’s only done it twice in a row. LOL

            Saban is not a terrible coach, its just that Miles is better. You don’t think so?

            Then ask yourself how Miles’ team could possibily beat Saban’s team when Saban is a better coach, Saban’s team has more talent (which was confirmed again today when Alabama placed more players on the AP All American team than any other team in America. Not to mention Saban and Alabama has had the number one recruiting class three out of the four last years) and the game was being played in Denney Bryant Stadium.

            How could he be 3-2 against Saban?.

  2. 10

    Flash who purports to support that bastion of higher education, lswho, but who actually is most likely a lurking barner feels the need to educate us. He however comes off sounding more like a jilted ex-lover.

  3. 11

    Hello yawl good ol’ Bammers. I’m Flash and I likez those yummy stinky azzholes. I’m so sorry for the bad thingz I sez on here, butz I gotz this thing kinda like Torretts and I cantz helpz myself. I decided to punish mommy and daddy for makin’ me this way. So I snuckz in their bedroom one night and now my little sister is my daughter too. And daddy thought it was mommy suckin’ his pee pee, but no it was ME! Wheeee! I kind of liked that so now I’m humpin on all my sisters like a Nutria Rat in heat. Itz better All In the family! Wheeee! I wantz ya’ll to know I kind of like it with animals too. In fact Barbie our Chihuahua just had a litter of Fluppies! Now dontz you Bammers be mad at me, cuz like I told youz – I cantz helpz it. Hee hee! Go Tiggers!

  4. 14

    Damn I hate to lose McElwain. We are going to miss him more than you know. Most wide open OC’s have gone to the Spread Option. I’m not aware of any first class OC’s left who are maestros of the West Coast Offense which Saban had McElwain merge with the pro set. I suffered through to damn many booring offenses after Spurrier went to Florida. The only other OC we have had like McElwain also came from the West coast, UCLA, but Stallings handcuffed him and wasted his talents. Thank God Mac’s going to stay for the BCSNCG. What you want to bet in his Swan Song game he opens it up and lets McCarron dance! I’d love to see him turn loose our freshman speed burners Bell and White who have more experience now. Just see what kind of fits they could give Claiburne and Horny Bastard. And of course while they’re occupied drop a few over the middle to Doak Walker. Bwaa haww haww! RTR!

    • 18

      What does betting have to do with who will win the game? The first game was so close, there is no way to accurately pick who will win. The one thing is for sure, is you will be whining and crying like a bitch if Bama wins. You can bet on that.

        • 21

          Not like the whining of the corn dogs, to make it so far, and get beat by Saban in the very end. It almost makes it worthwhile to lose the first game and beat you in a rematch. The pressure is on LSU to win. If it is another close game, who knows? The lucky breaks and fluke plays could very well go Bama’s way this time. That was the difference in the last game.

          • 22
            The Flash

            Oh so it’s was a fluke that your kickers mised 3 field goals and got one blocked? I bet they didn’t miss any other field goals after that game right? NOT!! LMAO

            Maybe this time your brilliant coach, the best in the country, won’t march them out to try field goals every time LSU’s defense shuts them down outside the 30 yard line this game.

            Besides missed field goals what lucky breaks and fluke plays are your talking about.

            The bonehead fluke half back pass that any great coach would have never called when his team has a Trent Richardson? The great play by LSU’s defensive back that read the play left his man and went and took the ball from your reciever because he is a better athlete and/or wanted it more? Is that the fluke play you’re talking about?
            LMAO! You bammers are so full of yourselves.

  5. 23

    I am glad D.J. is returning for another year. The education will be part of his life always. Both on and off the field. Roll Tide D.J.

  6. 24

    Just A Fag, what’s your point? The Books have their own private game they play and it’s way outside the lines of reality. Unless you’re a chronic gambler, then who gives a shyt. An undefeated Alabama should be favored against anybody and everybody in BDS. What is clearly more important is now everyone has seen them play each other and a 11-1 Bama is favored over an undefeated LSU in Louisiana. Now what does that tell you? Ohh, I’m so sorry. How rude of me to ask a Coonass to think, much less reason! ROTFLMAO! RTR!

  7. 27

    I promise everyone one thing….When Bama beats the hell out of LSU and wins the BCS, we will never hear from Flash again.

  8. 28
    The Flash

    Whore you shouldn’t make promises your ass can’t keep. You must be Crimsonite’s brother. That is exactly what he was saying before the first game this year. Plus its a hollow promise since you didn’t tell everyone what you would do if you win and you do hear from me again. See what I mean when I say you bammers are full of yourselves.

  9. 29

    I see the Flagelator and the Fag are at it again. I don’t give a shyt what drunken ass books you use ratturd. As of this morning 4 of the major books, the ones ESPN publishes are 2 – pickem, 1 – LSU by 1, and 1 – Bama by 1. That’s still a tossup which means the visiting team is actually considered better. Go ahead and take LSWho and the points from your drunk. Will admit I haven’t checked VegasInsider today. It’s possible the points have temporarily swung to the Corndogs because of McElwain leaving. But as soon as everyone is comfortable that he’s still in control of the offense, the line will change again. Don’t phuck with me asshole, you can’t win. You just look like a dickless dog running around all wide eyed at a bitch party. Woof! RTR!

    • 30
      The Flash

      You are such a hypocrit Crimsonite. YOU are the one who said and I quote “Bama is favored over an undefeated LSU in Louisiana”. But now you say its a toss up, which I gave you the links to prove you are full of shyt.
      If you think John Avello at the Wynn Las Vegas is a ratturd, it shows just what an idiot you are.

      And now you want to play the visiting team card, when earlier you were bragging how Alabama owns the Superdome and how Bama fans would have more tickets and fans in the Mercedes Benz Superdome because they are the major sponsor and are based in Tuscaloosa.

      Who looks like the dickless dog hypocrit now!! LMAO

  10. 31

    I’m passing through Alabama today on my way to Nyark City. Sure as hell feels a lot better doing it with all the Bama stuff on my car this year than it did a year ago. 42-14! But I did come through Corndog City yesterday. We gotta do something about that shyt and fast. It ‘aint natural. Since aTm calls Texas’ snobby fans the Tea Sippers, shouldn’t we call the LSWho Coonasses, the Swamp Sippers? Bwaa haww haww! RTR!

  11. 34

    Has anyone heard if Barrett Jones is declaring or not? His departure could hurt.Only Warmack and Fluker are solid. Steen is a liability, either whiffing his block entirely or getting thrown 5 yards into the backfield 5 0r 6 plays a game..Cyrus and Arie K are both coming off knee surgeries. Behind them only center Kellen Williams and RT Austin Shepherd have seen the field in limited mop-up duty. We need some unknowns to step up big in the o-line next year.

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