Coach Saban correct to put Oklahoma State fourth

In the aftermath of yesterday’s final BCS Poll, much is being said about the final standings. Namely, the controversy centering on where some had placed Oklahoma State in the final coach’s poll.

Alabama head coach Nick Saban voted the Cowboys fourth…a far cry from the #2 vs. #3 debate that raged for 21 hours up until the final bowl announcements on ESPN.

Talking heads want to make a big deal about this, but other than the gratuitous airwave and column fodder they need, I’m not sure why.

No one is making a big deal about Stanford head coach David Shaw voting the Cowboys fourth in his poll, settling his Cardinal in at number three.

Or Duke’s David Cutcliff and Syracuse’s Doug Marrone doing the same.

Or Air Force’s Troy Calhoun placing the Cowboys not fourth, but FIFTH.

Could it be that these men, including Saban, really believed Oklahoma State didn’t belong in the debate?

Stanford and Oklahoma State both lost one game. One.

Stanford’s loss? To current #7 Oregon, who was #4 at the time.

Oklahoma State’s loss? To current #eleventy billion Iowa State, who was #twelve hundred billion at the time the Cowboys choked all over themselves in front of ESPN’s Friday night broadcast.

Oklahoma State Mike Gundy said it best following the Cowboys’ rare win over the Sooners.

“If we’d have taken care of business at Iowa State, we wouldn’t be having this discussion,” Gundy said.

He went on to try and make a case for his team from there, but that first sentence is all you really needed to hear.

Oklahoma State lost to the Auburn of the Big 12. Alabama pounded the Auburn of the SEC 42-14. Both took place on their opponent’s home turf.

Auburn’s offense never sniffed the endzone, while the Cyclones racked up 37 offensive points. No kickoff returns, scoop and scores, or falling on a ball as it laid on pay dirt. 37 legitimate points at the hands of a team Ole Miss could’ve beaten.

Oh, and Okie State in that game? They only managed 24 points on offense; Iowa State handed them a gimme on a pick-6.

Look Mike Gundy, and your followers, I’m coming after you…because you’re forty…something. You had your chance, and you blew it.

Congrats on beating a hobbled Sooner team, and it was time considering the eight years of beatdowns you’ve taken from big brother, not to mention the measley 18 wins you’ve managed against them (to their 74) in your “rivalry’s” existence.

But to those near or far who want to raise an eyebrow to Alabama coach Nick Saban’s decision to vote Oklahoma State fourth in the coaches poll, it may be more than just mere stumping for his Crimson Tide team.

Maybe the man, by virtue of his track record in the sport, knows a little something about college football, and…well…what a championship team looks like.

Champions don’t lay eggs against also-ran opposition. But apparently Cowboys do.

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  1. 1

    Well, I can remember at least 2 eggs we laid. Punt Bama Punt and 0-7 against Miss St. Then again since those eggs cost us 2 National Championships then maybe you’re right – Champions don’t lay eggs. I’ve been defending that vote against the rest of the country all day. It’s much worse on the national blogs than anything the talking heads may say about it. It’s pure Hydrochloric Acid mixed with Nitro Glycerin. But I agree with him 100%. And your thread sounds exactly like my post on Ivan Maisels column. You sure you didn’t read doggypoo99’s post over there? Bwaa haww haww! RTR!

  2. 3
    Dildo Baggins

    “you had your chance and you blew it.” Couldn’t a reasonable person say the same thing about Alabama and a little loss back when AT HOME IN TUSCALOOSA? In which ‘Bama failed to score a single TD? AT HOME? Oregon and Georgia and lots of others at least managed to do that to LSU. jus’ sayin’

    Dildo Baggins, PAC12 Troll

    • 4

      Mr. Dildo-head: You mean the loss where the #1 team in the nation ALSO didn’t see the end zone? Is that the game you decided to go with? Not the 2007 game where Bama blew it to La Monroe, or the Utah bowl game, same year? You go with the defensive beatdown that Bama, due to some poor decision-making by a sophomore qb and some questionable play calling, managed to leave 9 points on the field by missing field goals? And the #1 team STILL had to take it to overtime to get a winner?
      I call you a pathetic PAC12 troll.

      One day, when the PAC12 starts to pay attention, maybe they will become relevant in the football world again.

  3. 6

    Well you have to give the dumbass credit for one thing. He certainly has an accurate screen name. Nuff said. ROTFLOL!

    • 7
      Dildo Baggins

      I stumbled into this site by pure accident. Your man said on another thread that things were a bit slow here. Thought I’d throw in a little stimulus. Lawdy I think it stoked the fire. BTW, Dildo Baggins isn’t my real screen name, which, sorry to say, must remain a national secret. Most websites screen a name like that out, anyhow. Meanwhile, I shall pull for Bama, as I have historically done.

      Frito Bugger, Bama Bubba

  4. 8

    I think Coach Saban was being charitable to place them as high as #4. I’m pretty sure there are more than 3 teams in the country that could beat the team ranked 107 out of 120 on defense. And you have to figure that Coach Saban has a pretty good idea of what a great team looks like.

    • 9

      I think Stanford had a ‘better’ loss than Ok State. At least they got beat by a top ten team. Ok State got beat by a team without a winning record.

  5. 10
    The Flash

    I never understood why OSU dropped only 2 spots after losing to Iowa ST. Houston dropped from #6 to 21 after losing to a really good Southern Miss team (at least in Conf USA). Osu also had ax24-7 lead. NO excuse

    • 11

      I dont know what OSU only dropped 2 spots after their loss ne ways….when Oregon beat Stanford 2 RANKED TEAMS!!! Stanford dropped 5 SPOTS!!! if BAMA had lost to Ga SOuthern or Vandy we wouldn’t be playing in the NCG…why should OSU get a pass on a loss like that?? bc they AREN’T BAMA….no way…

  6. 12

    WTF? Is Flash agreeing with us? Allright who the hell is using his screen name? Is that you Fat_Dye? There are a hell of a lot of people who would like to know that and I have an answer. First a little background on the Pokes. It wasn’t just that they lost to ISU. Kansas St was moving the ball at will and simply ran out of clock on the OSU 5 yard line behind by 7. They only beat unranked aTm by a measly 1 point with a minute left in the game. Their D gave up the same points per game that Bama won by. Besides having Andrew Luck, Stanford also has a hell of a lot better defense. So go figure. Who were the 2 most overrated teams in the nation? CHOKLAHOMA and FSU. Then Choky stomped the Semiholes. So the computers started the season off with a false impression of Oklahoma’s and therefore the Big 12’s strength. Apparently due to some kind of phucked up algorithym that shyt remained in the basic program all year long.
    In other words it was the damn computers who kept OSU absurdly high in the polls. Happy? RTR!

  7. 13

    Son Of A Beotch!!! The phucking Heisman System has become nothing more than a damn political circus! Here comes Flash and Fan, but I don’t give a shyt. The 11th hour inclusion of Mathieu is a phucking joke and the death nell for Richardson. H. Bastard has been nothing more than a whisper in the Heisman circles all season. Now they decide to elevate him like phucking magic to New York? Don’t get me wrong. HE doesn’t worry me in the slightest. HE doesn’t stand a chance in hell. But the phucker is in our region of all damn places. He is going to grab critical and desperately needed votes from Trent and just phucking waste them for not a damn thing. And what the hell suddenly happened to Keenum and Moore with their fantastic 4 year resumes? This is just wrong! It is Gaddamn bullshyt! And almost as bad, another great, Barkley will not be grabbing votes from Luck. This is a phucking last minute disaster and it is simply unadulterated political bullshyt! Bastards and Honey Bastard!!! SOB’s!!! RTR!

    • 14
      The Flash

      Cry Crimsonite Cry, its what you do best when you don’t get what you want, unlike the Honey Badger who takes what he wants!! LMAO

      He might not win the Heisman (this year) but he will take (or has already taken) the lime lite away from Richardson.

      And yes that previous post under my screen name was a fraud! But if you gumps have to steal my screen name and post things that I would never say as the only way to discredit what I have to say here on this site, well it tells me you know I must be right and you can’t respond intelligently. 🙂

  8. 15

    Richarson was leading the race Saturday morning. Now he’s being projected 3rd. Mathieu isn’t the only reason. The late inclusion of Ball, a second RB from the vote heavy North has also hurt. Talk about bullshyt. The Heisman is supposed to represent the best and most valuable player in the nation. Now how the phuck can that be when they include 2 assholes who aren’t even the best or most valuable players on their own Gaddamn teams. Matheiu is only the 3rd best DB on LSU’s D. Claiburne is considered the 2nd best DB in the SEC behind Barron. Wilson is considered the most valuable player for Wisconsin. The whole Heisman system is bogus. I have no problem with RG III and Luck as rivals. Let them and Richardson battle it out and the chips fall as they may. But the phucking Matheiu and Ball shyt stinks of corruption, and neither one ever had a chance in hell of winning, placing or showing. Phucking horseshyt!

    • 16

      Don’t forget the Honey Faggot put that illegal hit on Kirkpatrick that did NOT get flagged and his ass was SUSPENDED this year — GREAT HEISMAN candidate you LSWho fodder. Puke. Middle fingers.

      Crystal on this end. RTR.

      • 17
        The Flash

        You are brain damaged, Damage, Inc.

        Either that are you didn’t really even watch the game.

        The Honey Badger DID get flagged for holding on that play, because that’s all he did. There was hardly even a hit on the play. The hardest hit was probably when Kirkpatrick hit the ground. It wasn’t the Honey Badger’s fault Kirkpatrick is a wus and couldn’t get up.

        Go watch a replay and get your facts right!

  9. 18

    Someone else said this somewhere, as I said two weeks ago there is not a one of these young men that can carry a bunch of guys 5-7 or 8 yards punching,hitting and trying to take the ball away from him. Now that is the way Trent Richardson Rolls. Do the voters think about that point? I dont think that RGIII could do that!!!

    • 19
      The Flash

      Neiter could the Honey Badger, but then again neither he nor RGIII are running backs.

      I’m sure Trent wouldn’t be as good of a quaterback or conerback either.

      Some of the comments by you gumps are really dumb.

  10. 20

    Oklahoma St.(11-1) should be ranked ahead of Stanford (11-1)?


    What exactly have they done to outrank Stanford?


    Stanford also has a win over 5th ranked USC (AP Poll / USC can’t be ranked in BCS).


    Oklahoma St. should be ranked ahead of Alabama?

    How? Why?

    Alabama gave up 67 points in 8 SEC games. In four of those games the opponents offense never crossed the goal line (Auburn, LSU, Tennessee and Vanderbilt).

    Oklahoma St. gave up 67 points to Louisiana-Lafayette and Tulsa.

  11. 21

    If Bama lost to a 6-6 team I could understand your logic. Bamas only loss carried a lot more weight than Ok States loss did. If all those undefeated teams didn’t lose a few weeks back, Bama wouldn’t be in the conversation right now. As it is, Bama, according to the computers and voters, was the best team with one loss. It is really hard to argue that point, with the top ranked defense in the country and an offense that is ranked fairly high also. But you all keep crying about it. We know we are fortunate to have Bama in the title game. But we are not going to apologize for it. The BCS is supposed to play the number 1 and number two teams. NOT number 1 and number 3. Too bad OK state had too much to overcome to get to number two. They barely even made it to number three, and Stanford could make an argument to why they are more worthy for number three than OK State.

  12. 23

    bingo – i was ranting stan 3 b4 votes….stan much better qu win so cal much better by 100000 miles quality loss….any other yr and not trying to manipulate system to screw bama rematch ….say undefeated bama and ohio st 1 and 2 .,..stan 3 okst 4 or socal or boise 4

  13. 24

    iowa state is actually ranked 31st in the BCS standings right now and were 6 and 4 after they beat them. Not exactly eleventy billionith or whatever stupid comment you made on them. Not a terrible loss by any means.

  14. 26

    You must be out of your phucking mind!! If Bama were to lose to a team ranked 31 since we got off NCAA sanctions, we’d fire the coaching staff and take away all the players scholly’s. A team ranked 31st couldn’t beat FCS Champ Georgia Southern. Opps, they beat OSU though. Bwaa haww haww! ISU was a bad, bad loss. They finished a bad 6-6 losing 28-7 last week to the team you beat 44-10 this week! Dumbass! Hey Bammers. Guess what? The new Vegas line is now Bama-LSU pickem!!! Know what that means. The Superdome is considered LSU’s other Home Field. For betting purposes home field advantage is from 3 to 7 points. Pickem at the Superdome means that Bama is considered the better team!! The first game was actually a tossup since Bama was favored by 3 in Bryant Denny. Ohh how the worm has turned. Didn’t I tell you last week that Bama would be be favored. Now we see what people really think instead of all the retarded internet homers. Life is good! RTR!

    • 27
      The Flash

      So Pickem means Bama is favored? Well I quess you should expect that from a dumb ass who thinks his team won even though they were on the short end of a 9-6 score.

      I guess if LSU wins 7-6 this time, you will claim another Bama National Championship, right Crimsonite? LMAO

      • 28

        No matter what, it should be a great game. If LSU wins, it will be considered one of the best seasons ever. And if Bama wins convincingly, then what would that make Bama? And just think, the probability of these two teams going at it like this will go on into next season as well. I think it is great for both LSU and Bama. They are definitely the cream of the crop of the SEC, and the nation. Should be fun to watch the rest of the SEC try to catch up, while LSU and BAMA duke it out each year for the near future.

        So, good luck, Flash. I don’t wish your team any bad luck, I actually like LSU when they are not playing Bama, of course. Too bad you can’t drop your Saban enough hate to appreciate it all for what it is. We may never see this kind of thing again, so this should be one for the ages.

        • 29
          The Flash

          Hey Brando,
          Keep playing your “LSU fans hate Saban card” it only makes you look stupid. Saban is a distant memory and there is too much love for not only what coach Miles has done at LSU, which has far exceeded what Saban ever accomplished, but also for his loyality and for what a good person, family man and community member he is. All of that far exceeds Saban and what Saban did while he was here. Saban is a good coach and did some good things here, building on to Dinardo’s Bring Back the Magic Campain that he started and winning some big games with mostly the talent Dinardo recruited, and Saban continued to recruit good Louisiana talent and to maintain the recruiting fence around Louisiana that Dinardo built. Saban also took full advantage of the facilities that LSU had and that Mark Emmerit was able to get support and funding for to expand while Saban was here.

          You Bama fans USED to claim that Miles only won because of “Saban’s players”. Well this season proves that “Saban’s players” were only holding Miles and LSU back from a season like we’re having now, 13-0, now that Miles no longer has any of “Saban’s players”!

          But just because LSU fans do not look at Saban as God or the savior of OUR football program, like Bama fans doesn’t mean we, or I have him. We just know that our program is bigger than any one man.

          So Brando I don’t hate Saban or Alabama, it’s the attitude of the Bama fans, and their sense of entitlement or that they or better than anybody else, which is displayed by your friends and fellow fans, like Crimsonite, on this site, that I and other fans everywhere hate.

          “Forever LSU”!

  15. 30

    The only dumbass on here is a phucking retarded Coonass with a Corndog up his ass and a dog dick in his mouth. Right now it’s a tossup. Which means the oddsmakers and the bettors having seen these two teams play already are conceeding that Bama is the better team. The line has dropped in just 2 days from 2 to 1 to pickem. There are still 33 days to go. It is almost a given that shortly LSU will be the dog in their by your fan bases words “home stadium”. Your other home stadium where Bama has played more than you and has won more than you. In a few days, max, we will not just be considered the better team, but will be favored. I would estimate the final spread to be Bama by 1 to 1.5. Of course that could change dramatically if either team loses any critical players for the game. For Bama that would mean to injury. For the Corndogs that would mean to rehabilitation or Prison. Bwaa haww haww! RTR!

  16. 31
    The Flash

    Saban was the best coach we ever had at LSU in my lifetime. We would have played for the National Title in ’05 if he would have stayed. It took Les 7 yrs to even get to the second national championship game. If he loses to Bama, I hope the Lions or Michigan have a coaching vacancy in the next 3 yrs. Gotta take my meds, ltr!:)

  17. 33

    So I guess who you beat doesn’t matter? There sure is a lot of talk about the losses, but not much is being said about who they have beaten. It’s not surprising, given it doesn’t support your position. Want to know why some people believe OSU was more deserving? Three words: strength of schedule.

    I also love the Heisman conspiracy theories. Of course if Rent Richardson doesn’t win, it means someone cheated or there was a conspiracy, right? Lol!!!! Keep it up fellas… This is why I visit. It’s like checking out the tabloids in the check out stand in the grocery store. There’s not a lot of intellectual substance and a whole bunch of conspiracy theories and paranoi… But sure is fun for a quick laugh!

  18. 34

    Not true. You’re over here because of the Red Headed Stepchild Syndrome. IE: You’re Aubsessed with Alabama. Over there in the Hood yall have shot your wad for the next fifty years or so and you want to come over here and see how things are going UpTown. It’s like this. You tards ought to be over there lickin your wounds from the worst ass kicking of the century. Oops scratch that – new century – of the last 100 years. But we can understand the childlike interest in the doings of Big Brother. Actually we’re pretty happy. Good press or bad, it makes no difference. We just love basking in the limelight. Right now Bama is the focal point of the whole nation. There’s 10 times more publicity than the Green Bay Packers, New York Yankees, Boston Celtics and Detroit Red Wings combined. We’re bringing an extra 750 million into the SEC coffers, and the recruiting should be off the charts now that it can be said they may have double the chance to play for a National Championship each year if you play in the SEC West.

  19. 35

    Yep lifes pretty good over here in the Waldorf Astoria. Hope yall make it through the winter allright. Is the heat still off over there at the Wire Road Inn? Bwaa haww haww! RTR!

    • 36
      Just a fan

      And this post by Crimsonite (along with many others), with his attitude that Bama and bama fans are better than everybody else, is exactly why fans of all other schools hate Alabama.

      If he’s not representative of your fan base, say could say so with your post here, but no one will.

      And if you don’t, you deserve the hate you get from all other fan bases.

      • 37

        I don’t care what the LSU fanbase thinks of Bama. I don’t care what Auburns fanbase thinks of Bama. This is the SEC you know. Most teams and fanbases hate each other regardless. Don’t know what your point is.

        But, as SEC teams go, I really like LSU. I don’t like their fans, of course, but who does? Say what you want, bash Bama all you want. The truth is, Bama and LSU are doing something right, and both represent the SEC in a dominating fashion. I think the Bama-LSU rivalry is great, and I hope that both teams can stay like this for a long time. What is funny, the Big 12 and other conferences shot down Slive’s +1 idea a few years back. Why? Because they were afraid it would lead to an All-SEC National Championship.

        But there is no doubt that LSU and Bama are the top two teams this season.

  20. 38


    Surely you had to know that I would point out how absolutely hypocritical you are when you chose to make the last few posts, right?

    Ladies and gentleman, please prepare to witness the epitome of unabashed hypocrisy, demonstrated by none other than the always jovial, Crimsonite. You may have read our recent exchange on a previous post titled, “An Open Letter to Coach Nick Saban on Strategies for the BCS Championship Game”. If not, here is a quick refresher.

    Our friend Crimsonite posted the following, “…little jumpy right now. I’ve spent the past week and especially since Sat night fighting with half the inbred, homer, troll assholes in the United States. Not so much on Capstone since it’s been kinda dead. But on Rivals at OSU, OU, LSU, Georgia, etc.” I subsequently pointed out that it was suprising to hear of his time visiting rivals’ message boards, given the frequency with which he and other Bama fans had berated Auburn fans for visiting this one. Specifically, I stated the following, “I don’t understand… You and your cohort have spent the last few years arguing that non-Bama posters on this site are obsessed with bama, insecure, or some other derogatory characteristic. You guys constantly proclaim that you never go to other non-Bama boards. What the heck were you doing on OSU, OU, LSU, Georgia, etc boards?”
    Of course, pointing out the obvious hypocrisy enraged Crimsonite who stated, “I cannot vouch for others, but I have never, ever said that. Many’s the time I’ve come on here with a report of the Bama bashing going on at Rivals, ESPN, SI and SBN sites.“ Let’s be real clear here folks, there is no doubt that Crimsonite (1) admitted to visiting other fan sites, (2) argued that he has not bashed other for visiting this site, and (3) implied that there is nothing wrong with visiting a rival site, particularly if you are defending your team (an argument that many, many AU fans and alumni have made for visiting this site). I considered responding to his last comment, but knew that it would not be long before he demonstrated how absolutely hypocritical he is.

    …and it sure didn’t take long. Crimsonite, in his infinite wisdom, posted the following comment, “You’re over here because of the Red Headed Stepchild Syndrome. IE: You’re Aubsessed with Alabama.”

    Now, I’m sure he will respond with some ridiculous comment that will try to explain this. Perhaps he will blame it on UA’s current probation status or string of poor classes. Maybe the notion of hypocrisy doesn’t apply to Bama fans because, after all, it’s Bama. Who knows? I’m sure it will be interesting and entertaining: full of tangential statements and twisted-paranoid logic. Better yet, I’m guessing he won’t respond at all since this post is a bit long. Incidentally, that is my favorite response. For some reason, Bama fans don’t seem to comprehend that it makes them look uneducated and low functioning (reading disability anyone?). “I’m not responding because your post was just tooooo long.” LOL!!!!

  21. 39

    Sorry for the delay. I was trying to form a response, but the post was too damn long! Bwaa haww haww! It appears to me that our esteemed token Barner is likewise having difficulties forming his response. Doubtless caused by the limitations of his education and Barner English 101. However, he has shown an adept ability to cut and paste. Bwaa haww haww! Responding to said colleages challenge I must protest that my occasional visits to opponents sites occur only during times in which the Alabama Crimson Tide is at the center of attention. I do not live on my most hated rivals blog site. Therefore to qualify his time here as equal to mine there, the question begs – does he have a dog in this fight? Uhh, the cut and paste option is right click and drag. Bwaa haww haww! RTR!

    • 40
      The Flash

      FYI you are correct, Crimsonite is the biggest hypocrit there is on this site and the cut an paste commands are his cryptonite, because his words (mostly profane) usually always come back to bite him. But like most people with no or low ethics or morals, he will allways come back and make excuses, blame others or say that is not what he meant or if all else fails, which is usually the case with him, he will just personally curse and attack you because his intellect never grew past grade school.

  22. 41

    Isn’t it amazing how the Siamese Twins, Just A Fag and Flash The Flagelator keep visiting here but never bring anything new to the table. They just keep beating dead horses over and over and over again. Just like a scratched 33-1/3 record. I shudder to think what shyt they’ll come up with after we trash their asses next month – if they ever show up again. For sure they are entertaining with their fantasies, similar to a sword and scorcery novel. Opps, gotta go. Laters. RTR!

    • 42
      The Flash

      Talk about a scratch record! That’s exactly what you said before Nov 5th Crimsonite, that Bama would trash our asses 31-6 and that I would never be over here again.

      Why don’t you do yourself and everybody else a favor and go get you some new 33 1/2 records, because your shit is getting old! LMAO

      The only fantasy posted here was your prediction of how Bama was going to trash our asses 31-6 in Denney Bryant Stadium! But you lost! LOL Lose to Miles and LSU again it will be a nightmare for you Crimsonite not a fantasy! LMAO

    • 44
      The Flash


      And take that piece of shyt Crimsonite with you where he belongs!

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