BCS BOUND: Alabama Will Play LSU in BCS National Championship Game

Here is the official release from Alabama Media Relations:

Crimson Tide and Tigers will meet Monday, January 9, 2012, at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome.

The Alabama Crimson Tide will face the LSU Tigers in the 2012 BCS National Championship Game on Monday, January 9, 2012, at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, La. The game will be televised by ESPN and will kick off at 7:30 p.m. (CST).

Alabama (11-1 overall and 7-1 in the Southeastern Conference) and LSU (13-0 overall; 8-0 in the SEC) met earlier this season, on November 5 in Tuscaloosa, with the Tigers taking a 9-6 verdict over the Crimson Tide in a game that needed an overtime period to decide a victor. Both teams are making their second appearance in the BCS National Championship Game. Alabama defeated Texas, 37-21, in the 2010 contest while LSU was a 38-24 winner over Ohio State in the 2008 game also played in New Orleans.

“Our players and everyone associated with our program are very excited about the opportunity to play in the national championship game,” said Alabama head coach Nick Saban. “We are very appreciative of the chance to play an LSU team that we have tremendous respect for and we are looking forward to the challenge.”

“All season long, we have had the mindset that we wanted to get in position to accomplish the ultimate goal and now we get the opportunity to do that,” said linebacker Dont’a Hightower. “We will take the utmost pride in getting this opportunity.”

“We’re really excited to get another opportunity to play in the national championship,” said offensive lineman Barrett Jones. “We have a big month ahead of us to get prepared for that game and we have a lot of hard work ahead of us.”

The Crimson Tide is making its fourth BCS Bowl appearance and third in the last four seasons under Saban. The Crimson Tide also played in the 2009 Sugar Bowl (2008 season – a 31-17 loss to Utah) and the 2010 BCS National Championship Game (2009 season – a 37-21 victory over Texas). Alabama also appeared in the 2000 Orange Bowl (a 35-34 loss to Michigan in overtime).

The matchup with SEC rival LSU marks the second time in Alabama history that the Crimson Tide will face a team currently playing in the same conference. The only other time that has happened was following the 1963 season when Alabama took a 12-7 win over Mississippi in the 1964 Sugar Bowl. However, that game was not a rematch of a regular season game as the Crimson Tide and Rebels did not meet during the 1963 regular season.

Alabama will be playing a post-season game at the Superdome in New Orleans for the eighth time in school history, boasting a 5-2 record in those games with the only appearance of the BCS era being the 2009 loss to Utah in the 2009 Sugar Bowl.

Alabama has played in more bowl games (59, not counting one vacated appearance) and earned more bowl wins (32) than any school in college football history. The Crimson Tide has posted a 32-22-3 all-time bowl record. The Crimson Tide is making its fifth consecutive bowl appearance under head coach Nick Saban and the eighth straight for the school. Saban is 3-1 in bowl games at Alabama, defeating Michigan State in the 2011 Capital One Bowl, defeating Texas in the 2010 BCS National Championship Game and knocking off Colorado in the 2007 Independence Bowl. The Tide’s bowl loss under Saban came in the 2009 Sugar Bowl against Utah.


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  1. 1
    Hate Smurf Coach

    This is the only team who can win it on the field and may still claim a NC. Hope LSU beats the stuffing out of you, paper champions.

    • 2

      Of course the championship is just a “claim”. All the BCS has ever been is a mythical championship. Nobody but the fat cats who control it would dare say otherwise. And even when they make the claim we all know better. The national champion as declared in Div I is always mythical.

  2. 5
    Bill Watson

    Hey, LSU Nation … We know your scared… Be prepared for an ass whippin… RTR. BTW Matheu will get some payback for cheap shots… What a THUG……….

  3. 7
    Hate Smurf Coach

    Watson, you are pathetic, you got beat already fag and you still get a mulligan. This is what is wrong with CF. No playoff makes this a beauty contest not truly an objective champion. Bama fans suck.

  4. 11

    Apparently a lot of people didn’t think we got beat bad enough so its rematch time! Post up the stats from the first game to back your comment up and prove the ass wooping tha was handed to us by you guys.You guys got the w but it wasn’t an ass whooping. You should be happy that you get your chance to ” slaughter” us again,smurf.

    • 12
      The Flash

      Hey Fat_Die by your thinking I guess Georgia won the SEC Championship game, according to the stats they beat us just like you did!

      Grow up!

  5. 13
    Bill Watson

    Spoken like a true Scared cajun… fag???? Sounds like you are the pathetic one…. BTW the NFL teams play each other several times each year to determine who is the best…

  6. 14

    Here come the skeered whining corndogs!
    Bamatrain coming to NOLA to whip some skeered cordog ass. Now they have a reason to be skeered!
    Bamatrain IS coming!

  7. 19

    All other conferences take note. The fewer good teams in your conference the better for BC$ championship payola.

    The SEC had a weak schedule and got rewarded for it. Golf Clap for the padded stats.

    • 20
      The Flash

      Correction k, Bama had a week shcedule and got rewardded for it.

      LSU’s schedule was tougher than anybody eles’ in the Nation.

  8. 21

    All other conferences take note. The fewer good teams in your conference the better for BC$ championship payola.

    The SEC had a weak schedule and got rewarded for it. Golf Clap for the padded stats.

  9. 22

    All the Cum sucking, butt phucking, lame assed trolls who come on here bitchin’ and whinin’ and dissin’would give their left nut and punch their momma in the titty to switcch positions with us, and then everything would be just the opposite. Stupid bastards, as if we voted ourselves into the game. Damn I won’t be able to sleep for a week I’m so ashamed! NOT! Bwaa haww haww! RTR!

    • 23
      Bill Watson

      Hey K or kr or whoever you are. Have you been smoking crack? SEC has weak schedule ? Did I read your post right ? You must be high !!! Most of the the other conferences can’t even compeat with the SEC. Even Vandy and Ole Miss could beat any ACC, Pac ten, Big 12, Sunbelt, or any other quote powerhouse from any other conference…. Face it… SEC rules….

  10. 24

    Boycot the game ! That’s the only way to end this nonsense ! Boycot Sears too !! Oklahoma State got screwed ! the whole siytem is flawed and rigged, Mark May gave Boise State a 25th place vote last week in the harris poll. What a crock of Sh*#. DON’T WATCH THE GAME .The BCS started because the Rose Bowl was paying Twice as much as the other bowls and the Pac 10 and Big 10 were the only conferences that could play in it. So…. the other conferences wanted a cut…thus the BCS. The Pac 10 threatened to pull out after their contract expired the very first year, The BCS were not going to have a Pack 10 team in the Rose or the Fiesta Bowls that first year ! They did so the Pac 10 stayed. BOYCOT THE GAME and end this crap!!!!!!!

  11. 26

    Oklahoma State had their chance to be in this game, but lost to a 6-6 team. No one to blame but themselves. It sucks that their women’s basketball coach died in such a tragic way just before that game, but how many of the players would have really been close to the ladies basketball coach?

  12. 28
    The Flash

    I’ll admit it. I’m scared. Really. I don’t want LSU to play Bama because, if they win, this season will be shyt. I peed my pants a little when OSU was announced #3. Where’s my goat? I’m lonely……

  13. 30

    Les Miles looked like he was going to cry last night on ESPN. “We’d be honor to play Alabama again?” Right Les. Nobody’s buying it.

    That smell hitting your nostrils is the collective dump in their pants wafting from the state of Louisiana when news broke that LSU wouldn’t get Oklahoma State—a.k.a. Arkansas-light—but would have to face Bama for all the marbles.

    Should be fun.

    • 31
      The Flash

      Well we know shit couldn’t have hit your pants ITK, because your Ahole was squeezed so tight all day waiting for the results.

  14. 32

    There you are flash,it took you a minute for reality to strike didnt it? The look on Miles face last night was classic it matched his wifes shirt to a t.Or was that his mother? You guys should have wooped our asses the first time then you would be playing Ok state for the easy win.Like I said ,you guys got the w and that’s what counts. Lets try it again for all.the marbles. Grow up,pffft.It is your posts that sound like a whiny 6 year old. REAULX TIDE!!””””” BWAHAHAHAHA.I can only imagine the disgust you feel right now sucka. Enjoy it.

  15. 35

    The computer rankings tend to favor Big-12 teams.

    Final computer rankings- #2-Oklahoma St., #4-Kansas St., #7-Oklahoma (even after a 44-10 loss to OSU and a loss to Texas Tech), #11-Baylor (ahead of Wisconsin and Clemson).

    Either the computers are impressed by high scoring games typical of the Big-12 (77-28, 63-42, etc) or someone has inserted some “special” programming.

  16. 36

    Exactly RollTide. They are not supposed to consider scores at all. That is why Sagarins Elo_Chess is the only part of his ratings the BCS uses. But most of the BCS computers are in areas that use high powered offenses. One is at UCLA, originator of the West Coast offense. The way the computers rank tems you can’t tell me those phuckers haven’t programed in some homer shyt. Fat Dye I wondedered if I was the only one who noticed Miles looking like he just walked in and found Jordan Jefferson pounding Mrs Miles! He looked exactly like he fully expected to get OSU. And that applause from the team was not unanimous and not what I would call rousing either. The phuckers just found out that not only will they not get a bye to a Championship, but odds are they are gonna get their asses handed to them. Bwaa haww haww! The fun and games are over folks. Bama’s coming to town! RTR!

  17. 38

    All the dam money Miles make he ought to get his dam wife a makeover!!!!!!!!!!!Sonofabitch that dam woman is just out right scary!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ROLL DAM TIDEEEEEEE

  18. 39

    The “whining” from us has stopped bur it looks like the whining from flash and the LSU faithful has just hit full speed.Say something clever flash,I need a good laugh today.

  19. 40

    Haha,we got rewarded for it,what’s the obsession flash?You guys are undefeated at number 1 but yet our week<—- schedule has you losing sleep at night.Cry about the voters making that call.You guys get the chance to actually try to "dominate" us thia time.Number one in the country, undefeated and everyone is riding LSU cock right now but we are everything on your mind.What a shame.REAULX TIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😉

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