HBO plans Jan. 28 documentary on former Alabama great Joe Namath

The legendary Joe Namath will be the subject of an HBO Sports and NFL Films documentary. Here is the official press release with more details:

The Emmy®-winning combination of HBO Sports and NFL Films will explore the fascinating life and career of one of pro football’s biggest stars in a documentary on New York Jets icon Joe Namath, it was announced today by Rick Bernstein, executive producer, HBO Sports. NAMATH debuts SATURDAY, JAN. 28 (8:00-9:30 p.m. ET/PT), exclusively on HBO.

“Joe Namath is one of the most compelling sports figures of the last 50 years and we are delighted to tell his story,” said Bernstein. “We will retrace his life not only from Joe’s perspective, but also from the viewpoints of many others who are familiar with Joe’s extraordinary football career, following his journey from Beaver Falls to today. We hope to present the definitive film on an NFL icon and a trailblazing free spirit.”

“In the mythology of pro football, Joe Namath is Arthur,” says Steve Sabol, president of NFL Films. “He pulled the proverbial sword from the stone and the NFL became the Camelot of American sports. His story is timeless, authentic and also very human. It is a privilege for NFL Films to partner with HBO Sports once again in documenting the life of ‘Broadway Joe.’ ”

Born in Beaver Falls, Pa. in 1943, Namath was raised in western Pennsylvania and was a stellar high school athlete in basketball, baseball and football. He accepted a football scholarship to the University of Alabama and played quarterback for the legendary Paul “Bear” Bryant. Namath led the Crimson Tide to the top of the national polls in 1964 and his stock as a pro football prospect soared.

With entertainment mogul Sonny Werblin at the helm of ownership of the New York Jets, Namath elected to sign with the upstart American Football League for a then-staggering $427,000, and by game five of his first season had become the Jets’ starting quarterback. He was subsequently named AFL Rookie of the Year, and was one of the first sports celebrity superstars, captivating both the entertainment press and fans with his movie-star looks and bigger-than-life “Broadway Joe” personality.

In a moment that would alter the NFL landscape, Namath led the underdog New York Jets to a world championship title in Super Bowl III versus the heavily favored Baltimore Colts. His “guarantee” of a Jets upset brought him legendary status.

While his MVP performance in Super Bowl III was the high point, Namath fashioned a high-flying all-star career during his 13 years in pro football, and was elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1985.

Now 68, Namath remains engaged in the game with which he has had a lifelong love affair. He provides radio commentary, is connected to new media initiatives through Facebook and Twitter (@realjoenamath), and hosts his own website destination (

HBO Sports and NFL Films have a long history of acclaimed football productions, including the 2010 documentary “Lombardi,” which earned rave reviews and received the Sports Emmy® for Outstanding Documentary.

The executive producers of NAMATH are Rick Bernstein for HBO Sports and Steve Sabol for NFL Films; produced by Joe Lavine for HBO Sports and Keith Cossrow for NFL Films; Liev Schreiber narrates; music composed by Dave Robidoux of NFL Films; executive producer for Namanco Productions Inc, James Walsh.


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    To all you trolling pieces of shyt who love to bash Bama, who in reality are nothing more that jealous motherphuckers, and who hate us because we have a superior sense of entitlement. Fantastic! You’re right! Bwaa haww haww! We changed college football and we changed professional football. The sport that drives this country’s seasonal insanity is what it is today because of the Alabama Crimson Tide. Get used to it. It will not go away. You cannot get rid of it. You cannot ignore it. To deny or dis it is to simply show your ignorance and homerism. And really it started before Bear, with Bama blowing up the Rose Bowl and before Willy Joe with Bart Starr winning the first two Super Bowls under the hand of Lombardi. So phuck all you haters. Except for a flash here and there, you are not relevant. We are comfy in our traditon and our entitlement. Roll Damn Tide Roll!!!!

    • 2
      # 1 al. fan

      I totally agree Crimsonite!! How ever, if this show is like the Roll Tide/War Eagle show they presented, I will probable take a pass, they slamed Ala something awful and built up the turkeys like they were meaningful!! But I can hope they will air this show with a little bit of honest information, but if ESPN is true to form they’ll show ol Joe Willie when he was interviewed by that girl reported, where it appeared that he had ‘a bit to much to drink’, that’s the way they are…… RTR

  2. 6

    Joe also had a very goos supporting cast around him.I played high school ball with one and got knocked the hell out by another one. That end from West End high school got me good. I will watch this. RTR

  3. 9
    Don in Marietta

    If it slams either Namath or the University of Alabama like ESPN’s “Roll Tide War Eagle”, I’m not interested in seeing it.

  4. 10

    I just wonder HOW MUCH will HBO focus on the one negative thing that put Namath back in the mainstream — — I really hope they focus on the Crimson Tide days and his time with the New York Jets and the Rams when his career was on the decline — Broadway Joe will always be remembered as one of the greats in Alabama Crimson Tide history —

    and this is off subject — PUT KEN STABLER in the NFL Hall of Fame — just because he’s had his personal issues shouldn’t dictate his status as a hall-of-famer.

  5. 11

    Yeah after I typed that I wondered if that douchbag Flash would think I was talking about him. But no. It was a reference to teams like LSWho and Florida, etc being ‘flash’ in the pans in the history of college football. There are only a small handfull of teams who have maintained for a 100 years, with Bama at the top of the list in milestones regardless of 5 or 6 who have won a few more games. For instance I think Michigan has won more and Texas and Ohio St have won more, but none have shyt for National Championships compared to us even if you take away the ones everybody else trys to dis. I missed the Roll Tide/War Eagle show. Had no idea they put us in a bad light. Can’t imagine how they managed that since our records speak for themselves. If they dissed us then they made themselves look like fools. And Snake who I played football with at Foley has been raped by the HOF. It’s about performance on the field, not phucking personality. RTR!

    • 12

      I knew what you were saying. And am wondering why he has not been here over this feature. Maybe his Mom took the PC away from him.RTR

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    More and more I’m reading that the pundits are predicting that if Arky manages to beat the Corndogs, Alabama will play in Atlanta. However I haven’t seen anybody say if they think we would be #1 or #2. Not that it would really matter. Just the same I have absolutely no confidence in what the 3 BCS polls would do in that situation. In my mind I am afraid they wouldn’t be willing to put us ahead of of the Corndogs having just lost to them at home only 3 weeks ago. I fear we could drop behind both Arky an LSWho and would have to pray for Georgia to upset Arky. Not a chance. I do not want Bama to be at the mercy of the polls or nother team. I prefer LSWho to beat Arky even though it would cost us a West and SEC Championship. As long as LSWho wins tomorrow we are in control of our destiny. Simply beat Awbie and go play for the National Championship.

  7. 14

    If Arky is winning or wins we will never hear from Flash again unless they stay in the top 2 and are going to play us again. Even then he’ll disappear after today until he can stop crying. Maybe he’ll commit suicide with a huge gator. bwaa haww haww! RTR!

    • 17
      The Flash

      Don’t ask him Damage, he doesn’t know. He is probably a drunk like all the old bammers are, Bear, Joe , Snake, and didn’t they have a famous drunk radio anouncer who set the Alabama record for DUI’s or was that the Snake?

  8. 18

    It’s Americas favorite pastime asshole. Don’t tell me you don’t drink. You swamp bastards are the most infamous school in the country for being nothing but drunks. But I guess you think sucking dick is more acceptable. Bwaa haww haww!

    • 19
      The Flash

      You talk about that so much you loser it must be the only thing on your mind. You are obsessed with it. Were you abused as a child Crimsonite, because you demostrate all the symptoms of someone who was.

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