Iron Bowl: ESPN GameDay heads to Alabama vs Auburn

The ESPN GameDay crew will be in Auburn for the Iron Bowl game between Alabama and Auburn.

The announcement came Sunday morning via twitter from ESPN’s GameDay.

And it has a few people excited.

Via twitter Erin Andrews said, “Woohoo RT @CollegeGameDay: We’re heading to Auburn, AL this Saturday for the Iron Bowl – #Alabama vs. #Auburn! #RollTide vs. #WarEagle!” (SOURCE) For more on Erin Andrews see the latest news here.

The Alabama-Auburn game for the third year in a row pits a team with a chance at a national championship on the line. In 2009, Alabama went to Auburn and won en route to a BCS championship. In 2010, Auburn won in Tuscaloosa en route to a BCS title. What happens in 2011?

Do you enjoy when GameDay visits an Alabama game? Is it a good thing or a distraction? Is it better home or away?


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    I think it adds pressure to the fanbases, but I don’t think the players give a rip.

    Here’s a hint though. GameDay is going to Auburn because of Alabama, not Auburn.

    GameDay typically doesn’t make appearances at schools who’ve been blown out four times in a season.

  2. 6

    You self-absorbed, arrogant twits. If Gameday was only coming to the IB because of Bama, then Gameday would have been in West Vance for the Ga. Southern game last weekend instead of at Houston.

    Get over yourselves.

    • 7

      Surely you don’t think they are coming to Auburn because of Auburns football team. Your team sucks pretty badly, and the Iron Bowl is likely going to be a blow-out. Maybe it is because it will likely be Malzahns last regular season game at Auburn. Yeah that is it. Of course it wouldn’t be because Bama has a stake in the National Championship or anything like that. Get over yourself. Your inferiority complex is showing again.

      • 8

        Surely you don’t think that Gameday is going to a location only because of one team?

        Oh wait …that’s right …you went to school at UAT and are a Bama fan. That’s 2 reasons to explain why you have no cognitive or reasoning skills.

        Face it …you folks let your ridiculous bias lower your guard and expose the idiot in you.

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