VIDEO: Highlights of Iowa State 37 Oklahoma State 31

Watch video highlights as Iowa State defeats BCS #2 Oklahoma State. Video highlights include the amazing second half comeback by the Cyclones and the dramatic overtime. What does this mean for the BCS?

Iowa State changed the world Friday night. Well, at least Iowa State changed the BCS world. The Cyclones defeated the #2 ranked Oklahoma State Cowboys in Friday night Big 12 action.

Who said the BCS isn’t interesting?

Now everyone will be campaigning for a slot in the BCS championship game. Does this mean Alabama has a chance for a rematch with LSU in New Orleans? What about Oregon? Will Oklahoma now make a statement? Oh, and we cannot forget Arkansas. The Razorbacks have the best quarterback in the SEC and are playing amazing football.

What do you think?

Watch the three minutes of video highlights and share your thoughts about this game and the BCS in the comments section.


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    One quick thought. Was that not a great play call by Iowa State in the first overtime. A wheel route that was executed to perfection.

  2. 6
    Hogbody Spradlin

    I suspect the real video highlight, for you guys at least, will be when the talking head announces the BCS standings tomorrow and Bama has moved into vacated second place.

    • 7

      Yea but the test will come on the last weekend of college football, when Oregon is winning the PAC 12 championship and LSU is winning the SEC championship and Alabama is sitting at home not playing because they weren’t good enough, when they had to chance, to not only not win their conference but not even win their division of their conference. I believe if that happens that’s when the voters will jumb Oregon over Alabama and the video highlight will be of all the Bama fans whinning and crying that they got cheated!

  3. 8

    If there’s a duplicate post it ‘aint my fault. This cel browser or this sites construction is shyt. Bama is already #2 again. Don’t need to wait for the votes. Oregon could jump us temporarily by beating USC – unless they lose to them or Notre Dame. Also the other Pac 12 Champ team will be unranked and won’t help. It’s a shame we get little credit for an FCS team even though they are 9-1 and ranked #2. However, we finish with Awbie the defending Nat Champ who beat Oregon and who is ranked. Also Oregon was Bitch Slapped by the Corndogs and lost consecutive huge games to the SEC. They just can’t compete. Okie lost to a shyt team as did Okie St and they don’t have a CCG to help them. They are out. The SEC is the nations best by a huge margine, and Bama and the Corndogs are the best in the SEC by a huge margine. No one loss team will jump Bama in the end, I don’t give a shyt what Oregon or one of the Okie teams has done against other teams – unless the system is corrupt. LsWho is phucked. ROTFLMMFAO! RTR!

    • 9

      Here is proof of what I was saying in my earlier post and it hasn’t even happened yet. Crimsonite, a Bama fan is allready crying the will be cheated because the system is corrupt if Alabama doesn’t get what they want, despite what the voters will say! Don’t say I didn’t tell you so.

      Crimsonite didn’t you predict Alabama would win 31-6 in that first game? Is that the same “phucked” you are predicting for LSU again if Alabama gets lucky enough to back into the National Championship Game?

  4. 10

    Lol… Any one loss team other than Bama deserves to be in the NC game more than Bama does. If bama gets a rematch, it will demonstrate what is wrong with college sports. Bama had their shot. It is only fair if another team with an equal record is given a chance. Otherwise, you will never know who the best tream/conference is (think Michigan/Florida vs OSU).

    Also, consider this: let’s say bama plays in the NC game and wins. Then what? It would be tied head to head. LSU would have beaten bama at their stadium, while bama won on a neutral field. In other words, LSU would have the more impressive win, but bama would claim the NC?????

    • 11

      And LSU would claim a share of the championship if the AP decides not to go along with the BCS like it has before, and they will claim the SEC Championship, the best conference in college football that Bama played in but wasn’t good enough to win. I agree this will prove the current system needs to be changed.

      The fact that one team could have to play it conference championship and win to get to the BCS Championship game while another team in that same conference could sit home and watch and not have to play a game is really screwed up.

      At least in 2007 when people like to say LSU backed into the Championship game, they had to go win the SEC Championship game and conference before they could get their.

      This would truly be an example of backing into the championship game if Bama gets there. And I understand Bama would probably beat Georgia, just like LSU probably will, but the fact remains that Alabama wasn’t good enough to get the oppertunity to play Georgia when they had their chance. Field goal kickers are part of the team just like the left tackle is. If your team loses because your left tackle kept missing blocks, but the other teams left tackle didn’t is not different than if your team loses because you kicker kept missing kicks when the other teams kicker didn’t. End of story.

    • 13

      Getting lucky enough to get there is one thing, winning it is another. Counting victory before you earn it, isn’t that what Bama was doing before the last game? Keep it up maybe the players will feed off the fans and feel the same and lay another egg.

  5. 16

    You don’t know who’d have the more impressive win until they play again, FYI. Bama won the first game on every dimension except the one that matters most. If the game plays the same way, the more impressive win will be Alabama’s 27-6 beat down.

    • 17

      Skipjack, didn’t LSU out rush Bama? Isn’t that a dimension of the game? Didn’t LSU’s place kicker go 3 for 3 while Alabama’s went 2 for 6? Isn’t that a dimension of the game? Didn’t LSU offense out execute Alabama’s defense with the option? Wasn’t that a dimension of the game? Didn’t LSU’s defense prevent Alabama from getting within it’s 15 yard line? Isn’t that a dimension of the game? Didn’t LSU’s punter out perform Alabama’s punter? Isn’t that an important dimension the game?

      But hey keep saying stupid shit like “Bama won the first game on every dimension except the one that matters most” and “Alabama’s 27-6 beat down” and maybe your team will be as stupid as you and start to believe it and won’t work as hard.

  6. 18

    You’re about a retarded Son Of A Bitch FYI. But then we expect nothing less from an inbred Barnturd troll. Next we’ll be hearing the same shyt from the phucking Corndogs. No 1 loss team from anywhere including the NFL deserves a shot more than a 1 loss SEC team – including over even Arkansas, much less Alabama. Plus they all were either beat down or lost to a shyt team. There is no question as to who’s the best you dumbass motherphucker. They all are mediocre compared to Bama and LSWho. Now that that’s settled I don’t know where in the hell I came up with Oregon’s last game being Notre Dame. I think that was Stanford. Oregon’s last game is 2-8 Oregon St. LOL, and Bama has #24 Awbie. That will be the difference. And unlike the beatdown LSWho put on Oregon, Bama out played them in every phase of the game except kicking. And then the Corndogs were given the ball in field goal range in OT. LMAO! RTR!

    • 19

      Crimsonite, didn’t LSU out rush Bama? Isn’t that a phase of the game? Didn’t LSU offense out execute Alabama’s defense with the option play? Wasn’t that a phase of the game? Didn’t LSU’s defense prevent Alabama from getting within it’s 15 yard line? Isn’t that a phase of the game? Didn’t LSU’s punter out perform Alabama’s punter? Isn’t that an important phase of the game?
      But hey keep saying stupid shit like “Bama out played them in every phase of the game except kicking” and maybe your team will be as stupid as you and start to believe it and won’t work as hard.

      And you conviently left out that Alabama was ALSO given the ball int field goal range in OT. Right Crimsonite? Which team’s Offense, Defense and Special Teams (or otherwise all phases) played better in OT Crimsonite?

      When LSU got the ball on its on 24 yard line with less than four minutes to go in the half, didn’t LSU drive it all the way down to Bama’s 2 yard line and kick a field goal with no time left on the clock? That was the longest drive of the game by either team.

      You want to claim you did’t lose in regulation? Go ahead I don’t have a problem with that. But you also didn’t win, and win you don’t win in regulation you play overtime, its a phase of the game and its the same for both teams! And your team lost!

  7. 22

    Bamasucks, you need to phuck your sister again and quit worrying about the big boys where you don’t even count. Your Gawddamn ass whipping is coming in 7 phucking days and it’ll be one for the ages shyt for brains. The Pac 12 Championship Game won’t mean diddly phucking shyt since the other team won’t even be ranked. May as well be the Citadel Bwaa haww haww! Besides, Oregon hasn’t beat USC yet and neither have the Corndogs beat Arky or Georgia yet. Whereas, our season ends today with the last team of quality on our schedule. Bwaa haww haww! You bitches will be crying for the next 10 years or so while you’re kissing our asses as 10 or more game winners every year. BITCH! RTR!

  8. 23

    Oh, and I never have said we didn’t phuck up by not being able to score in OT, although the truth is Richardson was open for a TD and McCarron, the most accurate QB in the SEC slightly overthrew him. That Bitch, had nothing to do with the Corndog defense other than the fact that we beat their asses on that play. What I’m saying is that it didn’t matter if the Corndogs gained 20 yards or lost 5 yards. The fact is that the dumbass OT rules give a team the ball in field goal range so that they don’t even have to run a damn play to win, and that works 100 fold in their favor when they get to go second and the other team doesn’t score. Your phucking ass would be bitching too if your defense never gave the other team shyt for 60 minutes and suddenly the have the opportunity to beat you and your defense may as well have stayed on the bench. And no you cannot compare our previous games in which we won in overtime since we have never been in an OT game in those particular circumstances. In fact I don’t think anybody ever has. RTR!

  9. 24

    The smell that anyone living in proximity to FYI noticed last night as the second OT ended was the poor fool’s bowels voiding. Rematch is a bitch my boy.

  10. 25

    One more thing you trolling pieces of shyt. I’m tired of hearing about how the phucking Corndogs out rushed us. You retarded bastards don’t know dogshyt about football. Just quote phucking stats even in the situations where they don’t really mean shyt. Bama ran Lee, their passing QB out of the game. With Jefferson in they are nearly exclusively a running offense. They pecked and pecked the whole ballgame to get their meager rushing stats and never once in regulation did their running ever help them out. In fact they were only in scoring position two times in 60 minutes. Meanwhile Bama had decided to use the pass against a suspect pass defense and therefore didn’t run as much as normal and yet Richarson and Lacy both broke off long spectacular gains. So dumbasses, even though the Corndogs inched and slithered and struggled for a few more yards on the ground than Bama did; our running game was much more effective. So stick it in your Barnturd losers ass and smoke it. RTR!

  11. 26


    You can’t really be serious. The numbers don’t lie my friend… Bama was out rushed. With regards to your other comments, I think it should be pretty obvious that the SEC is having a down year. It pains me to say it, but the Big 12 is probably a tougher conference this year. So the fact that Bama plays in the SEC should not be the only factor that determines who plays in the NC. Given equivilant records, consider that the schedule strength of OU and OSU are both around 5-6 (fluctuates weekly due to obvious reasons). Bama’s is in the high 30s-low 40s. That alone should be enough to argue for either of them being in over Bama.

  12. 27

    I guess no one is watching OU losing to the Baylor Bears right now or the Ducks losing to USC 21 7 first half of both games…………….RTR

  13. 29

    If bama is the only one loss team left, I would support them playing in the NC, although I will never like the idea of a team playing for the NC when they don’t win their own division, much less conference.

  14. 30
    Just a fan

    Hey Crimsonite is out rushing your opponent between the 30’s but can’t do shit once you get to the 30 kind of like having sex with your sister? I figured you would know that. Or is it like scoring with a whore where its easy, but not being able get it with good woman. I’lm guessing you would know what that is like also. LMAO

  15. 32

    Hey troll, ask us or the 3/4 of the fans who do thnk Bama should be in, if we or the voters and computers give a good gawddamn what you think. You are a tard who obviously did not watch the game. The Corndogs did not outrush Bama since Bama wasn’t in a rushing contest with them. Bama was in a throwing contest where we stomped the shyt out of them. All the Corndogs did was run for a few more insignificant yards than Bama did. And if you take off the 20 in OT it was very damn few more yards too. And by the way assholes it’s a moot point since it’s all over now! Oregon has lost! Bama is going to play for the National Championship at the expense of Awbarn and even phucking LSWho isn’t assured of that yet! Bwaa haww haww haww haww! ROTFLMMFAO!!! Bring on the Corndogs. RTR!

  16. 33

    Dam Baylor knows how to take it down!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hello corndogs let”s do it again!!!!!!!!!! ROLL DAM TIDEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  17. 34

    Bwaa haww haww haww haww haww haww haww!!!! Okie bit the big one! Bwaa haww haww haww haww!!! We’re in!!! Hey Corndogs what about you? Arky is looking good. You lose to them and as the #1 team WE would play in Atlanta. But no matter, WE are in and so far you aren’t. Bwaa haww haww haww! What a phucking day! It is in the stars. It’s Bama’s destiny. We may even have another Heisman Trophy! This just kills the phucking Barnturds. They just can’t stand it. They invent reasons why we don’t belong unless we’re the only one loss team. How phucking pathetic. With that reasoning the bastards would put Boise St or Houston in ahead of us. Certainly, Stanford who had the shyt stomped out of them or Okis St who lost to a 5-4 team most assuredly deserves it more than us – in the Red Headed Step Children’s minds. Dumb phucks! Bwaa haww haww haww! Making reservations for New Orleans now!!! Eat Shyt And Die Bitches! RTR!!!

  18. 35

    Good grief man, lighten up. Outside of cursing and calling people names, can you put together a rational argument for why bama deserves to be ranked higher than osu?

  19. 37

    Ok agreed, no cussing. At least not until one of you trolls come on here dissing Bama with stupid ideas. Why Bama? Because Bama is a better team than LSWho and lost to #1 by 3 in OT. And because Okie St has no semblance of a defense and lost by 7 to one of the worst teams in all of the AQ conferences. They were ranked behind Bama when both were undefeated and they belong there still when they both have one loss. Especially when Bama’s loss left many doubts about LSWho and Okie St was actually beaten. Nor do they play a CCG either. You cannot say we don’t deserve a title shot since we lost our matchup in regular season. That’s exactly what it was – regular season. It was nothing more than a fluke of chance that it was that kind of matchup. The BCSNCG is a different animal. With the way things have turned out we deserve to go there – now more than ever. It’s post season. Funny thing is LSWho is the one who still has to prove worthy. They have to beat the 3rd best team in the SEC who we’ve already stomped. RTR!

  20. 38
    The Flash

    Ok don’t go all Updyke on us Crimsonite!

    And you’re wrong Crimsonite, LSU is the only one that has proven worthy to date. Remember you Bama has a loss just like everyone else except LSU. You seem to forget that or at least don’t wont to consider it!

    Why is it when everybody else loses they deserve to lose but when Alabama loses its a fluke? Is it because you’re a flake?

    Yes we still have to beat Arkansas, which I don’t think will really be a problem and neither do you, you just hope because you really don’t wont to play the best team in America this year that has already beaten you once on your own slow home field.

    What you and your team need to do is quit thinking about LSU and the National Championship Game and concentrate on Auburn who has owned Alabama over the last 10 years including last year. Wouldn’t be ashame if they spoiled that little party going on in your head.

    Just answer me this Crimsonite if everything works out your way and Bama does back its way into the National Championship Game, what are you going to do WHEN LSU and Les Miles beats Bama and Saban for the second time in one year and owns him 4-2 since he has been at Bama? Oh yea I know you’re going to say no way LSU beats Bama but then again that is what you said, no guaranteed the first time right? LMAO

  21. 39

    I kinda get the feeling flash doesn’t want to see a rematch cause he knows what’s gonna happen.What else is funny to me is how flash is on a Bama website but can’t understand why all us bama faithful are taking bama side on everything his auburn/lsu loving a$$ says. Chop block!

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