Preview: Alabama Crimson Tide vs Mississippi State Bulldogs

By Tony Carter
The Alabama Crimson Tide is coming off a disappointing 9–6 overtime loss to the number 1 ranked LSU Tigers in which the Tide actually moved the ball with some degree of success while outgaining the Tigers in total yards, time of possession and first downs. However, losing the field goal contest converting only 2 of 6 became the eventual storyline. The Alabama football team 8-1 (5-1) now travels to Starkville to face the 5-4 (1-4) Mississippi State Bulldogs. Alabama leads, 74-18-3. (Last meeting, 2010, Alabama won 30-10).

Mississippi State in all of its 4 SEC losses has been competitive late in the game only to give up eventual scores in losing efforts. Mississippi State will likely utilize both Russell and Relf after seeing the success LSU had on the perimeter running the option vs the Alabama defense last week.

It is unlikely that MSU will be able to move the ball on Alabama with any degree of success vs Alabama’s nickel package pass defense that gave up under 100 yards to LSU. This will force MSU to try to run the ball which will also fall well short of being functional.

Watch for Alabama to reinforce importance of running game and lean toward more conservative play calling inside opponent’s thirty-yard line. Alabama’s special teams needs to solidify in multiple areas going into the last quarter of the season if it wants any chance of getting to the BCSCG or any other postseason goals like a BCS bowl.

MSU might keep this game within one score going into halftime, but Alabama should pull away with a pounding run game as time progresses.

Prediction: Alabama 34 MSU 13


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  1. 3

    Very tough hard hitting game..We won and that”s all that counts.Oregon lost and the Cowboys will lose some where down the line..Looks like we might well be in the running.. RTR

    • 4
      The Flash

      Latest trend is if Oklahoma beats Oklahoma St. they jump Alabama. If that happens you’ll see the greatest flood in Alabama history, the crying will be so great!

      • 5

        Not necessarily, that Texas Tech loss is looking like a worse loss than the Bama loss to LSU. You just hope you don’t have to play Bama again, because you know how fortunate you were to squeak out a win at Bama. Bama will win the rematch if it happens.

        • 6
          The Flash

          Yea yea brando, you would have thought all that talking that you did the two weeks before the LSU game that you couldn’t back up would have taught you a lesson. And that was after all of the bullshit before last years lesson also. I guess idiots never learn.

          I would much rather play and beat bama again rather than face Oregon again. Hell they put up 27 against us!

          • 7
            The Flash

            I got a serious question for you, if you do get LUCKY enough to get a rematch and Miles beats Saban again to go 4-2 against him and 2-0 against Saban’s best team yet, what will you and the other gumps say and do then?

  2. 8

    Flash come on man ,,Do you really think LSU is that much better than the TIDE??NO touchdowns in the game and game goes to overtime..All that game showed me was LSU has a better kicker..Bottom line..That”s it a better kicker..Sorry pal but will see you in the Dome…RTR

  3. 9

    O by the way i guess it was fine and dandy when the tigers got lucky enough to go to the championship with a three loss team???????????? Freaking idiot………..

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