Houston Nutt fired: Ole Miss, who do you think you are?

Yesterday the University of Mississippi fired another head coach over a poor track record of on-field performance. Houston Nutt, after four seasons as the head coach for the Rebels, has been shown the door.

But people, don’t forget this is Ole Miss we’re talking about…which begs the question:

“Ole Miss, who in the world do you think you are?”

Coaches get fired over lack of production in a short period of time in places like Alabama, Texas, Oklahoma…you know, places on the map of college football.

Coaches at these places should find success in four years. Coaches at your school couldn’t find success if they were allowed fifteen players on the field and were spotted a 14-point lead every game.

When your school’s only real tradition is how neat-o your tailgating is, you don’t make the list of relevance. When you have a goofy black bear trolling your sidelines because your legacy is racism, your name’s not mentioned alongside programs that matter.

So you think four years was enough time for Nutt? Let’s check your track record.

You dismissed your best coach in ages when you tossed David Cutcliffe. Coach Cut gave you your only real taste of relevance in most of your fanbase’s lifetimes…at least those 40 and under. He went 44-29 in six seasons, including a tie for first in the West in 2003 and only one losing season, his last at Ole Miss before you thought you could do better.

So who’d you turn to? A total baffoon. Ed Orgeron redefined the term clown, leading clowns everywhere to revolt and hate your football program.

When Houston Nutt took over, that marriage was like Elisha Cuthbert marrying John Heder. Here’s a hint, YOU’RE John Heder (Napolean Dynomite). You didn’t deserve him; you weren’t good enough for him.

And yet, now after a couple of bumps in the road, you’re off looking for another mate.

And I hope to goodness you get what you want. If you do land Gus Malzahnn, I will spend the next three years watching SEC defenses dismantling the dispy-doo, trickeroo offense, along with its pictures of oversized president and celebrity heads on the sidelines.

But here’s some advice. Whoever your next beau is, leave him alone for two decades. It’ll take that long to build your program. Why?

You’re not Alabama.

You lose. It’s what you do.

You’re Ole Miss.

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  1. 1

    Damn, that was a little harsh don’t you think? Oh and you forgot Tubbs. Nutt’s program went down hill not up hill. Hell he couldn’t even maintain equal after Orgeron’s recruits graduated. Especially in the SEC coaches are paid to win. I think Nutt’s record is 25-24 or something like that including a loss to Jax St. And for that he was being paid 2.5 million per year? Phuck, I should be so lucky. But even worse is that the phuckup of the conference gets a cool 6 million to hit the door. I obviously choose the wrong profession. I should slap the shyt out of my high school counselor. Cause damn, I guaran-damn-tee you I could phuckup and lose for 6 million just as good if not better than Nutt! Dontcha’ know! RTR!

  2. 2

    Hey Cap, are you guys masochistic or what? I’m sick of looking at that phucking Corndog Tiger on your logo. This here is Bulldog week. Now ifn’ Stanford loses Saturday you have my permission to put Corney back up there during Ga Southern week so we can fantasize about what we’re gonna do to the bastards on January 9th. I say Stanford cause in my opinion that’s the critical game. I have no doubt OU is gonna whup Ok St later. RTR!

  3. 3

    The question is “Who the hell do you think you are?” Ole miss has the athletic ability to compete in the SEC and without a good coach we will never be able to capitalize on that. If you think the rebels are just going to die down and accept we’re horrible after a few bad seasons then you got another thing coming. We aren’t alabama your right, but we are in the same conference looking to achieve the same goal. The difference between us and them is they have great coaches and recruiting and that what ole miss is after. Nutt is a great guy but unfortunately cant coach very well.

    • 4

      Ole Miss has the athletic ability? Really?

      Since history is the best gauge of determining the future, how far back in history do you have to reach in order to draw that conclusion?

      The closest reach is 2003, the year before you ran David Cutcliffe out on a rail. The next stop was somewhere in the 1960s, before color TV and the word processor.

      The only attainable goal you have is to not finish sixth…now seventh…in the West.

  4. 8

    Damn where did they come from? Don’t think I’ve ever seen an Ol’ Piss troll on here before. You know your dredging the bottom when Ol’ Piss infests your web site. If you’ve frequented our rivals team sites then you know life wouldn’t be worth living for the Corndog’s and Webel’s if they couldn’t get together and exchange cum shots while crying a river over bad interception calls from the past century or so when they’re playing Alabama. Talk about your whiners. Damn! RTR!

  5. 9
    Ivory Tower

    Did you even watch the game between Alabama and Ole Miss? Despite Alabama’s superior athletes, facilities, money, etc. (self-gratify now, if you need to; it’s clear you were on the verge while writing this cutting-edge analysis), the sort of incompetence the Rebels displayed against Alabama this year – at home, no less – is an historical anomaly. Who loses three out of four to Vanderbilt?

    I don’t know “who” Ole Miss thinks it is, but I know its coach made $1,000,000 more last year than Joker Phillips did. I know Houston Nutt makes $700,000 more each year than Derek Dooley does. And I know that it makes no sense to pay that kind of money to a man who is a home underdog to Louisiana Tech.

    Houston Nutt did a great job in 2008, a serviceable job in 2009, and has phoned it in since then. Louisiana-Monroe would not accept the job he has done over the last 21 games. So, he’s done, and we’re moving on less $6 million.

    • 10

      But that’s my point, Ivory Tower. What ever self-entitlement you feel you have, you will never do better than Houston Nutt. Or David Cutcliffe.

      Instead, you’ll remain in the mire of a coaching carousel, hiring an “up and coming coordinator” who doesn’t pan out, only to replace him four years later.

      But of course, you’ll hire your sixth choice every time, after the first five candidates realize the coaching tar pit that is Ole Miss.

      Cutcliffe’s 10-3 in 2003 was/is the equivalent of the 14-0 we reached in 2009, or the 12-1 we’re going to snag this year with a likely rematch and win over LSU in New Orleans.

      What I’m saying is, know your place. And your place is tailgating with nice plates and yelling weak cheers about hoddy something.

      And watch closely as we demolish Mississippi State this Saturday. It’s as close as you’ll get to beating that sad bunch for a while.

  6. 11
    your mom

    this kind of arrogant, uninformed shite is the reason people were glad to see you a-holes lose last weekend. good team, good coach, pathetic fans. yep, that’s Bammer.

    • 12

      52-7 twerp. Your pathetic, bottom-dragging anchor to the conference won’t defeat Alabama again until my children are purchasing their third home.

      Now go holler out a good “Hoddy, Toddy…something.” Even your cheers are completely sissy.

      • 13

        The day when Alabama is at the bottom of the conference, I’d like to spit in your face… Hell I’d spit in your ugly ass face right now.

  7. 14

    To the writer of this article,come down around Oxford and say that the Ole Miss Program is built around racisim,please come on down,we’ll buy you a bus ticket to get down here!

  8. 21
    Kenneth Lacy

    In 2009, the Rebels finished with a top 15 ranking after a 47-34 win over Texas Tech in the Cotton Bowl. In 2010 the Rebels won 21-7 over Oklahoma State in the Cotton Bowl. Now what was you quote? “Coaches at your school couldn’t find success if they were allowed fifteen players on the field and were spotted a 14-point lead every game.” When you grow up and get out of middle school, you might learn about sportsmanship, and quit trying to forget about the loss to LSU on a national stage by slamming another SEC school….oh but wait….I am talking to a Bama fan.

  9. 22

    So who will take over for the rest of the season? The Assistant HC? Candidates? Probably an “up-and-comer” HC or a coordinator — that’s all they’re going to get. Forget about a “proven” HC.

  10. 24

    First, I have never been to this page before. I stumbled upon it through google. the headline captured my attention.

    I’m not a Bama, Auburn, or Ole Miss fan, but after reading this, here’s what I’ve got to say.

    You, the writer of this article, are what I call an internet bad a**. I will guarantee, in real life, off the internet, you are one of those sissies, you refer to and YOU DON’T HAVE THE BACKBONE a real man needs, except on here behind the key board.

    You lack in so many areas in your life and pulling for and being an Alabama fan gives you what you are missing and needing in your life. You are sad and pathetic.

    You take out your anger on the nearest easy target, Ole Miss. You speak of your superiority, all you and your school have done is pay twice as much as the nearest other school, at the time, to BUY YOU A GREAT COACH. That’s the extent of your greatness, you BOUGHT yourself a good coach.

    Prior to Saban, your program had been skull drug by almost every team in the conference, REGULARLY. You simply bought a coach, yet this gives YOU a false superiority complex.

    You are being a bully, because you inner-sissy is crying because LSU owns you and just proved it. This makes two years in a row, an inner division team has humiliated you. Auburn has owned you the last decade.

    Who do you think you are? This article proves what you really think of yourself, you just aren’t smart enough to realize it.

    • 25

      Micheal hides behind his computer to talk big while accusing me of doing the same. Well isn’t that special.

      And yeah, Michael. We all believe you’re not an Ole Miss fan.

      What gives Alabama fans a superiority complex is a legacy of winning, with five head coaches who have led the Tide to titles. While you’d love me to let you cherry-pick specific periods in history to support your idea of a particular team “owning Alabama”, the cold hard facts remain that for over a hundred years Alabama football has meant something.

      So yes, when it came time to pick ourselves off the mat, the University of Alabama football program–one of the most profitable in the country–got out the check book and did what it took to revive the excellence we’ve come to expect on the field.

      My point regarding Ole Miss is, there has never been a legacy where firing a coach after two subpar seasons…or in Cutcliffe’s case, one…is acceptable. In fact, subpar seasons are actually “par” in Oxford. A winning year is cause for celebration. 6-6 should lead them to kill the fattened calf for a feast. The mindset of thinking Ole Miss belongs in the big boy pool is a dangerous one. What coach in America who can turn things around there wants to risk having to do it in just a few years? It could mean career suicide taking that job. All things aren’t equal when trying to do what Saban has done at Alabama.

      As for your take on LSU, they are a superior program, much like Alabama. Les Miles has done a superb job maintaining what Nick Saban started, and he’s to be commended. I don’t think two narrow wins in a row quantify an “ownership”, but so that your heart rate will slow enough to let you rest tonight I’ll concede your point. As for Auburn, see the comment above about cherry-picking specific periods in history. Those boogs don’t believe football began until they finally beat the Bear in 1982.

      I hope your rant made you feel better. Putting you back in your place sure has done wonders for me.


      • 26
        not an updyke fan

        cherry pickin’ my ass. please post the overall iron bowl record here. not for those of us that actually know the facts, rather for the un-informed that have stumbled into this sewage lagoon & believe all the crap the gumps spew about dominating their in state rivalry. get your head out of your updyke & do that. thanks
        row tahd row.

  11. 27

    Why the hatin on Ole Miss?

    They have a great football legacy that I for one would love to see return to relevance. The problem with Ole Miss is not football. It’s the politically correct administration that has turned the football program into a “sensitivity re-education camp” instead of a football program that embraces its rich legacy. Racism? Let’s see, who stood in the school house door at what university? All southern universities have elements of racism in their past as do most communities across the U.S. I’ll never forget how quickly Ted Kennedy dropped the charges of racism against Robert Bork when it was revealed that one of Kennedy’s home’s had a clause in the mortgage that forbid its sale to “negros,” that Kennedy had never protested nor attempted to have removed. Of course if you’re a socialist, all sins are forgiven, but back to the point, for an Alabama fan to accuse Ole Miss of having a legacy of racism is way beyond comic in its idiocy. Ole Miss’ legacy is no more racist than Alabama’s or Ted Kennedy’s for that matter, but Ole Miss fans should demand the removal of the current administration and a return of Colonel Reb as its mascot. A cartoon character doesn’t make one racist anymore than dressing up at Halloween makes one a witch.

  12. 28
    Indiana Vol

    Totally agrre, Ole Miss screwed themselves when they fired David Cutcliffe. He had the program going in the right direction.

  13. 31
    Keith Grubbs

    Hey Baby Bama Bastard, how you feel about getting that ass plowed by the LSU tigers…Roll Tigers Roll biiiaacchh!!! Why don’t you pick on us coward…??

  14. 32

    Hey Grubbs, we haven’t stopped picking on your asses for the past four days asshole. By the way how many of you players are able to suit up for your next game? There’s been at least three quoted so far who said they didn’t want any more of Bama’s ass. And oh yeah, does that name Grubbs reference the size your dick? Yeah I thought so Corndog. RTR!

    • 33

      Wow, clever comment Crimsonite! You been thinking of that since elementary school? How original for a Bama fan..Still licking your wounds boy?

        • 35

          Lick what, our ass..?You would like that wouldn’t ya sissy Bama boy!! Now yellowback just stick your tail between your legs and run along now, you’re in way over your head here!! We beat you in your house, remember, what you think we’re gonna do in another house? That’s right, stomp that ass again!!

  15. 36

    Well,well,well. Now I will get both sides jumping on my ass. I have been to Oxford and Lee County and never cared for either place. And Vol that is one of the few things you have said that I agree on. And all the bad asses in Oxford think u r bad take a trip up to north east Alabama on Sand Mountain if you want to meet some really bad asses. RTR get after them Bulldogs.

  16. 38

    Most of you Bama fans are nothing more than mere bandwagon jumpers…Still feeling good on that bandwagon this year..cause LSU is taking it to the house you disgraceful bastards!!

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