‘UN’-Special Teams: Alabama falls with failures in kicking game

The story of the LSU win over Alabama turns on fundamentals. It is a tired cliché that execution wins games.

It is a cliché for a reason.

It is right.

LSU was sound in the kicking game.

Alabama was not.

LSU was sound in strategic decision-making.

Alabama was not.

For a coach that likes to look at quality control, there are a few quality issues that deserve a closer look for the Alabama Crimson Tide football team.

Alabama’s Nick Saban has made errors the last two seasons involving injured players being put into the game at inopportune times. Last season, the coaches failed to notice an injured Mark Barron, and this was exploited. In this game, an injured Marquis Maze was placed in as a punt returner, and was not able to adjust to a punted ball that went over his head and flipped field position. Players never tell anyone they are injured, but this puts a premium on coaches being able to tell when players cannot perform optimally.

The coaches noticed the Maze situation following the punt issue, but the damage was done in this game. UPDATE: According to the Daily Bama Blog, Maze said the ball struck the overhead camera wire and caused the ball’s trajectory to change.

In a game with such enormous consequences, you want your best players on the field. However, best players sometimes are able to play through injuries. It is a tough call that benefits with the clarity of hindsight. Some of this can be excused because of the fog of war.

What is glaring to everyone is Alabama’s problem in special teams.

This is a persistent problem—everyone remembers the nightmare special teams play in the 2009 BCS title game against Texas. Alabama won that game.

It could not beat LSU by leaving points on the field, and losing the field position battle.

What is more damning is that an LSU team without a quarterback won this game because it compensated and exploited Alabama’s fundamental flaw.

LSU executed in all three phases. Alabama didn’t.

There will be talk of a rematch.

However, why would anyone think the outcome would be different?

Has Alabama done anything to illustrate it will improve its special teams play?

Until then, there is no need for a rematch. We already know the outcome.


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  1. 1

    For a kid that is as big as Foster, he just doesn’t get much distance on his kicks, either on KO’s or FG’s. It’s nice to have a linebacker-sized kid providing the safety on these kicks (see Demps injury in FL game), but Foster has to either step up his game and distance – especially on KO’s – and improve his precision on the long FG’s. He’s on a scholly, for heaven’s sake. Doesn’t anyone think that one of the linebackers or DL’s could line up and at least kick a football out of the end zone?

    I chalk up Maze being on the field in the 4th quarter a poor coaching decision. It should not be up to a player that was obviously hurt – enough to take almost an entire roll of tape to the ankle – to make the call on whether they can catch a pass and run or field a punt – particularly a punt that was as important as this one was at the time. Special teams cost us at least 4 scores. The refs only cost us one. And the Badger should watch his back and sleep with one eye open for a few weeks.

    • 2

      New point of interest on that play, Maze said the ball hit the overhead camera wire. Just posted an update link in the above column.

      I don’t think it changes the ultimate points about these quality control issues within the actual coaching game.

      But it IS interesting.

      • 3
        The Flash

        The ball went over Mazes head so even if it did hit a wire that just means the ball didn’t go as for as it would have if it wouldn’t have hit the wire. If Maze had been under the ball and in place to catch it and then the ball hit the wire and fell away from Maze then maybe his attempt at an excuse to cover for his blunder instead of giving credit to Brad Wing for a great kick and a crucial time in the game would be credible!

        Typical Bama making excuses as to why they lost rather than admitting they got beat.

    • 4

      Bama doesn’t even make it to such a big time game without Saban as coach. But the sad fact is that we had poor coaching in a huge game against a very good team when we crucially needed sound play calling and decision making. I would have a lot more respect for Coach Saban if he had the humility to at least admit that he and his staff didn’t do their best in putting these kids in a better position to win this game.

  2. 5

    Been saying it all year. Nothing special about that, it’s been obvious.

    And you’re EXACTLY right, cap. This lies at the feet of our coaching staff.

    Coach Stallings would have won this game.

    Coach Bryant would have won this game.

    Both believed in “special teams”. Both lived on field position play.

    Recall the 1990 Alabama/Tennessee game. Recall the 1996 Alabama/Michigan bowl game.

    Our punter could not pin an opposing offense inside the 10 if you held a gun to his head.

    This was our game to lose.

    The tigers were running their mouths before the game similar to Miami ’92.

    It was in our house.

    We had the superior running game.

    It was a field position game.

    And we lost it with crappy kicking.

    (look up the individual that holds the record for most points scored in his career at Alabama. Hint – it’s a kicker)

    • 6

      And as an aside, matheiu (sp.) should have been ejected for his flagrant foul on dre.

      Not a game changer but that was dirty and I don’t recall dre returning.

      He should have been thrown out of the game.


    • 7
      Just a Fan

      It’s funny how I’ve seen several bama fans post here since this game saying things like Finebamer is saying here:

      “This lies at the feet of our coaching staff”
      “Coach Stallings would have won this game”
      “Coach Bryant would have won this game”

      All these statements and more made by others are directly implying that Saban’s coaching lost this game or that he isn’t as good as these other coaches.

      Well I’ve tried to inform posters at this site for two weeks that Saban isn’t the coaching god that most Bama fans think he is, and I tried that back that up with facts and figures, but all I got was cursed out and told what an idiot I am. Now this is the fourth or fifth post I’ve seen at this site blaming coaching for this lost, yet not once giving the coach on the other side of the field any credit at all.

      This is two years in a row that people are saying that either Miles out coached Saban or at the very least Saban made bad decisions or screwed it up. The bottom line is the same.

      Miles now has a better overall winning percentage than Saban as a head coach, has a beter bowl record than Saban, has a better head to head record against Saban and just took a less talented team into Denny Bryant Stadium and beat on of the most talented teams ever recruited (3 out of the last 4 number 1 ranked recruiting classes) and Saban’s best team ever according to the bama fans that post on this site and beat them.

      Isn’t it about ltime Bama fans start giving Miles the credit he is due as a coach, even if his methods are different than Saban’s. And that Bama fans start realizing Saban isn’t the coaching god that ya’ll think he his. And that LSU fans are not crazy when we say we appreciate what Saban did while he was at LSU, but we prefer Miles over Saban and think he is a better over all coach than Saban.

      Go read the article about coach Miles on ESPN.com titled the Les you know, and then watch all the highlights of both coaches this past week and especially there demeanor on the sidelines and there attitude with the press after the game and then tell me you think we’er crazy for saying we would rather have Miles as our coach rather than Saban, especially when he wins just as much as Saban does, and even more when we play Alabama.

  3. 8

    I don’t lay all the blame on the kickers.They had several 12 men in the huddle penalties that made the field goal attempts longer.No excuses for that. The play calling was also suspect several times when they reached FG range, Repeatedly running Trent into the short boundary against that defense resulted in several -5’s which also hurt the cause.

    • 9
      Just a Fan

      Again here is bamabino directly or indirectly blaming coaching. Whose fault is it for having 12 men in the huddle? Who’s fault is it that “the play calling was suspect”

  4. 11

    Bottom line coaching lost this game.I am sick of Saban putting these kids under the bus.Letting clock run out and go to overtime,,,,PLEASE.

    • 12
      Just a Fan

      Another example of bama fans saying it’s Saban’s fault, yet I couldn’t get a single person, including J.W to agree with me before the game that Saban is not the coaching god that ya’ll think he is.

      • 13

        I don’t think it was Saban’s fault at all. I think Saban and his coaches had Alabama in the position to win the game, not once, but several times. It come down to the players execution, and a fluke play on the goal line. It was a hard fought game, and both teams wanted it badly. Congratulations to LSU for winning in the end, but I am not so sure LSU is a superior team overall than Bama, except in the kicking game. All us Bama fans can hope for is that re-match game, and maybe that will happen. But one thing is for sure, Bama and LSU are probably the two best defensive teams in the nation. Good luck to LSU the rest of the way. But it is time to take it out on Mississippi State, and then Ga. Southern, and Ass-Whoopin Day 11-26 against Auburn. If Bama wins out convincingly in these last few games, I wouldn’t be shocked to see the rematch happen. And if LSU stumbles against Arkansas…

  5. 14

    I have to say this one more time- what happened to Foster from high school and the camps to Tuscaloosa? I don’t know if coaching has anything to do with it but something is wrong.And I have to say that guy that took the cheap shot on Dre should have been sent to the locker room. Maybe the NSAA will send Miles a letter this coming week. NOT!! RTR.

  6. 15

    Hey Bammers, we’ll trade you Cody Parkey for Hightower, Kirkpatrick, and Upshaw. Sucks to lose like that, I honestly believe Alabama played a better game and really set the tone all night. Just goes to show it doesn’t matter if you have an ALL-NFL defense, if you have a shitty kicker, you lose. John Vaughn missed 5 in one game against those coon asses, it is heartbreaking. Just be happy you will most likely beat the shit out of us in hopes of getting back to the BCS Title game instead of “getting by” Auburn. Such a somber day in the state, would hate to be the Mississippi State Bulldogs.

  7. 16
    Ray Franks

    Will not argue Alabama has problems in the special teams area. While some areas have improved the field goal kicking and failure during kick offs to get ball into endzone are glaring. But this team without three miscues would have won this game. No team is perfect, LSU made mistakes also but came up with win. Even with this weakness Alabama is as good as LSU. But someone had to win, that’s what OT is for. It’s a great game but in the end it’s just a game.
    Compliments to LSU & Roll Tide

    • 17
      Just a Fan

      Ray, even though I think LSU is a better overall team than Alabama because Special teams or a part of the team and the game, I can live with your statement that Alabama is “as good as” LSU because it is just an opinion but it at least shows some sense of reality over most bama fans. However, your statement that ” this team without three miscues would have won this game” shows you’re not too far away from the pack, because you can’t take away your team’s miscues without taking away the other team’s miscues and LSU did have at least three miscues also. So you can’t really know for certainty, like you think you do, because you’re a bama fan, that you “would have won this game if both teams did not make miscues.

  8. 18

    Nice post Ray Franks, you have class unlike most of the Bama fans in here.

    LSU and Bama, I think are pretty much equivalent as far as talent level and playing. It is coaching and special teams which lost the game. Special teams can be the most important phase of the game especially in evenly matched teams. Oh well Geaux Tigers and represent in the BCS NC well. Will be 6 or 7 in a row? Poor Boise St. I think LSU will probably kill Kelen Moore after about 20 sacks.

    • 19
      Just a Fan

      How can you say that you think LSU and Bama are pretty much equivalent as for as talent level and playing? Did you not see LSU’s field goal kicker and punter compared to Alabama’s? They are members of their respective team. You can’t just discount the talent of those players and make the statement you did, any more than you could discount the tallent of the QB’s or LB’s. Either LSU is more talented than Alabama at those positions, which makes your statement false, or LSU has a better coach in Les Miles than Alabama has in Nick Saban.

      • 22
        Just a Fan

        So damage you are saying LSU earned the victory and Alabama didn’t blow it or give it away or any of the other excuses other alabama fans are using as to why they lost as opposed to LSU winning the game?

  9. 23

    Auburn didn’t give the game away at LSU. We got blown off the line ..and off the field. It happens.

    The problem I see is that Alabama got beat and the Alabama players are still saying that they are the better team …typical Alabama arrogance. I just watched the $aban post game interview. He took no responsibility for the loss.

    What happened to the Bama fans? Back in the day some of you actually did have class. The Bear demanded it. The Bear would have taken responsibility for the bad coaching decisions.

    The Bear would be disappointed with the player’s and $aban’s actions. Why aren’t you???

  10. 24

    Well — the Bear was before my time — I think Saban “believing” in his kicker that many times was ridiculous — I DO put blame on the coaching — disappointment — yes — absolutely — it’s sad to see so many opportunities go down the toilet in front of your eyes — that hurts the most — but I’ve accepted the loss — and I’m moving on — hopefully — we’ll make it to the Sugar Bowl or better yet with a crazy scenario — the NC game.

    • 25
      Just a Fan

      So you do blame the coaching (aka Saban)? So maybe the next time someone tries to post here something indicating that Saban is not allways perfect, they won’t be treated like they don’t know a little of what they are talking about.

      • 26
        DAMAGE INC.

        I’m saying if that’s the best our special teams coach can do with that kicker — we got problems — yeah he’s a freshman — so what! — If I were coach Saban — I would literally hold try-outs from the soccer team to see who could do what and put them in stress drills — seriously — either that or give a scholly to a kicker which hasn’t been done in FOREVER — I do put some blame on Saban because he IS the HEAD COACH — yes I know he’s not out there kicking he ball but these players are supposed to be coached up to handle those types of scenarios — whatever — it’s all over — I’m just glad we’re no. 3 in the BCS — re-match will be coming — because that’s what everyone wants to see (America that is) and no one gives a flip about seeing Stanford in the NC game.

  11. 27

    Man Bear is dead and gone.I think it is about time to let that shet go about bear would have done this and that.Hell we lost to a better prepared team with better special teams.Shet we had problems last year with field goals and now again this year.I don”t give a shet what anyone says we should have made at least two out of the dam five attempts or six what ever the hell it was…It”s not like they were sixty yards long…And we have that much trouble with attempts of 43 44 45 46 what ever the hell it was..Sorry but that is field goals that should be made.Thanks Saban for blowing our National Titles hope.I blame no one but you knowing that we can not kick field goals.Hell i”m sitting in the north end zone and knew after the first miss it was time to start punting the ball and keep them in bad field position and let defense get turn over which i think was very probable ..This team played its heart out and you Coach let them down…..But still i say ROLL DAM TIDE ROLL…

    • 28
      Just a Fan

      So Saban is responsible for winning a National Title at Alabama and now he, according to J.W. is responsible for “blowing their national Title” I guess that makes him even, but not perfect like I have been trying to tell ya’ll for two weeks now. But then again I’m just a troll, it not really true unless it comes out of the mouth of an Alabama fan.

  12. 29

    I am not willing to throw Cade Foster under the bus. The opportunities given to him were very difficult at best. He appeared to be unprepared for what ever reason.
    It is very difficult to criticize the coaching staff eighther, however it is easy to be a Sunday morning qb.
    Bama was very close to victory , in fact , the call on the catch at the goal line could have easily been called the other way. I am not disputing the call only pointing out that the call was close and could have easily went our way.
    We as a fan base should realize to a degree how frustrated the Bama staff and olayers are at this point and get behind them regardless.

    • 30
      Just a Fan

      LMAO, at the end of one sentence you say “he appeared to be unprepared for what ever reason” and then in the very next sentence say “it is very difficult to critcize the coaching staff”. Who is responsible, and gets paid over 4 million dollars a year to prepare his players?

      • 31
        Just a Fan

        And yes the call at the goal line could have “been called the other way” but it would have been a wrong as proven by the viedo evidence that “confirmed” the call on the field. The problem wasn’t the call by the refrees, the problem was the call by coaches by calling that play to begin with. That is what Saban should rightfully be criticized for.

  13. 32

    All of people are nothing but a bunch of dumbazz internet retards. How dare you stupid couch potato football experts try to throw Saban under the bus. All you stupid bastards deserve to have Shula or Dumbose back, then you would never have to worry about losing the game of the century because Bama would never be in one. Saban is 100% right about poor execution. The phucking offense was well within Shelly’s field goal range on all four misses until they phucked up and lost yards or got penalized or both and in the end we were out of even Foster’s range. There is a less than 30% chamce of kicking a 50 yard field goal and the missed ones were 50, 49, 50 and 53. So STFU! Also McCarron made several poor throwing decisions and threw really poor passes to Richardson, Hanks, Bell and White who were all wide open and would have kept drives alive or scored points. With superior execution special teams could have won the for us – but they did not lose the game. It was a team effort.

    • 33
      Just a Fan

      Crimsonite you say:
      “All you stupid bastards deserve to have Shula or Dumbose back, then you would never have to worry about losing the game of the century because Bama would never be in one”

      Well why not, you say Miles is a mentally challanged idiot, and he had his team in the game of the century didn’t he?

      If Saban is 100% right about poor execution, then tell me who is getting paid over 4 million dollars to coach execution to the Alabama players? Why did the team get penalized in those situations? During the week you implied that Miles wasn’t a good coach because his team was one of the most penalized teams in the country. Well if that was Miles’ fault why aren’t the penalties that moved Alabama out of Shelly or “even Foster’s range” not Saban’s fault?

      And secondly if the penalties did move the ball out of Shelly or Foster’s range whose fault is that they were sent in to try those field goals instead of puntting the ball and pinning LSU deep against your great defense? So maybe you should STFU about not throwing Saban under the bus and pull your head out of his ass before you get run over by the bus with him!

      It was a team effort you say. And who coaches the team?

  14. 34

    And yes that’s right – it was a team effort. Even our great defense was at fault. We had the Corndogs right where we wanted them, pinned on their 5 yard line with 4 minutes to go. A punt from inside their 15 would have given us the ball at the 50 with 2.5 minutes left. 25 yards and we would have won the game. But our all world defense let a Corndog offense that was inept the whole game, drive it out and gave us the ball back on our 20 with 50 seconds left. Yes – with the game on the line our great defense didn’t man up. And Finebammer you’re full of it! Just how would Bear have won the game? Like he won the two NC games against Notyre Dame? Or maybe the one we won 7-38 against Nebraska? Oh no, I get it, like he won the special teams ‘Punt Bama Punt’ game against the Barnturd’s. Yeah that’s it! And Stalling’s? How many times did Spurrier kick his azz? When he ‘retired’ he was fixing to be run out of town on a rail for refusing to open up his pathetic offenses. You people are phucking pathetic. RTR!

  15. 35

    Did you dumbazzes see the BCS Poll? The only one that matters. We’re number 3. When OU kicks OK St’s azz there will be a rematch. There will be 4,000,000 Coonasses pulling for Ok St. An OU win would be their worst nightmare. RTR!!!

    • 36
      Just a Fan

      Why you going to beat us 31-6 again if that happens?
      LMAO Your inbred moron. Can you hear that noise Crimsonite? That’s everybody laughing at your dumb ass.

  16. 37

    If you couldn’t beat us in Bryant Denny what makes you think you could beat us at a neutral site? Saban got out coached twice at home in the past two years. Your coaches arrogance ended up being his downfall. There is always next year.

  17. 39

    I dont really know what you do when the kickers you recruit just dont develop, other than keep recruiting more kickers. our punt/kickoff coverage was good, our return game was okay, not great, mostly due to the weird punts from the Australian guy. But it seems we dont have a kicker that can send a field goal 50 yards in a game (im assuming he can do it in practice or we would not have tried 4 times) or that can get a kickoff into the endzone. You would think there would be somebody on the campus of alabama that could walk on and kick the ball further. We pretty clearly outplayed lsu on both offense and defense, and most likely would have one except that in some games things just dont break your way. thats just the way it is sometimes. I have seen alot of people call the maze to williams play a bad call. it was not a bad call, it was a perfect call. They got exactly what they wer looking for, the play just ended in a freak manner (and a bad call). but again, thems the breaks. For you retards grumbling about saban, what the hell are you getting on about? he is the only reason we are in the national championship race every single year. Shut your ignorant pie holes.

    • 41
      Just a Fan

      Correction Nate,
      Alabama was not in the National Championship race last year, so your statement “every single year” is false, incorrrect, wrong or just a lie, you choose. The call on the interception was not a “bad call” as “confirmed” video evidence by the officials. The call on Peterson’s interception two years ago when the call on the field “stands” as opposed to “confirmed” was a bad call. The call Saturday night was a bad call only if you were looking at it through Crimson colored glasses, as obvioulsly you were.

      And how did you “Clearly” outplay us on both offense and defense when your offense only got in the redzone one time all night, and you only had 55 more yards total offense than LSU. Also besides keeping Alabama’s offense out of the redzone all night it held Alabama’s ofense and Trent Richardson to less than 100 yards rushing and less than 4 yards per carry?

      Maybe you should take those Crimson glasses off because obviously you are not seeing “clearly”!

      • 42

        Alabama was in the national championship race last year. God people are pretty obvious with their bias. Alabama was eliminated from the championship race when it lost its second game of the season….well, kind of eliminated since even SEC teams with 2-losses have been able to sneak into the BCS game before. Though, I don’t think that could have happened last season after the collapse and bad play.

        Here is the simple thing about college football, if you start the season in the Top 5 and stay in the Top 10 most of the season, you are in the national championship race.

        Fact is, Alabama has been in the championship race every single year since 2008. Including this last year (2010) and this year. And, until LSU beats Arkansas, this race is far from over. And even if LSU beats Arkansas, the rematch talk won’t stop. (Though it should be…because I’m not much of a fan of the rematch stuff in college football, but I have a feeling that if both teams win out that there will be enormous pressure for it, but that really isn’t fair to the winner of the regular season contest.)

  18. 43

    Yeah, miles is a great coach!

    So great, you boneheads were praying he’d take another job just last year!

    Even after he won you that national championship, you corn dogs wanted somebody else. (Saban)

    But you’re loving on him now, right?

    Why? Because he lived up to The Standard.


  19. 44
    Just a Fan

    Bull shit Finebammer,
    Nobody was praying he’d take another job last year, that’s just crap you bama fans make up. If anybody was praying he would take another job it was you bama fans because you knew he has Alabama and Saban’s number!

    Where’s all your bull shit about now about Miles can only win with Saban’s players? News flash Miles just beat Saban AGAIN with none of “Saban’s” players and Saban having all of his players. Fact is Alabama can’t win consistently without a ex LSU coach!

    The only coach not living up to a standard is Nick not living up to the standard Miles is setting at LSU! Miles now has a winning record against Saban and he also has an overall better winning percentage as a college head coach than Saban. Saban has lost three games with extra week off before a game and all three of those losses were to Miles. All the talk before this game about Saban never having lost to a team two years in a row, well Miles just beat him two years in a row. Yea maybe bama fans should start praying because Saban is not living up to Miles’ standard!

  20. 48

    How many spankings occurred after the game. I know the kicker had a spanking and probably the TE for allowing Reid to rip out that pass.

    • 50
      Just a Fan

      We only had two arrest and one of those has been dropped already, so that makes us even on arrest for the year now doesn’t it Snuffdipper?

  21. 51

    I persanally believe Tyrone Matthew’s closeline should be counted an arrest. And how do you know I pull for Alabma? I’m “just a fan” like you. I watched the game and thought LSU cheeted.

  22. 53

    That’s all right. They ended up on the big end of the score because we made too many errors and let them get us to OT where their offense didn’t have to face our defense to score points. They have the gold ring now and we don’t. We just need to go about business and slaughter our last 3 teams and the Corndogs can sit on pins and needles and do the worrying about losing it all. They still have to play two SEC teams who have a history of upsetting them and Arky is pushover. Plus they have to worry about Ok St and Stanford losing as both have their biggest games of the year still left to play. Right now I’d say the odds are about 70% that we’ll get their asses again in New Orleans. Even some of the Corndog players said they aren’t sure they can beat Bama again. Well the truth is they didn’t beat Bama. Bama beat Bama. One other thing. If we get to New Orleans the Badger will die! RTR!

    • 54
      The Flash

      Nothing comes out of your mouth but hollow words Crimsonite.

      You couldn’t beat LSU at home in front of the 95,000 bama fans being the loudest they have ever been. You prediceted you would score 31 points on our “overrated” defense in that enviornment, yet you couldn’t get inside the redzone but one time all night, with us even giving you two interceptions.

      It that wasn’t your defense we faced in OT and moved the ball to the 5 yard line on to kick the winning FG, tell me whose it was Crimsonite.. You sure had to face our “overated” defense you faced in OT, yet could pick up a single yard on.

      And no LSU player said they aren’t sure they can beat Bama again you lying sack of shit.

      How could Bama beat Bama? They’ve got the great Nick Saban as a coach don’t they? With all that talent and Saban as the coach, nobody can get within 20 points of the tide right Crimsonite?

      Check back at 5:51 tomorrow and I will explain to you the fact that you lost the game on your home field. Be a grown up and accept it and quit making excuses and whining like a little girl. In case you are too stupid to get it, check back at 9 to 6, you moron. LMAO at Crimsonite.

  23. 55

    C’mon Flash, Crimsonite was just pointing out that next time it will be different. Bama never looses a game. The other team either cheats, they had a bad coach, the players were unmotivated, they beat themselves, they were hit with NCAA sanctions, they were robbed by a bad call, they gave it away, or the other team was just lucky. Never in the history of Bama football have they ever lost a game.

    LOL! These jokers are the same people that claimed Bama was the best team in the nation at the end of the season. Most of them lack logic and can not carry on a reasonable discussion without reverting to name calling and cursing. My favorite, however, is that a few posts ago (in another thread) these guys had the audacity to complain that LSU fans would visit the site and rub in the victory. After all the bold predictions and smack talk prior to the game, it became pretty obvious that they certainly can’t take what they dish out. Try not to hurt their feelings too much… they’re really struggling right now.

  24. 56

    LSU won it is what it is, can’t change the past. Maybe we will get another try at it. Seems like the LSU faithful don’t want to see a rematch because they know the outcome is gonna be different the next time around. They would prob rather play boise state or stanford for the easy win. ROLL TIDE!

  25. 57

    You’re the most ignorant, retarded sack of shit who has ever visited this site Fan. Cap has no balls if he doesn’t ban your ass. I was half right. Your sorry assed offense could only score 6 points, and that’s the only opportunites they had in regulation dumbass. Poor selection of plays and poorly thrown passes is the reason we didn’t score 31. I can’t control McCarron or McElwain. And it wasn’t LSWho’s doing either since McCarron had perfect pass protection all night and the passes he phucked up had receivers wide ass open. And that includes in OT. Richardson was wide open running for a TD at the 10 and dumbass McCarron threw the phucking ball over his head and out of bounds. You got a lucky 18 yard run in OT because nobody in their right mind thought Miles would risk something that stupid when all you had to do was buck it up the middle a couple of times to make the field goal a little closer. Every other team I’ve ever seen in that situation just lined up and kicked a phucking non risky field goal. Not counting the OT yards, the real yards that determined how the game went at the end of regulation were: Bama 305 and Corndogs 217. Or 50% more, which is normally considered domination. You only got 32 more yards than our average and less than Penn state and Arkansas. Phuck you and the horse you rode in on – OT is the only thing that saved your inept asses. You just can’t keep your inbred mouth shut. You continually make statements which show how phucking stupid you are. It’s one thing to give an opinion that is wrong. It’s another entirely to lie about facts, shyt for brains! One of your players was quoted in the New York times saying those very words. Oh that’s right, in the phucking mud bog you call Lousyana you don’t get the New York Times! RTR!

    • 58
      The Flash

      Crimsonite is having a melt down! Crimsonite is having a melt down! Nanny Nanny Boo Boo! LOL!

      Crimsonite get your friend Harvey (or are you Harvey) Updyke and go kill some trees or maybe sneak into the zoo and kill a tiger so that you will feel better!

      Do you need you mommy?

      Quote all the stats you want, 9-6 is all that matters! And it is eating your insides out isn’t it Crimsonite? How could Saban do this to you!

      In your own words Miles out coaches Saban again. – “You got a lucky 18 yard run in OT because nobody in their right mind thought Miles would risk something that stupid when all you had to do was buck it up the middle a couple of times to make the field goal a little closer.” But he did and it worked! Because your coach was too stupid to have his team ready for it, right Crimsonite!

      Maybe ya’ll will get to play Boise in the Sugar Bowl and it will be just like the time you played the mighty Utah Utes! Dust off the excuses you used after you lost that game and you won’t have to hurt yourself thinking of new ones.

      We are all laughing at your ass Crimsonite!

  26. 60

    And exactly what is your point asshole. Did the 18 yards help? He would have made the field goal from the 25 anyway. Just showed how stupid your retard coach is. That type of play with a back running full speed and dodging around is a very good way to fumble the way Bama’s defense hits. He took a stupid and unneccesary chance with the game on the line because as he’s shown in so many games he wants to score more points than neccesary; and to what avail? He had to kick a field goal anyway. If we had scored on the overthrown pass to Richardson you can bet your ass there wouldn’t have been any 18 yard run given up. And Miles didn’t out coach anybody. Actually Saban called a damn good game. If everybody had just executed the plays like they did in 8 other games you would have been blown off the field at least 26-6. Almost my prediction. It didn’t happen and yes it is eating me up – although not as bad as you think it is. With our winning tradition, unlike you, we know another big one is just around the corner.

  27. 61


    You need to calm down, because I suspect your blood pressure is dangerously high.

    Bottom line: LSU won in a classic slugfest in which both teams made mistakes but once again proved the absolutely superior brand of football played in the SEC.

    I bleed purple and gold, but recognize and accept that Bama has an incredibly talented and special team. The most glaring two points in the game were (1) Bama missing on opportunities (some because of their own mistakes and some because of an LSU defense that I think even you must acknowledge is a great one) and (2) a glaring difference in the kicking teams.

    The coaches’ respective comments after the game once again were very telling. I think Saban should have stepped up and taken more responsibility for the poor planning/execution in overtime. On the other hand, Miles simply said he would be honored to play Bama again.

    Beat the daylights out of your remaining schedule and you may get your rematch wish. I tend to doubt that Okla will beat Okla St without their best receiver, and if Okla St wins out, there’s no way they won’t make it into the BCS final.

  28. 62

    I agree with most of what your saying. However this site is infested with two pieces of shut from your state who don’t deserve rational behavior. Also there was nothing really wrong with the Ot planning except for McCarron falling into the fetal position on third down and taking us out of field goal range. Don’t think coach planned that nor the overthrown pass to Richardson that would have been a TD! As for OU, by comparative scores they are heads and shoulders above Ok St in every game. Except for a let down in one game they are still the team who was favored to win it all and If you don’t think they are deep enough to replace a WR you’re nuts. OSU has no defense. It will be a 14 win for OU. Stanford is the one i’m worried about. Their comparative scores are much better than Oregon’s and now Notre Dame has decided to regress to shyt once again. Not sure Stanford will lose. If they beat Oregon by more than 14, LSU is in trouble cause turnovers are all that saved your ass against Oregon.

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