VIDEO: Through a Player’s Eyes—Alabama’s Trent Richardson

Alabama Crimson Tide running back Trent Richardson talks about playing college football in the SEC. Watch the video above for Trent Richardson’s comments and highlights of some of his biggest plays.

Richardson explains his philosophy of play including wanting defenders to remember the last contact they had with the Alabama running back.

“If I’ve got one man to beat and it is open field, he is not going to tackle me,” Richardson said. “I’m going to do anything it takes to get past him. Or, if he has got me at an angle, he is not going to catch me.”

You can make the image full screen by clicking on the player from the SEC Digital Network.

Will Richardson win the Heisman? Whatever happens, Richardson is a great player and Alabama is fortunate to have him.


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    Quick, anybody know how to Tweet Richardson or get him a message somehow? In yesterdays USAToday LSWho had two defensive players quoted talking about Richardson. Defensive tackle Barkevious Mingo said: “We’ll have to pursue and tackle him in groups. You’re not going to bring him down with one tackler”. Nice quote. But the other one was just plain stupid. Linebacker Ryan Baker said: “Oh yeah, I can tackle him. I can tackle anybody in the country. Don’t need any help”.Ok guys, this is real locker room material. Richardson needs to see it so he can go and properly introduce himself to Mr. Baker and then help his ass up off the ground. Bwaa haww haww! RTR!

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    i also read in today’s usa today (i don’t read their liberal tripe but they do have a decent sports page) lsu’s players saying alabama’s linebackers are “slow”.

    i hope donta gets a belly full of that.

    this is playing up remarkably similar to the 1992 sugar bowl championship against miami.

    here’s hoping for a similar result.

    currently stuck in nyc. it’s amazing the local coverage of this game. the ny times has a great piece. the post has a spread.


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      Since you have an Avatar you obviously registered with General Discussion/Bama Talk. How in hell did you do it? For months now every time I click on register it responds with a Page Not Found.

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