VIDEO: Through a Player’s Eyes—Alabama’s Mark Barron

Alabama Crimson Tide defensive back Mark Barron talks about playing college football in Nick Saban’s defensive scheme. Watch the video above to see the interview of Barron talking defense. You can make the video full screen for best viewing.

Barron explains the role of film study in getting ready for an opponent, and how motion can change the defensive secondaries’ coverage package.

“I feel like DBs (defensive backs) and receivers are the best athletes on the field,” Barron said.

Barron explains his approach to getting ready for the game, and how he “zones out” and ignores the other factors like crowd noise before the game.


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    It would be nice if you actually put the video of Barron in the thread. I don’t know but he looks an awful lot like Trent! RTR!

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    You need to figure out what the hell is wrong with your website. You complain because your General Discussion and Bama talk has not taken off, and yet for months now it is impossible to join and therefore to post. Every attempt to register meets with a Page Not Found response.

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