VIDEO: Alabama Football Coach Nick Saban explains the 3-4 defense

Nick Saban diagrams the 3-4 defense to explain how it helps pass defense.

Want to know more about the 3-4 defense? Then watch this video of Alabama Crimson Tide Coach Nick Saban explaining it.

Saban: Symmetrical front lets you play 7-man front and still get split-safety coverage. “People think it is to stop the run, but it actually gives you a better way to stop the pass,” Alabama football coach Nick Saban said.

Saban explains the placement of linemen and linebackers eliminates the need to use a safety to support run defense. This reduces the number of big plays in the passing game.

The placement of linebackers at the ends also enhances ability to “adjust the coverage.”

How’s that for a crash course in football? This is an excellent video from the SEC Digital Network. You can make the video full screen to have a better view of the X’s and O’s.

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