Alabama vs LSU: CBS analyst Gary Danielson believes this game means ‘everything’

CBS plans some small enhancements to broadcast; Verne Lundquist and Gary Danielson share thoughts on game. Danielson talks Alabama & LSU defenses.

CBS SEC football analyst Gary Danielson believes viewers love competition with “extreme” consequences. That is what the CBS primetime presentation of #1 LSU at #2 Alabama presents—a game with big consequences.

“This game means everything,” Danielson said.

Danielson said this game is bigger than the 2006 game between Ohio State and Michigan. Danielson game two reasons for this: the overall power of the SEC in winning BCS titles over the last decade including five championships in a row and the quality of play in the SEC judged by quality athletes.

With so much on the line, CBS plans its normal SEC broadcast, but with a few production items to “enhance” the viewer’s experience.

According to CBS’ Craig Silver, the broadcast will feature a high-speed camera and an additional handheld unit “to capture” some of the “emotion” on the sidelines.

Silver said a typical production broadcast includes 15 cameras and 12 video replay machines. To this the team has added two cameras and one videotape device, Silver said.

“We will travel with about 75 people on our team,” he said. “It is pretty big every single week.”

For the broadcasters Verne Lundquist and Gary Danielson, even though the game has enormous consequences, it is still a normal football broadcast.

“We will do our normal homework,” Lundquist said. “We will have our normal production meeting. We will have our normal conversations with players and coaches from both LSU and Alabama. I think Saturday night we will go and do as best we can. Aware of the magnitude of the game, we will try to do the game we do every Saturday.”

Gary Danielson compared the Alabama and LSU defenses. Danielson said both defenses appear to specialize in different things—for LSU it is speed to stop the spread and Alabama is size to stop the run. However, on a closer look, Danielson said these defenses do very well at more than these things. Danielson believes LSU’s defensive line and smaller linebackers are very good at stopping the run “against everybody.”

Looking at Alabama this year, it shows Nick Saban’s coaching/recruiting strategy.

“He isn’t choosing just big, thick guys,” Danielson said. “He is choosing the big, thick guys who are the fastest. The more you watch them the more you see that Hightower, Mosley and Upshaw cover a lot of space.”


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    I know a lot of Bama fans do not like Danielson, but I like his point of view. Being a long time sub qb in the NFL he has a different perspective of the game and I find him to be quite accurate.

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