LSU fans will need therapy after November 5th game with Alabama

The LSU and Alabama game is a titanic match between unbeaten #1 ranked LSU and unbeaten #2 ranked Alabama. The game should be a thriller.

But don’t tell LSU fans.

If you talk to LSU fans in person or read their comments on the Internet, LSU fans believe this is a cakewalk.

LSU fans believe Alabama Crimson Tide Coach Nick Saban is scared.

LSU fans believe all the pressure is on Alabama.

LSU fans suddenly believe Les Miles is Nick Saban’s equal—or even more delusional, some LSU fans have started espousing a belief that Miles is better than Nick Saban.

One LSU fan declared that Miles owns Saban thanks to their head-to-head record (Miles is 2-2 against Saban), and predicted a double-digit win over Alabama.

LSU has a great football team.

Les Miles is a good coach. Sure, he sucks at clock management, but Miles knows how to recruit, develop talent, and gameplan. LSU fans should appreciate Miles, and appreciate what he does.

However, let’s keep things in perspective.

Miles is no Nick Saban.

Saban resurrected an LSU program run into the ground by Mike Archer, Curley Hallman and Gerry DiNardo.

It is thanks to Nick Saban that Les Miles has a job at LSU. Miles wouldn’t have gone to LSU without the groundwork already laid by Saban. LSU always had potential, but the best coaches eschewed it before Saban.

Before Saban arrived, how many games had LSU won over Alabama at its home stadium in Baton Rouge since 1969?

Before Saban arrived, did anyone take LSU seriously? Other than Bill Arnsparger, LSU hired dud coaches in recent memory.

Nick Saban has done something no other coach has done—win a BCS national championship at two different schools. Saban improved a bad LSU program and then saved a dreadful Alabama program.

LSU fans seem to have forgotten just how good Nick Saban can be.

If they get a reminder Saturday, LSU fans will need therapy to deal with it.


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  1. 1

    Just having to wear the purple and gold is a sign of a defined psychiatric disorder that may or may not respond to electroconvulsive therapy. The Tide will apply the shock Saturday night.

  2. 3

    O my gosh wow did you just hit it on the head..LSWHO fans have forgotten who got them to the top and will be mystify when they lose..They will take to the phones monday morning and want to hang poor Les…Some will even go as far as jumping off bridges and bldgs..Baton Rouge will be a town of zombies trying to find the swamps again…RTR

  3. 4

    I’ll never forget had LSU fans believed Saban should have purposely considered a school outside the SEC when he left the NFL, as if he should have been loyal to LSU even as he left them for the NFL. Their fanbase still not as delusional as those hypocrites in Lee County

  4. 5
    Just a Fan

    Wow! Just for you to feel the need to have to write this article to defend Saban, shows and proves the pressure of Les Miles and LSU and this game is getting to you and the Alabama fans. To feel the need to have to come defend Saban and his record against Miles says so much. For you to take the comments of one or two LSU fans and characterize the whole LSU fan base shows your ignorance and your unprofessional and biased misuse of your position as commentator on this site. Can you imagine what someone else with the same lack of ethics or integrity as you display here could write about the Alabama fans based on some of the vile, vulgar and ignorant things a hand full of Bama fans have written on this site alone? Would you really want your entire Alabama fan based charaterized by some of these comments?

    ….do you eat the corndogs after you get done sticking em up your ass????
    …. geux take a bath you smell like a corn dog you coon ass retard
    ….your’e still a fukking idiot no matter which way you slice it
    …Piss on the stats! Lets just beat the corn dog smell off of em on the field and be done w this shyt

    ….. Your football team will get bitch slapped by our football team
    ….You pitiful dumbazzes don’t seem to realize that if Bama just runs for a little over 100 yards on you that’s all we need to open the passing game which will then eat your azzes up
    ….we are going to stomp your azzes 31-6 and show you.
    ….When you are challenged by the best defense this side if the Green Bay Packers the game will turn into a rout. I’m not being a homer.

    ….do not read if u do not want to know the score – bama lock 47 21

    …..SO, Mr. Dickhead, your shit is weak as ever.


  5. 6

    lsu biggest wanna be’s in football ….1 non 2 blemish season in 50 yrs ….both championships in 00s bogus socal by far best team – lsu dominated by fla that yr…the only nc team to be dominated by opponent besides lsu in history 81 penn st beat up by bama 42 21..lsu first 8 0 season since 73 and bama blew it up.bama on 3rd 8 0 season since 2008

  6. 7

    lsu – even their few champ yrs are stained – since 58 – 61 co sec was beaten by rice…70 sec ch team lost to neb in bowl as did the 86 team 88 sec champ team blown out by syracuse in hall of fame bowl….03 dominated by fla and socal true nc ….07 – loss to ky and ark in reg season

  7. 8

    lsu most overrated hyped team in history 31 in rushing 91 in passing 81 in total offense – horrible …why the hype? on abc epsn networks first 3 out of 4 games going into season – madhatter – everybody loves a clown and drunken fanbase

  8. 10
    Arrow J

    I told several Lsu fans not to put Miles in the same catagory as Coach Saban. Alabama will show everyone what a #1 defense really is. I know in my Mind and Soul that Alabama wins the game because they are the best team in the country.

  9. 12

    Kinda like when Lord $aban beat LSU last year? The same coach that let the best talent in CFB for 2010 …lose 3 games?

    You Bama folks need to quit this idol worship. He’s just a small man with a lot of attitude. One day you will open your eyes.

    • 13

      Eyes are open.
      Last season the schedule was tough.
      And at least 6 teams scheduled the bye week before Bama so they would be rested and prepared. Hoopie bama has the wins loss record for the last few seasons for one reason. … The work of Nick Saban.

  10. 14

    Just to put things in perspective: LSU’s strength of schedule is currently at 18. Bama’s is at 39. It should be a tough game for both teams. Anyone who thinks otherwise is delusional.

  11. 15

    Just A Fan i live in Baton Rouge and i hear the Dumb stuff LSWHO fans have been saying…It is not just one or two the whole dam fan base here thinks BAMA has no chance and think every player LSWHO has is all american ..When in my opinion and i said mine LSWHO is very overrated..Any team that gives up five hundred yards passing to a team like WV and play Miss state and only win by ten or so and you think that is good defense??Wow….This Bama team is not the same as last year and this defense will shut the WHO down all day ..Hell i think all we need is ten points and we could win…What i really wish tho is the big mouth honey boy played offense so he could get his pie hoe knocked out..Come on up tho LSWHO is in for a rude awakening..RTR i

    • 16
      Just A Fan

      J.W. so you are saying you know what the “Whole” LSU fan base in Baton Rouge is thinks? I’m calling you out as a liar right here and now!

      With statements like that and some of the other statements you go on to make in this post that make you no better than the LSU fans you say are saying “Dumb stuff”.

      And why is it that most Bama fans (Capstone I said most not “All”), at least the ones that post on this site, are so immature and post childish school yard stuff like “…What i really wish tho is the big mouth honey boy played offense so he could get his pie hoe knocked out”? Is it because you don’t have anyting intelligent to say or is it your not intelligent enough to say something else?

  12. 17

    Fan, we just love dissing our rivals. Just be happy that you came over to Bama and found a site where you can run your Coonass mouth like that whenever you want. This isn’t a fascist Corndog site that will ban a poster for saying nothing more than ‘LSWho’! We welcome you morons who come here to liven up our days by allowing us to shed your blood. But the bigger question begs: if we are the ones obssessed and worried and under so much pressure, then why is it YOU who is on OUR board ranting in a 5 minute post with snide remarks and searching archives to cut and paste our previous remarks???? Pissed about the truth and losing the argument yesterday are you? Well get ready cause in 6 more days you’re gonna be pissed even worse. You jealous titturds shyt Gold, er Yellow bricks when Saban came here and in his second season whipped your defending Champs in your own house. Hate to think of the self-flagulation that will be going on over there after he whips your best team ever and takes away your Crystal Football!

  13. 19

    31 in rush 91 in passing 81 in total offense – lsu getting a pass so the game can make u forget about obama

  14. 21

    Poopie, still the retared dumbass redheaded stepchild I see. After which National Championship will we learn this Poopie? Bwaa haww haww! You need to carry your retarded ass back over to the Barnturd sites little Boy!
    This week this is the Big Boy site. No Barnturds allowed. YOUR personal ass whipping is coming in 4 weeks. You just thought 45-10 was bad. Shoo fly! FYI, the difference in SOS between 18 and 39 is insignificant even if the dumbazz method they use was accurate – which it’s not. Any SOS ranking that has Boise St at 35 is bogus from the git go. Now if the difference was #10 and #100 you might have a point. The truth is we’ve faced two 7-1 teams and destroyed them both. LSWho has faced one 7-1 team, gave up 350 yards and only won by 13. They faced a 6-2 team and gave up 550 yards. Those stats mean a hell of a lot more than artificial SOS’s. Don’t you have a soon to be 5 loss Barnturd team to worry you? Bwaa haww haww! RTR!

  15. 22

    LSU fans (thanks to the last 10 years and we know who started that) are like the guy born on third base and thinks he hit a triple.

  16. 23

    Lmao just a fag you do realize you just wrote that little ditty on an Alabama site don’t you? Ill pay for your next valtrex prescription if you can go to any rival team site and find where I’ve posted there…..if you jump your ass in the ring you best know how to fight birch!

  17. 24
    Just A Fan

    Didn’t take long for Bama fans to post on here and prove what I said in my previous post!

    The writer of this article writes “If you talk to LSU fans in person or read their comments on the Internet, LSU fans believe this is a cakewalk.”

    Well read some of just the few post made here and maybe they should now write an article about the Alabama fans. Talk about fans thinking this game is going to be a cake walk. Just read the comments from Bama fans from this article alone:

    Church – “The Tide will apply the shock Saturday night.”

    J.W. – “.They will take to the phones monday morning and want to hang poor Les…Some will even go as far as jumping off bridges and bldgs”

    Crimson Hammah – “lsu most overrated hyped team in history” History!

    Arrow J -“I know in my Mind and Soul that Alabama wins the game because they are the best team in the country.”

    J.W. – “this defense will shut the WHO down all day ..Hell i think all we need is ten points and we could win….LSWHO is in for a rude awakening”

    Crimsonite – “Hate to think of the self-flagulation that will be going on over there after he whips your best team ever and takes away your Crystal Football!

    Crimson Hammah – “lsu is no titan – this yr’s michigan state – wait for it! boom ! roll tide 47 21 imho”

    If the writer of this article had any integrity or any credability he would have pointed out that SOME Alabama fans are no better than SOME LSU fans, but they won’t because they are not a professinal, just a wanna be. And without credibility and integrity will never be!

    This whole article is nothing but the pot calling the kettle black!

    • 25
      Just A Fan

      The writer also states “The game should be a thriller.
      But don’t tell LSU fans.”

      Well maybe you do need to tell Alabama fans!

      • 26

        All LSU fans need therapy anyway. Especially you. After Saban took the Bama job, most of your fan base when into a meltdown mode, and y’all still are affected to this day. Y’all go through this every year:

        When LSU is winning, Miles is the greatest coach in the nation, and y’all are glad Saban is gone.

        As soon as that first loss hits, it completely changes to: Miles sure isn’t Saban. We sure wish Saban didn’t leave us! Man, I hate Bama!

        But y’all have always been crazy. Saban leaving y’all just exposed it.

        • 27
          Just a Fan

          Why especially me?

          I agree with you that after Saban took the Bama job, the LSU fan base was upset. Wouldn’t you be if he leaves Alabama next year, fails in the pros again, and then comes back as the head coach of Auburn?

          But that was before we realized what a good coach Les Miles was, and before he had actually won more games in the next 5 years than Saban had won in the previous 5 years, and before LSU won another BCS Championship with Miles, and we realized it was LSU that made Saban and not the other way around.

          And it was before we learned you could win with a nice guy who everbody likes as a coach and a person in the community, and not with a driven guy who is an asshole who might ask a question a wrong way or on a wrong day or maybe want a little bit of his time to give back to the community he lives in and getting rich off of.

          Yes Saban is a good coach, but where you are wrong is, most of the LSU fan base knows he is a good coach and yes we hated to lose him at the time, but that was before realized we could replace him with an equal or better coach and a far better person. You may see Les put a peice of grass in his mouth on the sideline, but you will never see him drop an F-bomb on one of his players on Nationl Television or throw his players under the bus in one of his press conferences like Saban has done.

  18. 30

    LSU is coming off 8-5 9-4 11-2 escapes …LSU gained by Oregon bailed out by stripping a freshmen…26-20 in 3rd qtr to lowly wv bailed out by a kick off returns and strips and gave up 533 yds…every team has driven it right down lsu’s throat …

    • 31
      Just a Fan

      So what’s your point, that Les Miles is a good coach and LSU is a great team?

      You put plan to play a true freshmen and Miles will game plan his team to go after that weak link.

      And Geno Smith is a good quaterback, better than any Alabama has faced this year! Ask your self this, how many teams in America could have given up 533 yards and still won the game? Could Alabama have given up 533 yards and still won the game? And don’t give me well Alabama would never give up 533 yards, that’s not the question. And the fact that LSU gave up 533 yards and still won the game doesn’t bode well for Alabama.

      And I know you watched the LSU/Auburn game last week. You don’t think Saban is taking extra practice time this week making sure his kick returners are ready to take the big hits coming there way and still hold onto the ball?

  19. 32

    JA FANtasy, do you work for a living, or just obssess with what Bama fans write on a Bama sports blog? Whichever the case may be, you’ll end up just like all the other rat turds who come here to run their mouthes just before their team gets its Dick ripped off and shoved down its throat – you will suddenly disappear never to be heard from again.. The only exception to that are about half a dozen Barnturds who don’t realize their team is dead and irregularly come back without warning exactly like the Herpies. So have fun for five more days then ‘See Ya’. 31-6 BEATDOWN IN T-TOWN COMING! RTR!

    • 33
      Just a Fan

      I just found this site last week and most of my post were over this past weekend, because I have a professional job and do not work on the weekend. However, haveing read most of the articles that were still on this site after discovering it, several of which were written prior to me ever posting, I did notice that you seem to have posted at least once on every article written here and many times on most. So that begs the better question, do you work for a living or even have a job or do you just sit around drunk all day waiting with bated breath for the next article to be posted here?

  20. 34

    LSU History

    2003 BCS Championship – USC was the true champ and AP bucked tradition to declare the Non-BCS Champ their Champ
    USC proved the better program by blasting OK the next yr 55 14 while LSU had escaped OK 21 14

    2007 – 2 losses including a loss to lowly KY.
    6 other teams had a better or as good at record
    At season’s end consensus GA/USC playing the best football

    49 of last 50 yrs – LSU had at least 2 blemishes(tie or loss)

    2003 – only 1 blemish team in 50 yrs dominated by Gators

    In the last 40 yrs only Penn State 81 rivals LSU in getting a beatdown as a National Championship Team (Bama beat Penn St 42-21)

    LSU having their first 8-0 season since 1973(Bama blew that up as well) Bama has 3 since 2008 4 since 2005

    LSU even when Champs – Shameful
    1961 – Co-SEC Champs beaten by Rice
    1970 – SEC Champs – Lost to Nebraska in Bowl Game
    1986 – SEC Champs – Lost to Nebraska in Bowl Game
    1988 – SEC Champs – Blown-Out by Syracuse in Hall of Fame Bowl
    2003 – BCS Champ – Dominated by Fl in reg season game
    2007 – BCS oChamp – 2 Losses including loss to lowly KY

    LSU – when Bama is at normal strength without probation damage
    1992 – 1999,2008-2010
    LSU 0 SEC West Titles
    Bama 7 SEC West Titles

    Alabama 11 consecutive victories in a great LSU decade by LSU standards

    Head to Head 45-24-5 Bama leads and includes 7 from probation damaged yrs

    • 35
      reality check

      I quit reading after you tried to compare what happened between USC and Ok in one year to what happened to LSU and Ok in the previous year. That is so ignorant you lost any credibility with anything else you said or say.

    • 36
      Just a Fan

      Crimson Hammah,
      What was the point of you posting all of that? None of it has anything to with this year or the game this week. Are you getting worried and feel the need to convince yourself about your chances this year by history irrelavant to this game?

      You left one stat off your list LSU is 8-3 over Alabama in the last 11 years!!!!

    • 37
      Bob Shep

      Well since we’re talking about the past instead of the future, might as well talk about baseball instead of football. How many CWS have the gumps won in Omaha? ZERO, they have only made it there twice. I won’t even give you LSU’s numbers. OWNED.

      But anyway the point is you shouldn’t live in the past, Saturday is the future. The bama gumps are overrated, playing nothing but cupcakes all season long = impressive stats which = overconfidence. This entire article is proof that bama is scared. QB experience and special teams will determine the winner of this game.

      Richardson is good. But so was Ingram- who was held in check last year by a weaker defense. Saban (again) will get out coached. And speaking of little nicky, there’s a rumor going around that next year is his last season in gump-land. Why does that not surprise me?

      And after your gumps lose this saturday, it will soon occur to you that next year LSU will be a stronger team. There is already a guaranteed night game in Death Valley for the bama gumps. Oh well, maybe your team will win in 2013. I’ll meet you here after the game to respond to any replies. Get ready, the soothing light at the end of your tunnel is just a freight headed your way.

  21. 39

    LSU – off the top of my head – upset by a Misssissippi team in their strong 80s decade

    there is a reason I owned a SEC shirt with each teams nickname

    LSU = the Cajun Chokers

    • 40
      reality check

      And Alabama was uset by ULM in their great 2000’s decade! What did you your Alabama shirt say?

      “Even LSU doesn’t lose to ULM or Instate schools”

      It’s been over 30 years since LSU has lost to a instate school and that was to Tulane in 1981, back when Tulane had a decent program. Other than Tulane you would have to go back almost 80 years since LSU has lost to an instate school like ULM.

      I don’t care what kind of talent Saban inherited when he got to Alabama, I promise you it was 10 times better than the talent at ULM!

      Hell even Curly Hallman didn’t lose to instate directional schools as bad he was and as bad as they wanted to beat LSU and had their chances.

      In fact the last time LSU lost to any State’s directional team was in 2000 when Nick Saban lost to UAB!

  22. 41
    reality check

    Per College Football News:

    1. LSU
    2. Alabama 8-0
    Why The Ranking Should Be Lower: There’s the Penn State win, and beating Arkansas wasn’t without its charm, but there isn’t a lot of beef. Beating Tennessee, Ole Miss, Vanderbilt and Florida really isn’t that big a deal, while Kent State and North Texas is Kent State and North

    Yes Penn State and Arkansas are both 7-1 but who have they beaten? The only good team Penn State has beaten is Illinois who is 6-3 and 2-3 in the Big 10 and Penn State was losing to them 7-0 going into the 4th quater.

    And the best team Arkansas has beaten is Auburn. Other than that they barely beat an average Texas A&M team, and then had to come from behind to barely beat Ole Miss last week and Vanderbilt this week! And the only way they beat Vandy was by returning a fumble recovery 95 yards for a touchdown, and still needed Vandy to miss a avg. length field goal at the end of the game to hold on.

    So yes your defense is good and has great stats in every category, but against who?

    • 42

      And here it is ladies and gentlemen! Breaking News! Alabama doesn’t have a good defense! Thanks to this intrepid SEC fan we can now conclude that Alabama sucks on defense.

      • 43

        How many National Championships did Hallman win at LSU? Bama did lose to ULM. Thats right. The next season, they went undefeated until the SECCG , and again the season after that, where they won them all. How many times has LSU done that? Has Les Miles EVER went undefeated? But you keep hanging on a Bama loss in 2007 like it has anything to do with this season.

        We all know that in the past, LSU hasn’t been very good most of the time, and that their history can’t match Bamas history. Until Saban came along and built the LSU program up into a national powerhouse, LSU was just a middle of the pack (or lower) SEC team. Saban made LSU very good, and handed the program over to Les Miles, who has taken it over and done well with it. But he did not build it from scratch. Saban did that part. He had to build it up at Bama, too.

        Way to go Hammah for pissing this troll off!

      • 44
        Just a Fan

        I believe that reality check says right there in black and white in his last sentence that “yes your (meaning Alabama’s) defense is good.

        No where in that post does it say Alabama doesn’t have a good defense or the Alabama sucks on defense.

        That’s the problem with Alabama fans they like to just make up shit like the capstonereport just did. It’s either that, or capstonereport your reading skills are no better than some of the idiots that post here at your site.

    • 48
      Just a Fan

      Hey Will that’s a fair and reasonable question. You must not be a normal Alabama fan.

      Your reasoning is solid, if in fact LSU has not played any decent defenses then your point would be well taken. That is the same reasoning that says because Alabama hasn’t played a decent team, their gaudy defensive stats don’t really mean that much.

    • 50
      Just a Fan

      Well your second post, let me take back my comment. You are a typical Alabama fan after all.

      I thougt after your previous post you might acutally know a little something about College football and SEC football in particular. But you prove by this comment that you don’t, you only look at the scores.

  23. 51

    Do you realize Fantasy Check just how little anybody here gives a shyt about your retarded blogger opinion? Half of you flyshyt motherphuckers are sneaking around using the computer behind your mothers or big sisters back. Nor do we give a shyt how our former opponents play against their other oponents or rivals. But just to put things in perspective in the BCS rankings Arkansas is ranked ahead of Oregon who just had a tough game against a team Stanford annhialated and Penn St is ranked ahead of West Virginia who was being trampled by some half assed team this past weekend and who got the shyt stomped out of them two weeks ago by pitiful Syracuse who managed to also beat Tulane by 4, Toledo by 3 and went to overtime against some NAIA school like Wofford or somebody. And so much for your ‘signature’ Miss St win. Yeah dipshyt, your analysis is right up there Lou Holtz! Bwaa haww haww! And these other Corndog fans wonder why we dis the actions and opinions of the rest of the Corndog fan base. Morons!

    • 52
      reality check

      I’m new here but if you and what you write are an example of the Alabama fans base, then what an imbarrasement to your school. I do not believe even Nick Saban would want to be associated with someone like you. Your words prove you are the real moron.

  24. 53

    I love my Tide. Always have always will. If we lost I would say “We” not they. And as for those who crap out their mouths about”bama, take your azzes back where you came from. RTR

    • 54
      Just a Fan

      That’s because you only want Alabama fans here talking crap out of their mouths telling each other how great they are! You don’t need any outside opinions messing up your exaggerated opinions of yourself. You want to keep all thought, opinions and comments inbred like your faimily relationships. RTR!

  25. 55

    We gonna whip that Tiger azz Saturday night.

    Here kitty, kitty…

    With everything on the table at stake (check) and a team that’s bought in to what he’s trying to accomplish (check), put your money on Nick Saban EVERY time.

    • 56
      reality check

      If you put your money on Nick Saban EVERY time last year, you lost three times!

      He lost to South Carolina last year when everything was still on the line to repeat as National Champions.

      He lost to LSU last year when everything was on the line to win the SEC West and still win the SEC and maybe make it back to the National Champship game and repeat.

      And he lost to Auburn when he had everything on the line to win the Iron Bowl and derail his team biggest in state and most bitter rival’s oppertunity to win the National Championship.

      So you’re just another koolaid drinker!

      • 57

        here is reality: In Saban’s second year, he went undefeated and lost the SECG and the bowl game. Then went 14-0 and won the national championship. Then went 10-3 last season, and is currently 8-0 this season. Bama has lost only 5 games in 4 years. What has LSU done in the past 4 years? LSU has lost 13 games in the past 4 years. And Saban is such a bad coach? He set Miles up really well, and he goes on to lose 13 games in 4 years. If Saban is bad, Miles is terrible.

        • 58
          reality check

          Is ignoring what Saban and Alabama did last year reality?

          ITK said you could put your money on Nick Saban EVERY time.

          That’s whay my comments were responding, last year! If you would pay attention you could play along.

          All the crap you posted has nothing to do with the FACT Nick Saban has not won everytime with everything at stake on the table and I proved that with my facts. What you posted had nothing to do with that nor dit if refute any thing that I said. And if you think it did then you’re not living in reality.

          • 59

            I beg to differ, rc. Saban already HAS went 14-0, beating LSU in the process, on the way to a National Championship. Miles has never been undefeated.

            Saban has not won with everything at stake on the table? Like Lester has? Please.

            Bama beats LSU at home convincingly. LSU fanbase will be jumping into the bayou and cursing Miles and wishing Saban was back. Again.

          • 60
            Just A Fan

            How stupid are you? What does 14-0 have to do with last year? What does Miles being undefeated have to do with Saban losing three games last year with everything on the line?

          • 61

            No, dickhead. I am saying that Saban has went undefeated (you know, ‘with everything on the line’) and won the National Championship. Les Miles has NEVER been undefeated. Got it now, dumbass?

            But you say Saban hasn’t done it, and I proved you wrong with FACTS, see how that works?

            Last season Bama lost 3 games. Not a bad season, but not as good as the one before it. This seasons team is much improved, and will do better than that 10-3 season last year. But Saban, in 5 years ( including this one) has only lost 5 games. Les Miles, in 5 years, has lost 13. That is reality.

            But none of that has no bearing on Saturday. The best team will win and likely go on to win the National Championship. You guys and your Saban hate is unreal. You don’t know the outcome saturday as well as I don’t know it. But Saban has the better record over Miles, and has accomplished more. Odds are against LSU Saturday, for a variety of reasons. FACT.

          • 62
            Just a Fan

            NO Brando you once again prove you are truly the stupid one. In the original post ITK said:

            “With everything on the table at stake (check) and a team that’s bought in to what he’s trying to accomplish (check), put your money on Nick Saban EVERY time.”

            You get it NOW Brando? He said “EVERY time” with everything on the line. He DIDN’T say just in 2009, he said “EVERY time”! And it was I who provided the facts that twice last year with everything on the line, Saban’s team loss, and once with the Iron Bowl and InState pride on the line, Saban’s team choked and didn’t win again! So you can put you money on good ole Nick “EVERY time” but you won’t win every time. Who’s proven to be the real dumbass now? YOU Brando! Once again pay attention if you are going to play along.

            Also ITK’s original post didn’t say anything about Miles, it was about Saban, but you are so obsessed with Miles you have to bring him into every response you make even if , like this time, the post have nothihg to do with him.

            You guys(especially you Brando) and your Miles hate is unreal. And I don’t know how you do math in Alabama but Miles is 2-2 agains Saban. so how stupid is your statment that ” But Saban has the better record over Miles”! Enough said! You have math homework to go do.

          • 63

            Whatever dude. Saban has lost 5 games in 5 years, Miles has lost 13. Saban has the better record.

            LSU didn’t derail Bama last year. The loss to South Carolina did. Much like your loss to Auburn did you guys in.

            I don’t hate Miles. I think he is a good coach. I just think Saban is better, and half of your fan base thinks so, too.

            But Saban has won more often than not, and it has been a long time since anyone has beat Saban two years in a row. I wouldn’t bet against Saban in this game with a record like that.

            You are the dumbass here. I can’t help it that your mama raised such a stupid boy. You should take that up with her.

          • 64
            Just a Fan

            Bla Bla Bla Brando. You are either stupid or just a liar and make up numbers to make your arguments look good. Saban has lost 11 games in 4+ years at Alabama, NOT 5 in 5 yars as you claim. Just make up the facts as you go along!

            And yes South Carolina did derail Bama from having an undefeated season, but LSU also derailed Bama from it’s chance of winning the SEC West and the SEC Championship and very possibly a spot in the BCS national championship game. If Bama had beaten LSU and then beaten Auburn they would have one the West. So in fact LSU did derail Alabama from all of its goals except for a undefeated season.

  26. 65

    Yes,well talk about this JAFan- I guess I could have came on here with that name also- but I knew who my father was. Now RTR

    • 66
      Just a Fan

      I hope you didn’t hurt yourself thinking of that and I hope your team is not as weak as you. Tell Mr. DES I said hello!

      What a jerk. Why is it bama fans can’t say anything intelligent they just lower themselves by making personal attacks or calling people vulgar names like crimsonite does?

      • 67

        Maybe because you are an idiot? Here you are trolling on a Bama site, acting like you are insulted by someone on the internet. Grow a pair, or don’t come here and post.

  27. 72

    Like I said, nobody here gives a shyt about your opinions Boy! And for your retarded information, Saban loves to embellish his responses to dumbasses with a few expletives not deleted also! Typing on my cell phone earlier I forgot to reference another of your dumbassed comparisons of our opponents opponents. Poor poor pathetic Texas A&M was beaten by Arkansas by only 4 points so Arky really sucks! Except that Texas A&M lost to #3 ranked Oklahoma St by only 1 point. Ok St is #1 in the computers and probably will play Bama in New Orleans. Poor pathetic Texas A&M also lost to Missouri in OT. Poor pathetic Missouri who has lost to ranked Arizona St in OT, To Oklahoma. To ranked Kansas St and to #3 Oklahoma St. So yeah asshole I guess you’re right, #7 Arky just ‘aint worth a shyt since they just barely beat Texas A&M, and Bama hasn’t played anybody. Now I’m a little late getting on the computer again so I’ll just update another dumbassed piece of your wisdom about Bama also not playing any defenses. Penn St has an excellent defense and that is the only reason they have won so many games. Vanderbilt had the #3 ranked defense when we played them. Arkansas’ offense is just as good as Oregon’s or West Virginia’s. Before we destroyed Florida who will never be the same again this year, they had the #4 ranked defense in the nation and the #1 ranked offense in the SEC. And after their first two possessions and before Brantley was put out, we held them to 34 yards during the following 20+ minutes in the first half, and we were blowing them out by halftime. You morons need to get your facts straight before you come over here blowing it out your asses. As far as the time I spend on here goes – I’m not the troll here. Plus I have 3 successful business which I personally don’t have to be involved in except when I choose to be. When I’m off here for long periods of time which people on here regularly know that sometimes I am; it is when I am hands on for one reason or another with one of my businesses. The rest of the time I am doing exactly what I choose to do such as traveling around the country or resting in my Condo in an unnamed Mexican resort with my Chiquitas. Besides phucking I don’t know of anything I like more than bitch slapping asshole trolls of Bama’s rivals. To continue on the theme of losing to ULM, I’ll guarantee the only reason the Corndogs haven’t lost to a hyphenated team is because you didn’t always play one during all of your pathetic seasons. But as far as ULM is concerned, any informed person knows what happened and I shouldn’t waste my time with you dumbasses who want nothing more than to dis Alabama. However, I feel like typing, so – Saban inherited a team full of Shula lazyasses and down about 30 scholarships. Halfway through the season he was 5-1 but the ne’r-do-wells were totally pissed at the work ethic Saban brought. So they got together and decided to sabotage him by playing like shyt and losing games. It worked pretty well to the tune of 5 more losses, the worst of which was ULM. After that game he sat about 15 of the motherphuckers on the bench, but the thin line of reserves weren’t good enough to beat Auburn. However he held a team meeting and told the gang of assholes that their careers at Bama were over. With three weeks of practice the remaining ones who wanted to win managed to beat a very explosive Colorado team in the bowl game. Holding good to his words about 10 or so assholes besides the seniors never played another down for Bama. While the ULM loss was the lowest point of Bama’s history since before Bear Bryant arrived, it also was the turning point – never to happen again. Instead it was the building blocks for the winningest team of the BCS era during any 4 year period, and I might add still winning with no end in sight. So we don’t really give a damn if you phucking retards want to forever bring up irrelevant ancient history about ULM and a dysfunctional team. We’ll just simply laugh all the way to the trophy room full of SEC and National Championship Trophys. Anyone of you titturds care to compare your football trophy case to our’s with the loser paying $20,000.00? Uh huh, thought not. LOSERS!!! RTR!

  28. 78

    lsu – perennial 2 blemish team ….49 out of the last 50 yrs ….

    lsu all hype coming off 8 5 9 4 11 2 6 escapes ….

    supposed great lsu d until au chewed them up for over 400
    wv over 500

    lsu d nothing to write home about vs the best teams

  29. 82

    You won’t be back asshole – ever! And you other titturd you haven’t got the balls to show up in the parking lot and repeat your dumbass threat! Fan, like I told you I just love to bitchslap you swamp rats, and that’s the only reason I wrote a book, as if you have any room to talk about writing books. Actually I was thinking about ignoring you from now on since you lost any shread of credibility with that demented bullshit earlier that included the delusional crock of shyt statement that your pissy assed school which has never before amounted to shyt in the SEC and is behind Bama 2 to 1 in wins made Saban instead of Saban making LSU. Saban left that shythole with a falling down stadium because he had done all that could be done there. Just as Miles the grass eating retard lost 9 games in the 2 years after backing into the first ever National Championship won by a 2 loss team; this years success will not last either. In fact it is going to take a huge downturn this coming Saturday night.

  30. 83

    You won’t be back asshole – ever! And you other titturd you haven’t got the balls to show up in the parking lot and repeat your dumbass threat! Fan, like I told you I just love to bitchslap you swamp rats, and that’s the only reason I wrote a book, as if you have any room to talk about writing books. Actually I was thinking about ignoring you from now on since you lost any shread of credibility with that demented bullshit earlier that included the delusional crock of shyt statement that your pissy assed school which has never before amounted to shyt in the SEC and is behind Bama 2 to 1 in wins made Saban instead of Saban making LSU. Saban left that shythole with a falling down stadium because he had done all that could be done there. Just as Miles the grass eating retard lost 9 games in the 2 years after backing into the first ever National Championship won by a 2 loss team; this years success will not last either. In fact it is going to take a huge downturn this coming Saturday night. RTR!

  31. 84

    Field or parking lot,huh? Well why the Hell not? Been there and did both in the past. It can happen again. Watch out Big Al might be awaiting for your azz. RTR.

  32. 85

    lsu needs to crawl before they can walk = secure first bcs bowl since 2007 = but another 2 loss season want get jack this yr

    • 89
      Just a Fan

      How many BCS bowls had Alabama been to and won before they went undefeated and won the national championship?

  33. 94
    Bob Sheppard

    How study is this article now? All of you gumps are stupid inbred trash and I can’t stop laughing at y’all broken hearts. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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