LSU fans will need therapy after November 5th game with Alabama

The LSU and Alabama game is a titanic match between unbeaten #1 ranked LSU and unbeaten #2 ranked Alabama. The game should be a thriller.

But don’t tell LSU fans.

If you talk to LSU fans in person or read their comments on the Internet, LSU fans believe this is a cakewalk.

LSU fans believe Alabama Crimson Tide Coach Nick Saban is scared.

LSU fans believe all the pressure is on Alabama.

LSU fans suddenly believe Les Miles is Nick Saban’s equal—or even more delusional, some LSU fans have started espousing a belief that Miles is better than Nick Saban.

One LSU fan declared that Miles owns Saban thanks to their head-to-head record (Miles is 2-2 against Saban), and predicted a double-digit win over Alabama.

LSU has a great football team.

Les Miles is a good coach. Sure, he sucks at clock management, but Miles knows how to recruit, develop talent, and gameplan. LSU fans should appreciate Miles, and appreciate what he does.

However, let’s keep things in perspective.

Miles is no Nick Saban.

Saban resurrected an LSU program run into the ground by Mike Archer, Curley Hallman and Gerry DiNardo.

It is thanks to Nick Saban that Les Miles has a job at LSU. Miles wouldn’t have gone to LSU without the groundwork already laid by Saban. LSU always had potential, but the best coaches eschewed it before Saban.

Before Saban arrived, how many games had LSU won over Alabama at its home stadium in Baton Rouge since 1969?

Before Saban arrived, did anyone take LSU seriously? Other than Bill Arnsparger, LSU hired dud coaches in recent memory.

Nick Saban has done something no other coach has done—win a BCS national championship at two different schools. Saban improved a bad LSU program and then saved a dreadful Alabama program.

LSU fans seem to have forgotten just how good Nick Saban can be.

If they get a reminder Saturday, LSU fans will need therapy to deal with it.