PREVIEW: Five important games with BCS implications this week

Melanie Collins and Sean Salisbury of Total College Sports preview five important games on this week’s college football schedule. These games could have serious BCS ramifications.

Nebraska vs. Michigan State
Can Nebraska win through the air against Michigan State’s defense? It could come down to the arm of Nebraska’s quarterback against the Spartans.

USC vs. Stanford
This game features Matt Barkley against Stanford’s Andrew Luck. Luck is widely considered the best quarterback prospect in college football, but this is Barkley’s opportunity to shine against top competition.

Baylor vs. Oklahoma State
Baylor’s Robert Griffin faces OSU at Stillwater. Baylor may need 600 yards or more in total offense in this match of offensive juggernauts.

Kansas State vs. Oklahoma
Can Oklahoma rebound against a tough Kansas State team? The key in this game will be Collin Klein of Kansas State. “This guy just keeps getting better,” Salisbury said. “He scored five touchdowns last week.” Klein puts pressure on defenses and forces them to defend the quarterback.

Clemson vs. Georgia Tech
Georgia Tech’s offense has given up the ghost it appears. Clemson can score at will, Salisbury said. Georgia Tech must regain its offensive numbers from earlier in the season. Tech’s offense has been a nightmare these last two games, according to Salisbury.

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    Been waiting for this to happen.

    Clemson has been scoring a lot of pts. but have been giving up a few too.

    Last night they finally ran into a team that ran the football and stopped the run. (channeling Coach Stallings)

    I don’t like G T but Clemson had NO idea what to do with that option. Tech ran the ball, controlled the clock and forced the Tigers into a pass only offense.

    There’s been a lot of debate about the spread offense here. Here’s my problem with it:

    To effectively run the spread, you have to have that special player at QB. Texas had Colt McCoy. Florida, Tebow. Auburn, Cam Newton.

    The problem comes after these players eligibility is up. Look at any team running the spread the year AFTER they lost that QB.

    Texas, Florida and Auburn have fallen on hard times after losing that player.

    Dabo’s a ‘Bama man and I’m pulling for him. But in the long run I just don’t think that spread thing’s gonna work for him unless he uses it to get another job.

    (and how’d that work for Rich Rodriquez??)

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