Highlights: Future SEC members Missouri and Texas A&M play in dramatic overtime game

Watch these video highlights of Missouri 38 Texas A&M 31.

In what was a match between the two newest members of the SEC (pending official announcement for Mizzou), the Missouri Tigers defeated the Texas A&M Aggies. Watch these video highlights for a glimpse of what Alabama and other SEC schools are soon to face.

It was a dramatic overtime win for Mizzou on the road in College Station. This marks the three straight road wins over the Aggies.

In what has become the story of the season for the Aggies, Texas A&M lost another halftime lead. This time, the Aggies led Missouri 28-10 at intermission. Texas A&M managed just 3 points in the second half. However, Mizzou showed its strengths in the second half with strong play on offense and defense.

It is an interesting look at the soon-to-be members of the SEC (pending any legal hurdles.)


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    USC is playing in overtime because they got royaly phucked twice by the officials in the final 90 seconds. For one, that was an asshole personal foul call on the pass play when Stanford would have had 4th and 10 on their own 40. The ball had not hit the ground so the play was still alive and the hit was with the shoulder not the helmet. Then USC did not get the ‘Texas’ call as against Nebraska. There was clearly 1 second left and they were in field goal range. What a major ass phucking. RTR!

  2. 3

    You are right. I thought the personal foul call was awful. It was a hard hit, but I don’t believe it was worthy of a flag.

  3. 4

    After we beat LSWho I don’t want a rematch. What if they got lucky and won the next time? That’s a split. That’s bullshyt. There would have to be a 3rd rubber match. That being said I might feel different if the Corndogs somehow manage to win next Saturday. LOL! I’m mentioning this because today was a huge phucking step toward a rematch. Would have been even more huge had the officials not phucked USC out of beating Stanford. As it is Stanford will lose to Oregon and Notre Dame and Oklahoma State will lose to Oklahoma. The fly is Boise St. They have nobody left but TCU who is up and down and definitely not the quality of the past 3 years. But then neither is Boise. There may not be anybody but Bama undefeated in December. Well maybe Houston, but they don’t count in this conversation. If everybody has a loss they all would have lost to someone far inferior to Bama or LSWho and certainly that would demand a rematch – God forbid! RTR!

  4. 6

    The Tide has to roll on next game day.I know we will. Maybe that will get some of the jerks from LSU and Auburn not to come on this board. Go Tide.

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