PICKS: Clemson vs Georgia Tech, Baylor vs Oklahoma State and Arizona vs Washington

Salisbury's Stakes: college football picks for Saturday

Sean Salisbury of Total College Sports picked three college football games this week. You can watch the picks in the above video for more information. A few notes from the video are below for your reading pleasure:

Salisbury is 6-3 this season ATS.

Salisbury believes Clemson should win by a touchdown over Georgia Tech this week. Tech’s offense “has gone to hell in a handbasket,” Salisbury said.

Salisbury picks Baylor and Oklahoma State to hit over 79.5 points. This is a game of offense with two teams putting up amazing numbers.

Washington is an eight-point favorite at home over Arizona. Washington disappointed Salisbury before, but he is trying again. He thinks Washington can win by double digits over Arizona.


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    And you thought that worthless bit of dogshyt was of enough interest to post and cause me to have to scroll through it? Pathetic. What’s more pathetic is that since Sunday morning there have only been 2 threads started that generated enough interest to garner more than 4 or 5 posts – and this during the Bama-LSU pregame hype. This sites format should be changed to allow posters to start threads. Having to scroll through a dozen empty threads every time I access the site is getting old.

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      I thought since this was the bye week people might like to talk about picking a few games.

      Anyway, I created the Bama Talk section where anyone could start a thread in a typical discussion board format, but people don’t visit the board and haven’t used it.

      I’m up for trying to spur use of the discussion board.

      I’m also up for additional ideas on features for the site that readers like you would like to see.

      Also, what type of content do readers want?

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    I tried to use the other site but I couldn’t get it to work. I really wanted to join it so I can put my Avatar on here. Wish I could get it to work now since my Avatar is a really cute LSU Corndog that I created. I use it on Bleacher Report and al.com. It’s just that I’m dying of thirst for conversation of interest pre game of the century. When people scan the topics here and nothing pricks their interest and especially when they can see nobody else likes it either since there are no posts, then they just go somewhere else. If they could start their own thread with a headline that is controversial or inflamatory it just might stir up the hits. This week I think you could start a thread on almost any subject concerning Alabama and Louisiana and get some heavy hits. Compare the tailgating and types of food between Death Valley and BDS. Compare fan behavior. Compare team colors and how the vast majority of National Champions have worn Red if not Red and White compared to LSWho’s Purple and chicken shyt Yellow (Gold). I don’t know. I just like flaming rivals. If I want to read news I’ll go to CNN! Ha Ha! RTR!

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