Sharing Football & Premium Rum with friends

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One of the great things about football is the way we chose to spend these few limited weeks in the fall. We share it with family and friends either at the game and tailgating or at home watching on television. Last weekend I enjoyed SEC football games with friends and exceptional Scotch. This weekend it is time to explore a new option—.premium dark rum

For this the exotic Guatemalan Zacapa premium rum is the choice. It is unique beginning with virgin sugar cane honey instead of the traditional molasses. Regardless of what you are eating or drinking, starting with the highest quality ingredients yields the best taste.

Next, the rum is aged at over 7,500 feet or 2,300 meters in a facility known as The House Above the Clouds. Here in the Quetzaltenango highlands a 500-year old Spanish system of Sistema Solera is used to bring added complexity to the rum.

This process sends the rum through casks that previously held American whiskey, sherry and Pedro Ximenez wine. This adds to the bouquet and flavor of the rum.

In the end, you get a dark brown color rum with an oaky flavor that really is exotic and worth sharing.

You can find Zacapa rum at various restaurants, bars and retailers including a few here in the Southeast in New Orleans and Miami. There is a helpful map on the website to direct you to the nearest outlets in your city. Click one of the links to visit the official website to view the map.

Serving tip: try the rum over pure spring water ice as you enjoy college or pro football.

You can learn much more about the Zacapa by joining the Zacapa Society. To join the Zacapa Society, simply register your interest at The fan club includes more information on the rum along with gifts and prizes. Another reason to visit the website, there are recipes for ways to make this rum part of some interesting cocktails.

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