VIDEO: Highlights of LSU 45 Auburn 10

Watch as LSU defeats Auburn in SEC West action. Auburn comeback falls just short in dramatic fourth quarter.

Auburn won a moral victory over LSU Saturday as the stout Auburn defense surrendered only 45 points to the vaunted LSU Tigers.

The victory didn’t end there as Auburn’s incredible offense baffled the LSU team for 10 points—an amazing number that serves as a credit to the offensive maestro.

What made this even more impressive was that Auburn managed a touchdown against the LSU defense.

This result is an important sign that next year’s Auburn team will be unbeatable because Auburn won the fourth quarter of this game outscoring LSU 7-3.

Of course the real story is that LSU did its part and stayed perfect for the critical SEC West showdown in Tuscaloosa against Alabama. Will Alabama do the same tonight and keep up its perfect record?


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    auburn tiger fan

    Laugh all you want bammer iff this game would have been 2 more quarters Auburn would have won. Be very afraid Bammers. You have to come to Jordan Hare. My prediction. auburn 47 Bama 2

  2. 7

    That was pretty painful to watch. They were actually fairly competitive in the first half until they made the stupid penalties. Given about 90% of our starters are freshmen or sophomores, I’m very optimistic about this team for the coming years. As it stands, they have a real chance to win 8-9 games this year, h would be remarkable given the experience.

    Bama looked solid. That November 5th game is going to be fun to watch.

  3. 9

    I was really disappointed in Les Miles not scoring at least one more touchdown. He showed class something CHEZWIZ would never have done.

  4. 10
    auburn tiger fan

    It was a great comeback (near) win for the AU Tigers. I thought the offense made all of the right adjustments. And the defense looked stellar at times. Ted Roof is awesome. Some of those pass rushes came so close to getting to the LSU quarterback. And I thought the secondary made massive improvements. Pretty soon they will be call AU “lock-down corner U”!
    Clint Mosely showed remarkable poise and put up some gaudy numbers. Except for the interception which was an absolute 1 in a million fluke.
    I would say that LoSerU got very lucky today. By the time the Iron Bowl comes around Auburn will be the most dominant team in the conference. By the by, this is quickly becoming my second favorite blog, (behind Al. Com that us!)

  5. 11

    Man, Auburn won the fourth quarter guys! Good things are ahead for these Tigers!

    -Signed, Charles Goldberg & Phillip Marshall

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      auburn tiger fan

      Yes it was a great 4th quarter!!! Apparently all of the top talent in the Nation noticed too!!! Shortly after the end of the game the #1 Qb, the # 1,2,and 3 Rbs, and the top 7 wide recievers in the country all (almost) commited to AU. GQ magazine has requested Gene Chizik to do a photo shoot after the bold fashion statement he made with that futuristic shirt he wore during the game. (Y’all know the one, it had sort of a Bones McCoy look.) Anyway back to recruiting, It turns out that most of the 5 star players in the world are lining up to play in the Gus Malzahn offense. Because it is fun, innovative and the signal cards from the sideline are really entertaining.
      I will tell you folks something you didnt know. Gus uses them to distract the other team. If (or when) they start laughing we bust out a golden nugget from the Malzahn book of exceptional trickery and BAM!!! 6 points. And i will give you the secret plays behind one of them. When you see a big poster of Cam Newton the play is 1. Snap the ball. 2. Juke and elude the entire other team. 3. Run like hell and score.
      Yep folks its that easy. I can see Auburn winning several quarters in the future.

      • 13
        auburn tiger fan

        Also (starting next year), Auburn will revamp its fast-paced* high- energy* offense to a new level. the plan is to speed up the game so much that the ball in being snapped before the previous play is over and blown dead. Gus says we should be able to get close to 250+ plays a game And given the explosive nature of the offense we are looking at close to 1,500 yards a game of offensive production. (Thats almost a mile!)

        *Patent Pending. All rights reserved.
        (much like the words “Family*, and “Its a God Thing” are owned by The Auburn Ahtletic Department. )

      • 14

        Auburn (almost) rolled Harvey’s corner after that close loss at LSU. Winning the 4th quarter against the number one team in the nation? Just wait until next year, when this 4th quarter Auburn team starts winning 2 quarters of every game. I bet they score first in the Bama game too. And if they get Bama to play their 4th string in the 4th quarter, Auburn will have a chance to beat Bama in the 4th quarter too!

    • 16
      auburn tiger fan

      Did I watch the game?
      Of course I watched the game.
      I was right there on the field, on the sideline. You could clearly see my Press Pass. i was standing with my good friend Chuck next ot a table full of books about the glorious history of East Alabama School for Men/ Alabama A&M/ Alabama Polytechnic Institute/University of Auburn coffee table books.
      These books tell wonderful stories about where the battel cry of :War Eagle” originated.
      The story is now part of the deep tradition of Auburn football You know.
      Remember? It was during a tough tough game. There was a 6 star confederate General there, The Auburn boys were really up against it that day.. So anyway the Confederate General (although he was not a racist confederate general and believed in equality for all, but was still conflicted/torn and decided to fight for his home land of Lee County (lovliest village).) Anyway the old Confederate General died of a broken heart because Auburn was actually losing. And in its grief the Eagle became an auburn fan and flew around the field pooping on the apposing team in retaliation for the loss of his dear freind the Confederate General (who was not a racist.)
      Anyway, those books contain stories like that. Y’all may have to excuse me. i am still celebrating our big 4rth quarter win and I have been known to drink a bit from time to time.
      War Eagle.

  6. 17
    The Real Tigers

    Great “Near comeback” hahaha you lost by 35 points stop making excuses. Your sorry ass team won’t be good next year. FYI we had our back ups in when you scored your precious 10 points. Jarvis Landry auburn 2011 look it up on youtube…..if you wanna see your players get laid out again. Hey Bama you ready to be the Tigers bitch next weekend??!!?? Hope so cause thats ur sad fate!!

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