VIDEO: Tennessee Coach Derek Dooley talks about Alabama Coach Nick Saban

In this video report from WDEF Chattanooga, Tennessee football coach Derek Dooley talks about working for Alabama football coach Nick Saban. Dooley explained Saban’s leadership style. Below is a brief summary from WDEF’s report.

According to the report, “Derek Dooley will get to face his old boss this weekend in Alabama’s Nick Saban. They worked together at LSU and Miami, and Dooley says Saban was a demanding boss.”

Dooley said, “Darwinism. makes it very demanding. And the strong survive. And the strong learn from it. I survived. he demands perfection in every thing you do every day. If you’re not, he doesn’t say that’s okay. He points it out. A lot of people struggle in that kind of work environment because you have to have a lot of confidence to get criticized. But if you do, you can really grow and develop. And I appreciate what he did for me. I do.”