UTC Coach Russ Huesman wants to spend time with Alabama football Coach Nick Saban

Alabama Crimson Tide football coach Nick Saban has an admirer in University of Tennessee Chattanooga Coach Russ Huesman. In this report from WDEF Chattanooga, the Mocs defense is praised for its performance, and Coach Huesman explains his defensive philosophy.

According to this video report, “I’m not overly fond of the bend, but don’t break defense philosophy. Kind of makes me nervous throughout the course of the game.” But Huesman is fond of Nick Saban’s defense, and what the Alabama Crimson Tide is doing this year. “(Alabama football coach Nick) Saban is the best coach in the country at any level. He’s a fantastic football coach. If he would ever let me, I would come down there and spend a week with him. Just follow him around. But he’s not going to let me.”

The last line drew laughter in his press conference.

However, it would be nice if Alabama’s Nick Saban spent some time with the UTC coach. Saban loves exchanging ideas with some of the brightest football coaches in America, and it sounds like Huesman is doing a very good job for the Mocs.

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