REPORT: LSU stars Spencer Ware and Tyrann Mathieu suspended

According to the Daily Reveille, two LSU star football players face a one-game and possibly multiple-game suspension.

According to the report, “LSU sophomores Spencer Ware and Tyrann Mathieu will be suspended for Saturday’s game against Auburn after reportedly failing a drug test, a source told The Daily Reveille on Wednesday.”

The suspension for the Auburn game is important, but LSU is a prohibitive favorite and should be expected to defeat Auburn with or without the players.

However, a multiple-game suspension would be huge with the November 5 game against Alabama looming for LSU.

The Alabama-LSU game is expected to determine the SEC West champion.

No doubt, Alabama fans will closely watch the situation in LSU regarding these suspensions.


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    They will play on Nov 5. Hell is the Barn can play an eligible player and get off scott free why not.

  2. 3

    They b smoking that fake weed down here on the bayou..Dam shame if they do not play Nov 5 .Then we have to listen to the BS if BAMA wins about these men not playing and game would have been different outcome if they would have..HMMMMM sounds like 09 with that QB from Texas huh? What”s his name?? LMAO RTR BABY KICKING ASSSSS AND NOT EVEN TAKING NAMES…..ROAD TRIP BABY ,,,GOT MY TWO TICKETS..WHO”S GONNA INVITE BIG DADDY TO TAILGATE???AND WHERE AT ON CAMPUS??

  3. 4

    I hope they play by the Bama game at least. No excuses. But it does look like Auburn is catching a break again. Not that it will help them much, but a break none the less.

  4. 5

    What the phuck kind of program is the retard running over there? Just had what, 5 damn players involved in a bar brawl for which their starting quaterback had to face the Grand Jury, they got hit with probation for illegal benifits, and now two starters including their Heisman candidate are suspended for drugs. Damn, where do they get their recruits from – Rikers Island or the Parchman Farm? I definitely don’t want those bastards to have excuses. RTR!

  5. 8

    Of course, Flash won’t comment here. Just the other day he was talking about all those Bama players that have been ‘arrested’ and allowed to play. Saban is just one corrupt dude and all that.

    Looks like LSU has a thug as a QB and drug addicts for star players. Tell me Flash, you think that is the proper way to make a championship run? Watch Saban. He will show you guys how to do it the right way, again. He has shown you twice already.

    • 9
      The Flash

      There was no reason for me to comment BamaBrando, yet you open and run your mouth and now have to eat your words! LMAO!

  6. 10

    Wooo weeee are boyz ah innocence tgey being picked on I tell you I’m gonna fin me someone to kick in face

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