VIDEO: Highlights of Alabama 52 Ole Miss 7

Watch video highlights of Alabama's Trent Richardson score four touchdowns and rush for 183-yards in a big SEC West victory over Ole Miss.

In these video highlights, watch as the Alabama Crimson Tide defeats Ole Miss. Highlights include Alabama’s Trent Richardson scoring by getting to the edge of the Ole Miss defense, Alabama’s Trent Richardson scoring by exploiting the middle of the defense, and Alabama’s Trent Richardson scoring on a career-long 76-yard touchdown run. On the long touchdown run, the announcer makes a fun call that is worth watching the video highlights. Also, you can see a few defensive highlights too.


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    That was a dominating performance. Bama is just incredibly physical. And the offense looks to be doing some good things. Passing is successful when we need it and it opens up a wicked running game. Beat LSU and the National Title is ours.

    I had a chance to watch Auburn play today. It appears that the dipsy do trickeroo offense just isnt working at well this year. I wonder what happened? This offense was supposed to score 50 points a game and shred defenses. It is a sad day when Ted Roof’s defense has to keep you in the game.

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    the 76 yd run by trent might have vaulted him to frontrunner status for the heisman.

    and it should.

    i recall harumphing when folks expressed trent might be a better back than mark ingram .

    i might have been wrong.

    reese davis, may and dr. lou were gushing over that replay on game day final.

    on the flip side, our kicking and special teams just sucked. everyone’s kicking away from maze now so without that opportunity to shine, the kicking looks even worse.

    that god for that defense.

    and speaking of being wrong, i expressed to some friends a few weeks back dabo swinney, head coach of clemson, might not be ready for prime time.

    i seems i couldn’t have been more wrong. that’s what i get for losing faith in a product of the alabama football program.

    (reese is giving him a lot of love on GDF too)

    i’m going to show my age here a bit a say how much i enjoyed seeing the rambling wreck crash into virginia. i still remember when tech was a member of the SEC and Coach Bryant having to wear a helmet to get in and out of the field there due to flying whiskey bottles launched by the drunks there.

    i cringe when i read and hear those proposing allowing tech back in the conference.

    screw the wreck. they’re not good enough for the SEC.

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    Yeah Clemson looks pretty good and might go undefeated. I don’t see south Carolina stopping Dabo and his Awbren 2 offense. They might end up playing Boise St or Stanford. What’s going to happen when we set up LSU or later maybe Oklahoma at the 40 on every kick? It is unacceptable. Every team we play kicks better than us. How the hell can a recruiter go to high school football games, watch the kickers and then sign kickers who can’t get it in the end zone. A kicker doesn’t just magically start kicking off into the endzone or punting for 50 yards when he accepts a scholarship. If he is going to do it he is already doing it in high school. So what the phuck is the problem? And what the phuck happened to our lock down kickoff coverage from the first six games that was offsetting the poor kicking? The cover team looked like they couldn’t fing their butt with both hands last night. Thank God for the speed to recover and run down the returners. Whoever is coaching special teams needs to kick some azz or have his azz kicked! RTR!

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    remember what Coach Saban said about making Alabama a team the opponents “hate” to play when he came here:

    from the comments section of a Clarion/Ledger column today:

    7:55 AM on October 16, 2011
    MSU fan here,,,,,I dread playing Bama.”

    (you’re not alone buddy)

    job well done, Coach.

    in the same column Trent is referred to as a “crimson Corvette”.

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    Just hope and pray LSWHO game does not come down to kicking.I know it already has been said but there is a real problem there.We could very well lose because some one can not kick a 45 yard field goal with 5 seconds left in game..Come on special teams KICK the DAM ball………..RTR

  6. 9

    There’s some azzhole on ESPN who is fixing to tell us why he has a problem with Alabama. Like we give a shyt.

    • 10
      The Flash

      Oh what a hypocrit you are Crimsonite, you can get on here and post and tell everyone what problem you have with Alabama (see previous post regarding kicker and cover teams) as if you expect people to give a shyt, but if anybody else, like a paid analyst from ESPN, says anything nobody is supposed to give a shit! Typical bammer fan.

      • 11

        The other ESPN analysts didn’t give a shyt so why should I. In fact he made them mad. Only a phucking Homer retard would dis Richardson on national tv, much less call him slow when he’s never been caught from behind in the open f’ield. The Okie lovin’ bastard is just pissed because Richarson jumped his phucking Okie QB in the Heisman rankings. Yeah I’m pissed about the kicking game, cause there’s no sense in it. It puts undeserved pressure on the D. But our D is up to the task. After all, LSWho doesn’t exactly have a scary offense that the #1 defense needs to worry about. Bwaa haww haww! RTR!

  7. 12

    Baylis can kiss my azz. He even pissed off the other ESPN analyst. You know that phuck face Flash will be he shortly. Actually the ranking doesn’t bother me. The teams are still ranked the same with each one having a #1 in 1/3 of the polls. What happened is the prediction the other day was before yesterdays games and because Tennessee is tougher than Ole Miss, LSWho gained a point in the computers and 2 points in strength of schedule. Still they are only 3 one thousandths of a point ahead which considering their strength of schedule is a 4 full points better, means that Bama is considered better in every other category. Unless the Awbies manage to phuck up the game of the year, they will stay ahead of us since Awbie is better than Tennessee. Actually aside from the bragging factor I’m glad they are ahead of us. Nothing better than a team we have a grudge against coming into Bryant Denny ranked #1 and between us and the Championship. You want to know who’s the best before the game? Check the betting line. Bama will be favored. RTR!

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    J.D. Cahill

    Dyke L. Marler
    October 13, 2011

    Atlanta, GA



    Cecil Newton, the father of Cam Newton, admitted to the NCAA that he solicited $180,000 for his son to play at Mississippi State. And the NCAA found no wrongdoing. Before last year’s Auburn game with Georgia, Auburn declared Cam Newton ineligible and then the NCAA declared him eligible – ALL WITHIN 24 HOURS. Hmm…

    Summer 2011, 4 ex Auburn football players appeared on HBO’s “Real Sports” with Bryant Gumbel and admitted they were paid for coming to Auburn and paid while they were there. One saying that he was paid directly by an Auburn Coach. And the NCAA found no wrongdoing. Hmm…

    No less than 5 freshman players currently at Auburn posted Facebook pictures with $10,000 IN THEIR MOUTHS (huh?) after committing to Auburn. The high school coach of 1 of those players, Trovon Reed, Louisiana’s State player of the year, reported this to the NCAA and was interviewed by them and, say it with me, the NCAA found no wrongdoing. The other 4 players posted pictures on their Facebook pages with pictures of new Corvettes, new Camaros, guns, new iphones and of course, money. Accompanying these pictures were quotes such as “Got my new Camaro!!” and the NCAA found no wrongdoing.

    Cam Newton never attended class in his 1 semester at Auburn. AND THIS WAS CONFIRMED ON CAMERA BY HEAD COACH GENE CHIZIK. Coach Chizik said “he causes too much of a disruption in class because he is a Heisman Trophy Contender.” This was in October of last year, well before Newton became the frontrunner for the Heisman. He was allowed to take his class(es) online. Every State newspaper in Alabama has reported that there was never any record found of Newton being enrolled at Auburn. EVERY OTHER MEMBER OF THE FOOTBALL TEAM – ALL 84 OF THEM – WERE EASILY VERIFIED AS BEING ENROLLED AT AUBURN. And the NCAA found no wrongdoing.

    I am willing to bet you everything I own and ever will own, that the NCAA will never reveal the details of this investigation. How could it? The governing body of all NCAA Sports, simply put, is not accountable to the 120 Institutions it governs.

    • 14
      The Flash

      The NCAA just dosen’t like Alabama and has it in for them, that’s why they didn’t do anything to Auburn! Just face it and get over it or live with it!

      P.S. But hey if writhing that whiney little peice makse you feel better, then hey what ever works for you (just don’t think about everybody else on here that’s not a bammer laughing at you).

    • 15

      The NCAA is in no position to compete with Bobby Lowder and his Mafia billions. They learned some hard lessons in pursuing the Albert Means and Reggie Bush cases.Costly legal fees, out of court settlements and long drawn out scenarios lasting for years.3 of the HBO 4 refused to cooperate with the NCAA. Lowder has the NCAA, Mike Slive and Auburn University in his back pocket. Anyone that dares buck him is soon paid a friendly visit from 2 of his henchmen.” Snitches are a dying breed” is their message.

  9. 16
    J.D. Cahill

    Well hell? I would rather be ranked No#3 with Ok., in front of us. It would give our guys a little motivation, but with Ok., behind all the time. They { OK } probably feel like they’ve got something to prove, sure suxs, but thats just the way it is.

    • 17
      The Flash

      Great teams (or good teams for that matter) don’t need extra motivation. So don’t worry about it, LSU’s not!

      • 18

        Bull Shyt! Not only is LSWho worried about it, but the whole Corndog nation is also. You don’t bring the #1 ranking into daddy’s backyard and not worry about getting that azz spanked. Especially when daddy is ranked ahead of you in every offensive and defensive category. Especially when daddy’s defense is the best defense in the nation. #1 total defense, #1 rushing defense, #1 scoring defense, #1 pass efficiency defense, #1 3 and out defense, and #5 passing defense. Dude daddy is gonna spank that azz sooooo bad! RTR!

        • 19
          The Flash

          Yea their so worried there thinking of just forfieting that game and not even showing up! LMAO

          Why should anybody believe your prediction that “daddy is gonna spank that azz sooooo bad!”
          when yesterday you predicted this….

          Crimsonite October 15, 2011 at 7:17 pm # Just a quick note. I predict there will be a new #1 team tomorrow night. Their colors will be Red & White.

          Wrong!!! LSU still Number 1 and now No. 1 in the BCS also. Wasn’t it you Crimsonite or maybe it was Crimson Hammah or RC that was guarnteeing Alabama would be number one in the BCS when it came out today! LOL

          • 20

            I am predicting this. Kicking will greatly help LSU. But they wont run on Bama and they best not throw too many passes either.
            LSU is fast and talented but bama is layered over with depth and bone crushing brutal players. By the 3rd quarter every team Bama plays seems to be worn out and then Bama just walks over them.
            If there is any other doubt…….
            Lester Miles is the coach at LSU. Nick Saban is the coach at Bama.
            Gotta say my prediction is Bama by 10.

          • 21

            I don’t control the votes or the data chosen to be input in the computers. I was merely repeating what the BCS prognosticators were saying and what the preliminary calculations showed as of Friday. There was no way to know the results of the difference in SOS of our opponents Saturday would be enough to give LSWho a measly .0003 advantage over Bama. OOOHHHHH! With that margin there’s no doubt the whole world is absolutely 100% certain that LSWho is #1. Bwaa haww haww! If I could be no more than .0003% wrong in everything I do I would be pretty damn close to a God! Don’t worry, unless Awbie runs your azzes ragged and you lose some human votes then you’ll still be ahead of us on Nov 5th – and that’s a good thing. However, since Awbie is the first team you will play who is on a rollercoaster and could conceivably give you hell, then know that with a .0003 margin it will only take ONE voter to change his mind and you will fall behind us. So unless you have something of value to bring to the table then STFU Corndog!

  10. 22

    Yeah but that ‘aint gonna happen! after we stomp LSWho and then Georgia or USCjr in the SECCG we will stay #1 to the end just like in ’09. RTR!

  11. 23

    Both Bama and LSU look pretty solid right now. I think it is a toss up regarding who will win on Nov. 5, but the winner gets my bet for winning the BCS this year… at least right now.

  12. 24

    Lmao crimsonite you are a Damn moron!!! I came on this site after bamas spring game saying that our special teams were horrendous and you vehemently argued with me about it saying I was full of shyt and everything else! You sir are laughable!

    • 25

      Dude I told you that in at least one recruiting service each of our kickers were ranked #1 and they just needed some time to mature. That should be a fair statement about any #1 kicker. That there has been no improvement is astounding, and in my opinion that is the fault of the special teams coach. However, through 6 games I was not concerned with the punting which is only about 5 yards less than normal, nor even with the inability to get kickoffs in the endzone since we kick them higher than normal which gives the coverage team time to get down there. Our coverage has been lockdown and brutal and our defense is worth an extra 5 yards easily. What concerns me is the total breakdown in the coverage unit against an inferior opponent like Ole Miss. If we are going to cover like that then suddenly the 5 yards on punts and 10 yards on kickoffs make a damn big difference. Something else that concerns me is how our recruiters could manage to pick out the worst not 1, but whole team of kickers in all of division 1 football; and I say it is pretty much improbable. Therefore the fault has to rest with the coaching and not the kickers since you know the kickers want to do better. Their technique has to change and that will take coaches who know how to change it and lots of off-time practice.

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