NCAA right to end public witch hunt against SEC, Auburn

The NCAA did the right thing in ending the attack on an SEC school. Today, the NCAA announced it would not proceed against Auburn in the Cam Newton case or in the allegations presented on HBO’s Real Sports.

This was wise. Clearly, Auburn had no need to cheat. People should face the truth: Auburn is not some irrelevant Pac-12 or Big Ten football team. Auburn is a member of the SEC.

The SEC wouldn’t cheat. SEC schools have no need to cheat. It isn’t like Auburn is a place with recruiting problems like Southern Cal or Ohio State. USC cheated because nobody wants to play in L.A. Ohio State did some questionable things because, well, who in the hell would want to go to Ohio?

Auburn is a different story.

Everyone wants to play in the SEC. It is not some Podunk place—there is national appeal on the Plains and throughout the best football conference in America.

It was jealousy that sparked this campaign against the SEC and Auburn.

It was a conspiracy hatched by outsiders like former Florida Coach Urban Meyer, Northeastern media elites at the New York Times, ESPN, Fox Sports and Danny Sheridan.

Let’s face facts. Urban Meyer isn’t a southerner and doesn’t know anything about the way football is played in the SEC. He wasn’t tough enough. He wasn’t smart enough to compete with the superior skills and intellect of Auburn’s Gene Chizik. So, he tried to smear honest and clean people like Cecil and Cam Newton. Even Birmingham News columnist Kevin Scarbinsky exposed Meyer’s likely role in the whole sordid Cecil Newton-Kenny Rogers story. (See this column on

What more should be said about the liberal bias of the New York media? They are jealous of the wholesome values and good football played here in the SEC. This jealousy led so many down the wrong path. If only, they could embrace the truth.

The truth is the SEC wins and does not have to cheat.

The NCAA knows it should spend more of its time looking into the obviously corrupt programs in the Pac-12 and Big Ten. If only the Pac-12 and Big Ten combined principles, academic standards and good football the way it is done in the SEC and at Auburn University!

The NCAA did the right thing ending this witch-hunt. This action confirms what we already knew—the Pac-12 and Big Ten are simply inferior conferences with inferior colleges like USC and Ohio State, and these institutions have no option other than to cheat if they want to keep up with the SEC.