NCAA right to end public witch hunt against SEC, Auburn

The NCAA did the right thing in ending the attack on an SEC school. Today, the NCAA announced it would not proceed against Auburn in the Cam Newton case or in the allegations presented on HBO’s Real Sports.

This was wise. Clearly, Auburn had no need to cheat. People should face the truth: Auburn is not some irrelevant Pac-12 or Big Ten football team. Auburn is a member of the SEC.

The SEC wouldn’t cheat. SEC schools have no need to cheat. It isn’t like Auburn is a place with recruiting problems like Southern Cal or Ohio State. USC cheated because nobody wants to play in L.A. Ohio State did some questionable things because, well, who in the hell would want to go to Ohio?

Auburn is a different story.

Everyone wants to play in the SEC. It is not some Podunk place—there is national appeal on the Plains and throughout the best football conference in America.

It was jealousy that sparked this campaign against the SEC and Auburn.

It was a conspiracy hatched by outsiders like former Florida Coach Urban Meyer, Northeastern media elites at the New York Times, ESPN, Fox Sports and Danny Sheridan.

Let’s face facts. Urban Meyer isn’t a southerner and doesn’t know anything about the way football is played in the SEC. He wasn’t tough enough. He wasn’t smart enough to compete with the superior skills and intellect of Auburn’s Gene Chizik. So, he tried to smear honest and clean people like Cecil and Cam Newton. Even Birmingham News columnist Kevin Scarbinsky exposed Meyer’s likely role in the whole sordid Cecil Newton-Kenny Rogers story. (See this column on

What more should be said about the liberal bias of the New York media? They are jealous of the wholesome values and good football played here in the SEC. This jealousy led so many down the wrong path. If only, they could embrace the truth.

The truth is the SEC wins and does not have to cheat.

The NCAA knows it should spend more of its time looking into the obviously corrupt programs in the Pac-12 and Big Ten. If only the Pac-12 and Big Ten combined principles, academic standards and good football the way it is done in the SEC and at Auburn University!

The NCAA did the right thing ending this witch-hunt. This action confirms what we already knew—the Pac-12 and Big Ten are simply inferior conferences with inferior colleges like USC and Ohio State, and these institutions have no option other than to cheat if they want to keep up with the SEC.


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  1. 2

    Just the facts!
    Auburn cleared today FACT
    Cam Newton cleared FACT
    No NCAA violations found DOUBLE FACT
    HBO 4 found to be bogus FACT
    Trent’s car paid for by Bama booster FACT
    Lots of free suits from Bama booster FACT
    NCAA taking short drive to Ttown Uh oh FACT
    Probation for Bama not Auburn FACT
    LSU 56 Alabama 0 TRIPLE FACT
    No more national championships FACT
    Saban to Philadelphia Eagles FACT
    Auburn 38 Alabama 3 FACT
    Capstone Report writers heading for the hills FACT
    Spouted bogus garbage for a year on AU FACT
    Shane is an idiot FACT
    Always the most accurate and objective FACTS

    • 3

      Fact: If Trent, Dre, Julio and the whole God damn football team was paid and got improper benefits it doesnt matter, Coz all Nick and the University of Alabama has to say is they didnt know it was happening.
      Yep that should set a good precident for College Football.

    • 4
      Don Knight

      Fact you are a idiot and a sad auburn fan… that’s the facts.. Auburn did cheat- fact, Auburn will be crushed by Alabama fact-38-3 fact….They need to call you Factless or just plain stupid… another fact…Haa haa haaaaaaaaa…
      Or just plain old LIESSSSSSSSS

  2. 5

    Why would I play in beautiful Southern California where the women are hot when I could play in the inbred state of Alabama. Make sense?

  3. 7

    BWaHAHAAHaHa. The Cam investigation might be over and the HBO scandal, but how about the other 3 investigations? STAY TUNED

  4. 9

    I doubt they get serious about looking into Mark Ingram, Julio Jones and Trent Richardson’s relationships with T-Town menswear – so I think you can write off those three investigations… Keep bringing it up though and you never know…

    All of you idiots are invited to my next poker tournament.(along with Dan Mullen) You lack the capacity to understand why you don’t smear others within the conference.(same reason the big stacks in a poker tourney don’t aggressively attack each other). I bet you the conference office is hoping Mullen continues to slide so they can pressure him out of the conference. You don’t need idiots who will shoot themselves standing too close to you.

    Hate that this bothers you guys so badly… Just be glad you guys are having such a great year.

    War Eagle!!!

  5. 11

    Lot of folks here with egg on their faces today.

    Some of us tried to tell you that when the NCAA suspended newton and re-instated him within the same hour, this was going nowhere.

    They didn’t find anything because they didn’t WANT to find anything!

    Then thrown on top of that is Sheridan exposing chinks in the NCAA armor. (as if we didn’t already know!)

    They just wanted this to go away. The rabbit hole was too big and went too deep.

    It took a short thirteen months to shovel it over. (got to be running with some Tennessee or Notre Dame investigation for the shortest ever)

    Some of us have been around long enough to have seen enough and understand.

    The small consolation here is the hatred expressed by all SEC programs (and a lot outside the conference) is now cemented. Regardless of how Auburn fares in the SEC, this will not be soon forgotten.

    Rogue, thou art blue and orange.

    • 12

      None of you guys KNEW that Auburn was going to be cleared, it was just blind faith and loyalty to the Auburn Fambly that made you so defensive. But deep down, you were all sweating it out. SO to come back here and say, see, I told you so! is really a hollow victory for you guys. It was fun to rub your noses in it while the investigation was going on, and see y’all get all defensive and neurotic over it. But I am glad that yet another SEC team didn’t end up on probation when it comes down to it. But you guys have been no different; when you thought Auburn was possibly going to be in trouble, you guys went above and beyond to try to manufacture trouble for Alabama. And like we told you, NOTHING has come out of your rumors and gossiping on message boards. It is funny that you guys spent an entire off-season sweating it out instead of properly celebrating your National Championship. So congratulations! That was some mighty fine cheating y’all got away with!

      But this is a new season, and Lord knows y’all needed something good to cheer about besides a very ugly win over South Carolina. And I know that it just gripes y’all to no end to see Bama tearing it up and dominating everyone so far this year. SO, be happy you guys escaped with no penalty. I was wrong, and I am surprised that after 13 months they couldn’t find anything. BUt you have to admit, the whole situation with his dad sure did not make things look so clear. But anyways, it is over with. I am glad for you guys, so now there won’t be any excuses when Bama beats that ass, now will there?

      • 13

        Brando that was well said. And true. But, I am not happy for them. They have drug College football to a new low with the “The school didnt know, so your free to go” Defense.
        . This one single decision has set football back 40 years to the day and age where everyone had to pay to compete. Whats more it has ended the age of self reporting and accountability. That sound we here is college football losing its honor and credibility. I am disgusted. And if it is posible I hope Bama wins by 100 points in a shut out at Auburn.That ought to whip the smirk off of Gene Chizik’s plastic surgery laden countenance.

    • 14

      Well said, my friend. It leaves a bitter taste but we will move on. Can Auburn leave it behind? I don’t think anyone not associated with the luckiest village on the plains will let them.

      I had allowed myself to believe in truth and justice one more time and again I was disappointed. I should have listed to you and the others who have seen it all before.

  6. 15

    Another thought on this matter:

    Currently, if Danny Sheridan isn’t the most hated figure of the Auburn fan base, he has to be a close second to Harvey Updyke.

    In reality, he was their best friend.

    With Sheridan’s public proclamations on the matter. He turned this investigation into a pissing match between himself and Mark Emmert.

    One doesn’t have to delve too far between the lines to determine this.

    From the B’ham Snooze:

    “This wasn’t just an NCAA letter to Auburn. Given how public the Newton case became, the NCAA put out a statement confirming the investigation’s end and said “any allegations of major rules violations must meet a burden of proof, which is a higher standard than rampant public speculation online and in the media.”

    (burden of proof? The NCAA? *snort*)

    If that’s not a direct shot at Sheridan, I don’t know what would be.

    If your an Auburn fan, you should thank your lucky stars for Alabama alum Danny Sheridan.

    He single handedly shut this investigation down for you.

    • 16

      It may appear that Emmert and Auburn won the pissing match but they both lost. Everybody who loves the game of college football lost.

  7. 17

    Absolute Horseshit from a spineless NCAA. Just remember, it aint cheating if you claim you did not know about it.

  8. 20

    “OJ and Casey Anthony were found innocent too”

    But bama wasnt thats why they are on probation, and have been for a LOOOOONNNNNGGGGG time. I told yall months ago that all of this BS was just another way for you turds to cope with the 24 point choke job that was the stepping stone to Auburn’s NC. Oh and to CSR and ITK with your so called “60,000” visitors a month why is it you can only muster 35 “Likes ” on facebook even when You have a DIRECT LINK to your facebook page ? Did 59,965 visitors think that this site sucks just as much as I do? ROFLMFAO!!!!

    • 21

      CSR most of us who have jobs dont have time to look at facebook and links to facebook but now that you have brought it up, I will be sure to freind up with The Capstone Report.
      Just the sheer fact that you brought up the facebook link shows your obsession with all things Bama. But I dont blame you brother. Coming to the Capstone Report is as close to being a winner as you will come… At least until you renounce your Auburn leanings and become a fan of the only true University of Alabama.

  9. 22

    There will continue to be checking into what goes on at Awbie when their players go to the dog track and the blank ATM cards. The Uncle Milty’s trial is not over yet and the FBI will not release any info to the NCAA until it is. You still have investigations going on for illegal agent contact and possible illegal benefits stemming from those contacts. And as far as Scam goes, don’t bring you gaddamn hypocritical azzes over here running your mouth’s because you got lucky. There isn’t a person in the US including you ignorant bastards who believes Scammy Scam didn’t know his daddy was shopping him and that’s all it takes to make him ineligible and for you to forfit your championship. But how can it be proved? The NCAA has no power to force Polygraph tests. So just feel real lucky, hold your breath, and STFU! RTR!

    • 23

      WAAAAAA…..WAAAAAAAAA……..WAAAAAAAAA. I wish to hell you would shut your crying up Crimmy! Thats all you ever do is WAAAAAAAAAAA WAAAAAAAAAA. Good grief man, grow a set and act like a true mullet!

      • 24

        Why dont you wait until november and see who leaves the Jordan Hair Dye jungle crying you dumbass Aubbo. There wont be any toilet paper sold that day in Lee County. Unless the run out of kleenex.

  10. 25

    Nice try Capstain Regurgitators. By devolving your message down into using a little sarcastic reverse messaging, you have shown that you know that you were wrong for spinning and posting all of the speculation aimed at highlighting how the hammer was going to fall on Auburn. At least you now have enough sense to know not to come out swinging at shadows anymore.

    Man up and in a straight forward manner …just admit you were wrong …you sissies.

    I know that an apology is not within the mental abilities of your redneck minds, so we won’t waste time asking for that.

    One thing about Bear Bryant …he was man enough to issue an apology and admit when he was wrong. I see that you don’t have his kind of “class”.

    • 26

      No apology from me… you guys get what you give. The Auburn conspiracies against Bama have been going on for generations. The small amount of crap y’all have been getting from Bama fans pales in comparison of the Auburn attempts to smear Bama over the decades. So, how does it feel to have your success be over looked because of false allegations of cheating? You guys have discredited Bama’s success for the very same thing. You want apologies from us? Then show proper respect and acknowledge Bamas 13 national championships, 22 SEC championships, and its winning record against Auburn, without some sort of discredit or pigeon holing the facts. Until you are willing to do some apologizing of your own, don’t expect any respect from us.

    • 27

      do you know for sure that cams dad didnt ask auburn for money hoopie?no you dont you were not there . but it really doesnt matter now does it . the ncaa says they didnt find anything. big deal that doesnt mean there wasnt anything there. but its over enjoy the title from last year

    • 28

      Why dont you man up and admit no human being is going to turn down $180,000 to play in a redneck shit hole with dying trees for free.

  11. 29

    Problem is dumbazz – we weren’t wrong and you know it. We might have been wrong with the presumption that the asscovering NCAA would bust you, but we were not wrong in saying you are guilty. Just sacrifice another chicken and move on. There’s still more to come. RTR!

  12. 37
    Indiana Vol


    No way to get back that loss to Auburn in last year’s Iron Bowl.

    It SUCKS that you can’t keep wishing ill towards Auburn and any other program you see fit.

    I guess you MORONS will just have to live with the fact that you LOST to Auburn last year and they won a National Title and there is NOT ONE THING you can do or say to change that!!

    GO VOLS!

    • 38

      Enjoy the Papa Johns Bowl at 6-6 and the beatdown you will get in Bryant Denny in 9 days, which, btw will extend our streak to 5 IN A ROW!!!! Roll Tide!

    • 40

      just like BAMA won the national title in 2009 and 12 other times and there aint nothing anybody can do about that either

        • 43

          What about those MIGHTY VOLS? What a sad little hillbilly you are. Bama is going extend the streak to what, is it 5 or 6 now? I have lost count. Don’t worry, no one is looking over pitiful UT before the LSU game.

    • 44

      That was last year. This year we will steamrol the Vols and leave Auburn looking like a punch drunk Crack whore who shorted her pimp.
      And oh yeah. If we win the NC this year that is just one more thing Auburn will have to catch up to. Judging from what I have seen a National Championship is a very distinct possibility. Dont you vols and tiggys ever get tired of playing catch up to big al?

  13. 46

    Crimsonuts post is just precious! The fact that this bothers you so much is icing on the cake. Your lunatic ravings are typical bammer crap – there is nothing related to Auburn on the mcgregor tapes as stated by one of the prosecution attorneys who is also a bammer fan and there are no more investigations in the pipeline. You, on the other hand, have the Ttown menswear scandal to deal with. Hope your current probation is over before the penalties come down on that one. Oh, and no law enforcement agency in the U.S. can force anyone to take a polygraph test, doofus.

    • 47

      Why the Aubs keep bringing up Menswear stores is beyond me. Is the NCAA currently investigating Alabama?

      Didn’t think so….

      Just another Aubie juvenile wet dream.

      • 48
        FBJ Lives

        Menswear is just ONE of the problems you will soon be facing. KEEP WATCHING!!! Remember me telling yall that over and over? Finger pointers indeed.

        • 49

          Let me reiterate.
          No body knows anything.
          Nobody has seen anything.
          Nobody has went on National TV.
          And we are all in.
          So go f*ck yourself. You got nothing except the hope that Auburn may once again dominate a sanction weakened Bama team. After the precident you set with the NCAA. It will never happen again.

    • 50

      BAMA reported the so called t-town menswear deal to the ncaa over a year ago and they said nothing was found so GET OVER THAT TO MORON

  14. 51

    Oh really Goatphucker? Sorry, but I missed the part where the NCAA even recognized that a T-Town menswear business even exists. And you are being looked at for illegal agent contact and benefits just as LSU and Oregon were. I’m so glad you are really, really important and have inside confirmation on what information one of the country’s national security agencies has. Without a doubt they would have released info to ANYBODY on subject matter that doesn’t concern the case on trial. NOT! Yeah it bothers me bastard. Cause evidence or not, the motherphucker knew what his dad was doing and you cocksuckers skated. Which means you’re covering up other shyt too. And you retarded POS if you think you can’t be forced to take a polygraph test against your will, you are the dumbest SOB in the forest. They may not tie you down and make you take it (or in some cases maybe so), but they will make you choose to take it by many different means such as more severe charges. What’s more, if the Federal Govenment wants you to take a polygraph test you damn sure WILL take it.

  15. 52

    fact – ncaa says if more info comes forward we will re-start investigation ,,,,there are a ton of people that trusted the ncaa to get it done without their info now that they see ncaa is extremely incompetent they will come forward

  16. 54


    • 57

      Yeah. talking about open and shut. When you go on National TV and tell 20 million people that pretty much closes the case. But apparently, the players admissions to violations in front of God and everyone ON TAPE were not enough. I gotta believe that Auburn has been handing out envelope around the NCAA and sending money to private accounts in the islands and Switzerland at a feverish pace the last few months.

  17. 61

    Sure it will Barnturd. Anymore wet dreams you care to reveal? What’s up with Corey Grant and all the beans he was going to spill? What’s up wid dat? FYI and RC should get a room, then they could come up with some more absolute information from irrefutable sources together. Sorry RC, but you did set yourself up with that one.

  18. 62


    I challenge you to point out one instance in the history of this blog that I have ever suggested I have absolute irrefutable information. Hell, point out just one time I suggested I have a source. You can’t because it has never happened. I’ve discussed speculation and pointed out that nobody has provided any evidence supporting the never ending AU cheating BS you guys keep pushing, but never once did I suggest that I knew for sure.

    As for the test of you, you’re really showing your true colors. Any shred of credibilty that you may have had is gone. The fact that some of you are STILL clinging to AU being cheaters is absolutely pathetic. You guys decided from day 1 it was true and no amount of evidence, or lack thereof could change your minds. Your theories are non-falsfiable and consequently carry no weight.

  19. 63
    J.D. Cahill

    Well! I’m certainly dissapointed that the NCAA failed in their investagation of the allegations against AU. I guess you can say that they are good cheaters. I for one wouldn’t want to be associated with a program that just blantantly cheated and is apparantly breaking all the rules, and what does that say about about the character of the AU fanbase. If this is the kind of program you want. Than you should take a good look at yourself.

    • 64

      Trust me brother thay have. And they couldnt stand being second best to thier neighbors down the street who attended the University of Alabama. So it all started out with”Hey Bama cheats! Thats why they win!!!” and went straight to “well…. If Bama cheats then we are justified to cheat too!!!” and it degraded to this sorry mess. Auburn is a disgrace to college football. Thier pettiness is a cancer to the spirit of the game.

  20. 65
    J.D. Cahill

    Are you the kind of fan that enjoys watching an opposing teams player get his knee blown out when an AU line men throws a chop block or do you love it when the AU cracks on the linebacker in the secondary, so they can catch a pass for a touchdown. Remember cracking on the linebacker is against the rules and so is a chopblock. The player in the secondary can’t see the defensive guy coming and gets wiped out. AU is nortorious for doing these things. Thats not the kind of bullshit I like to watch during a football game. If thats the kind of football you like to watch and how you want to win. Then I will tell you now, if you don’t already don’t know, your a piece of sh#t!!!! no surprise to me

  21. 67
    J.D. Cahill

    Last year the SEC commissioner didn’t get it done. They bent the rules for Cam Newton, They should have vacated some wins or at least sat him down. Yes, Cam Newton was probably the best football player that year, sitting him down might have cost AU a game and their chance at a national championship. But? What about the other teams that played by the rules. Did one of these other teams get cheated out of their chance to play for a National Championship, You bet your ass they did. Thats! not right! I don’t care how you spin it……It was admitted that Cecile Newton shopped his son around. Thats against the Damn rules…..

  22. 68

    Are you completely out of your mind FYI. You more than any other Barner have repeated with no qualifications that the hammer if fixing to fall on Bama for one damn thing or the other just as surely as Hell is hot. You don’t have to say you have irrefutable evidence or sources fool. The absoluteness of your statements infers a necessary information source. Otherwise it’s nothing more than dumbass speculation equal to all the other invisible fantasies you phuckers have come up with. As for our or my opinion of your guilt, the latest ESPN poll has the Nation feeling 60% to 40% that Auburn is guilty no matter what the NCAA said. So we are in the vast majority in our opinion. That does not make us frivolous or dumbasses or embarrassed. What’s more you pathetic Orange Glasses idiot, you damn well know that Scam knew what his father was doing, therefore the point is moot. RTR!

  23. 69

    Crimsonite, find one example of making a statement that said Bama was absolutely going to get hammered. All of my posts are readily available to examine. I’ll even make it is for you: go through the various blogs, cntrl+F and enter my screen name “FYI”. If you can find one example of me making an “absolute” statement, I’ll eat crow and apologize.

    With regards to not being able to prove he was not guilty, YOU CAN’T PROVE A NULL FINDING!!!!!!!!!! 13andcounting’s ridiculous comment “do you know for sure Cam’s dad didn’t ask for money” is no more rational than me saying, “do you know for sure bigfoot isn’t real and he just hasn’t been spotted yet?”

    I’m not sure why this is such a complicated concept for you guys, given my freshman stats and research methods students typically pick it up pretty fast, but YOU CAN’T PROVE A NULL FINDING!!!!!!!!!!

  24. 70

    Auburn people calling other people rednecks is absolutely priceless. Auburn has always been known as a white trash, backwards AG University. AND YES, I DID GRADUATE FROM UA which is MORE than can be said about most AU fans who “claim” a “connection” to Auburn OR whose PARENTS paid for their AU tuition.

    Now, I’ll just sit back and laugh at all the hypocritical replies by a country pone fanbase who claims “Christianity” while degrading others and refusing to turn the other cheek. I’ll also laugh at the morons who take pics of Tide players and send them to the NCAA because, in case you don’t already know, THE NCAA WILL NOT CROSS NICK SABAN. However, you can be damn sure they will continue to follow your gutless, toothless, lying, hypocritical, piece of shit, sock puppet Head Coach Gene Chizzizzil and catch him in a Tressel. “Praise Jesus, let’s pass around the collection plate for Brutha Newton, I mean Cecil, I mean Chette!”

  25. 71

    LSU will kill Tennessee. Auburn will beat that depleted Florida team much like they beat the handicapped Bama teams last decade. South Carolina will beat a tumbling MSU team, and Okie State will beat Texas in the same fashion OU did last week

  26. 72

    ncaa could not substantiate the claims of the au players on hbo about themselves – lol – ncaa is a farce – bureaucrats of bureaucrats at best

  27. 76



  28. 78


    You’re another dumb fucking country pone Auburn fan who actually believes that your fanbase is above reproach. You REALLY need to branch out and travel the world a bit. All you Auburn people do. Life does not revolve around the Iron Bowl. I’ll admit Auburn is not the worst fanbase out there, but they are definitely one of the most country, simple-minded, ignorant grroup out there

  29. 80

    Uhh, I’m not into researching the past posts of trolls. However, I will temporarily give you the benefit of the doubt since I got you confused with FBJ. As for the Scam Scam I suppose I’m about ready to put that dog to sleep. Now that your glory year is past and done with we have a new football season going and Bama is about to get #14, it doesn’t all seem like such a nightmare anymore. You can have your once in 50 years Championship and your Scam and your All In shyt and your 6-6 or 7-5 season and live in peace for all I care. We have LSWho and Oklahoma or Wisconsin or Stanford or maybe even Boise St to occupy us now. Congrats on your successful SCAM. Oh, by the way did ya’ll roll the twees after the NCAA announcement? bwaa haww haww. RTR!

  30. 81

    For you idiots posting that the NCAA is Investigating Auburn for using “illegal street agents” should really look in the mirror. Like I posted a week or so ago (and ITK and CSR was scared to respond too) Your very own Trent Richardson has VERY strong ties to Willie Lyles. Just how much did Lyles and Trent make for his visit/commit to bama? You gumps are fun to watch.You have one dumbass saying he doesnt have time for facebook, but he is on numerous times a day. REALLY!? Then you have RC claiming to have “sources” and he is bama grad!? Well RC I have to say judging from your ignorance, and lack of any sort of common sense I do not doubt you went to alabama. Keep representing your school proudly. lol oh and still at 35 Facebook likes…..thats STRONG ! ROFLMFAO!!!

    • 82

      Nobody responded because this was mentioned about a year ago. guess what, unlike the scum at some schools, Richardson’s family had nothing to do with Lyles and from all the evidence I’ve seen, did not take trips or have any association with Lyles. Lyles tried to create a relationship, but that didn’t take from what I’ve heard.

      now, if someone has pictures of Richardson with Lyles or some type of evidence and not BS from Auburn’s lunatic fringe, then I’ll post it. See, I like the truth. No matter what it says. Unlike some cult members we know.

      As for Facebook, good grief. All Facebook should be viewed as is a way to increase traffic. To be honest, I’ve used twitter for about 2-3 years and only now eclipsed 1,250 followers. I’m on twitter much more than anything else, but in time I’ll devote more resources to harnessing the power of Facebook. Social Media isn’t anything but a tool to increase the reach of your message. In other words, it is a tool to increase my dollars.

      Just like your consistent visits here, it serves a purpose. 🙂

      Now keep refreshing the page. I know you can’t resist it.

  31. 83

    “oh and still at 35 Facebook likes…..thats STRONG ! ROFLMFAO!!!”

    This man has never had sex with a woman.

    What are “Facebook likes” anyway? I’ve been to Facebook once or twice, so forgive my ignorance.

  32. 84


    If you would like to meet up somewhere in Birmingham, please respond with a time, date, and location. Why in the world would you want someone to visit your facebook page when you can see them in person? Do you have a twat? I was wondering cause only petty little girls start facebook wars. Real men (which you are not) accept challenges.

    Auburn and Trooper Taylor are still under investigation. GUARANTEED. Oh, BTW, THE NCAA WILL NOT CROSS NICK SABAN

    why are all the inbred Auburn fans still on here?And DO NOT tell me you’re defending that WHITE TRASH AG COLLEGE!! They are NOT worth it!

  33. 85


    You stated, “You’re another dumb fucking country pone Auburn fan who actually believes that your fanbase is above reproach. You REALLY need to branch out and travel the world a bit.”

    I have have 3 degrees, including a PhD, from 3 different major universities in different states, completed an internship in Ohio, and have traveled to almost every major city in the nation to attend and present at research conferences. As a side, I have also provided presentations at conferences in Toronto and travelled to England and Ireland for leisure.

    Would you say that qualified as “getting out of Alabama more”? What your credentials big man?

    • 86

      Being so sophisticated and worldly Dr. FYI, why would you be here arguing and commenting about BAMA/auburn topics on an almost daily basis….On a BAMA site to boot?

      Look, you are full of Sh*t.

      Research in what? Present what? PhD in what?

      I kinda hope you don’t answer these questions. I don’t feel like reading any more lies from you.

      Plus, I’m getting embarrassed for you…..

    • 87

      BTW, what is up with this statement?

      “I’m not sure why this is such a complicated concept for you guys, given my freshman stats and research methods students typically pick it up pretty fast, but YOU CAN’T PROVE A NULL FINDING!!!!!!!!!!”

      What does that have to do with anything (in the context of the discussion, of course)?

  34. 90

    My credentials as far as traveling are France, Brazil, Denmark, China, Italy, 35 U.S. States. Satisfied? Well of course you won’t be because you are like the typical Auburn man. You hold a deep seated hatred for everything Alabama, but you’ll counter with something like, “it’s just the sidewalk bammers” or some stupid, backwards shit like that. You will also say I’m lying about my travels, but I’m not telling you what I do or get in a pissing match ON A SPORTS BLOG WHERE YOU DON’T BELONG. If you have traveled to all those places, you would realize people are people no matter what color, fanbase, etc. You would see that AU people are some of the biggest OLD SOUTH HYPOCRITES around. Stop acting like some wounded victim, stop protecting AU, and MOVE ON. We WILL CONTINUE to discuss and investigate AU until they decide to stop Bitching, stop Cheating, and start holding yourselves accountable for your actions

  35. 92


    That’s an impressive travel history, which makes it even more surprising to me that you are quick to judge and make assumptions about people you have never met. I 100% agree with you that people are people no matter what color, fanbase, etc. That’s why I was quick to post on here following the tornadoes to make sure everyone was ok and let them know I was praying for them. I grew up in Birmingham and have many friends who graduate from UA and/or current work as professors. I considered working at UA as a professor but ultimately decided another university was a better fit. I have the utmost respect for UA. That said, my comment was a direct response to your comment, “You’re another dumb fucking country pone Auburn fan who actually believes that your fanbase is above reproach. You REALLY need to branch out and travel the world a bit.” Those were your words my friend, NOT mine. You want to talk about AU fans being “OLD SOUTH HYPOCRITES “… it’s time to look in the mirror. Don’t wine to me about being in a pissing contest when you started it.

  36. 93


    I’ll take a moment and respond to your questions. You stated, “Being so sophisticated and worldly Dr. FYI, why would you be here arguing and commenting about BAMA/auburn topics on an almost daily basis….On a BAMA site to boot?”

    I think this is interesting for a couple reasons. To begin with, you are essentially arguing that people who chat about football on a blog site are unsophisticated and implied that intelligent, educated people would make better use of their time. In other words, you are suggesting that you, by nature of posting on a blog site, are unsophisticated, unintelligent, and unsophisticated. Good one! Regardless, I can assure you that I don’t spend 100% of every second of the day conducting research or teaching. Football, and particularly Auburn, are one of the many things I enjoy outside of my career.

    You then stated, “Look, you are full of Sh*t. Research in what? Present what? PhD in what?” It’s your prerogative to believe me or not. I’m not going to disclose too much information since it would give away my identity (e.g., by university web pages). I can tell you that I teach quantitative methods (statistics) and research methods to both graduate (PhD) students and undergraduates at a large university.

  37. 94


    You asked what my comment, “I’m not sure why this is such a complicated concept for you guys, given my freshman stats and research methods students typically pick it up pretty fast, but YOU CAN’T PROVE A NULL FINDING!!!!!!!!!!”, has to do with anything (in the context of the discussion, of course)?

    I thought it was fairly obvious, but I’ll go ahead and spell it out for you. Something can be either true or not true (null). In science we test null hypotheses (hypotheses that suggest there is no finding or no effect) and either reject them or fail to reject them. You would never accept a null hypothesis because you cannot prove a null finding. Previously, I gave the example of bigfoot. I’ll try again. Some people believe that there is a large ape like creature that lives in North America. Others believe there is no such thing (i.e., the null hypothesis). It is impossible to prove bigfoot does not exist because someone can always argue that he just hasn’t been found yet. Bigfoot, in this example, is analogous to Auburn not cheating, in the context of this discussion. There is no way for Auburn to prove they didn’t cheat because someone can always argue that the NCAA has not looked hard enough. For that matter, NO university can prove they have not cheated because it is impossible to prove the null. At best, one can only fail to reject the null hypothesis (in this case, AU did not cheat) because there is not evidence to support the alternative hypothesis (e.g., AU cheated).

    In other words, every time you guys argue that AU has not proven they are innocent, you are demonstrating your fundamental lack of rational thought and comprehension of a basic tenant of science.

    I hope this explanation helps. School is now dismissed.

  38. 98

    cecil newton got a truck and more …cam got a scooter and more per facebook postings of jan 2010….au made it rain on cecil newton

  39. 99

    cam cleared in the oj casey anthony amanda knox tradition ….but the ncaa says if they get more evidence they will reopen investigation

  40. 100
    Thomas Fowler

    As an Auburn fan, I would like to thank the writer for a great article. For those of you who would like to, go to, and read the articles about the” Curious case of Cam Newton parts 1-4.” It describes in details all the lies about us in the Cam Newton case. I know most of you won’t want to, but you need to read the article about the Carolina Panthers GM in regards to Florida and Cam Newton. It proves what the writer of this article says about Urban Meyer( I know Bama fans don’t think too highly of him either.) By the way, ya’ll were right about him being a scumbag. Once again, thanks for the article. Would wish you luck against Ole Miss, but know you won’t need it.

  41. 104

    Sorry FYI but this is college football not rocket science. Here we don’t decide not to fly to Saturn because the available info to plot an accurate trajectory is (null), unprovable or unverifiable. On here when a school looks like it’s cheating, it usually is. And if 60% of the country thinks the NCAA is full of shyt with their findings, then for all intents and purposes there’s something rotten in Denmark. We all know the NCAA never want’s to admit they were wrong. Whether this is from an oversized ego or because making mistakes would weaken their power of absoluteness with their sanctions, who knows. We do know that when Alabama kicked their azzes in court it began a phucking 15 year witch hunt against us. They phucked up when they kissed the SEC’s and BCS’s azzes and played that one day phucking suspension game with Scam. Now it’s real damn funny how not one person in this country except Barnturd fans believe Scumbutt didn’t know. And real damn funny that the NCAA couldn’t come up with one shred of evidence in a year of investigating. Especially since this is no NULL issue. It’s a phucking FACT that he knew, thereby making him ineligible.

  42. 105


    Please provide evidence that it’s “a phucking fact that he knew.” the opinions of message board bloggers does not, in any way imaginable, qualify as evidence of a fact. I’ll also be sure to keep your low threshold of evidence if these rumors about Bama cheating gain traction. Otherwise, how about we agree to move forward and talk about football.

  43. 107

    I have ESP! Bwaa haww haww! There were witnesses at Mississippi St who talked to him and he knew what was going down. That the NCAA in their omnipotent way decided to ignore what they were told simply because tapes supposedly couldn’t be produced does not in any way mean that it wasn’t true. If this were a court of law, testimony from first hand witnesses would be perfectly acceptable. But like you said let’s get on with football. I have been checking the stock market and the price of chickens is going up because of an impending shortage. Apparently millions of Barnturd and Corndog fans are sacrificing chickens at an alarming rate in hopes that they can get help for LSWho to beat Bama. Don’t think it is going to work though ’cause Thor and Zeus are on our side. They wear #3 and #41 respectively. Bwaa haww haww! RTR!

  44. 109

    Cam is not the franchise player that many people thought he would be.

    He’s thrown for 400 yards in a few games but what does that matter if you lose?

    The one game Carolina won he threw for 150 yards.

    Carolina’s record stands at 1-5.

    What would be their record if Cam was not playing?

    Probably 1-5.

    • 112

      That’s what I thought.

      I mean the Capstone has always been the first place to field even the most minor and outrageous unsubstantiated claims against Auburn; it is the place where most of the negative rumors against Auburn are born. This is the absolute LAST place on the internet I would expect to find an article like this, speaking positively about Auburn. So I too am very skeptical of the genuineness of this article.

      If it is satire though, he just ripped the entire SEC, the south, and conservatives a new one. And I don’t think that would sit well here on this website considering the vast majority of Alabama fans are southerners, conservatives, and proud supporters of the SEC.

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