Alabama Football: Nick Saban speaks on media policies, player injuries and Alabama’s poise

Alabama Crimson Tide Coach Nick Saban promised he would not go Steve Spurrier on the press, but the Alabama football coach delivered a strong statement for anyone questioning his media policies.

This warning stemmed from a query about press availability of Alabama’s quarterback.

Specifically, Saban was asked why quarterback A.J. McCarron was not made available on a regular basis to speak with the press. Saban said he wants what is best for the team and the development of McCarron as a football player. One element of this is to “minimize what he has to worry about. …This is an area we will consider on a week-by-week basis.”

Saban said he was not “trying to penalize” the press.

However, Saban threatened the media that if they asked more questions on McCarron’s media availability, it would likely result in less of a chance of getting to interview the quarterback. However, Saban promised he would not go Steve Spurrier on the assembled press, but added it would be best to “let sleeping dogs lie.”

Getting ready for Ole Miss
“It is going to take one of our best efforts,” Saban said of Alabama’s game against Ole Miss.

Fortunately, Alabama has performed well in road games with wins at Penn State and Florida. Saban said the Alabama team had shown poise on the road.

“From a poise standpoint really did a good job. We had to overcome adversity in the first game in terms of the atmosphere and environment, and we had to do the same thing in the Florida game, didn’t get off to a good start, and overcame it. (Alabama) took a couple of punches and just kept on fighting.”

Saban praised Ole Miss Coach Houston Nutt. Saban said he “has the utmost respect for Houston Nutt as a coach.”

“I feel like (Houston Nutt) is one of the best coaches in the league in terms of how his team’s play,” Saban said. Also, Saban said it is difficult to prepare for Nutt’s teams, and Nutt consistently gets the most out of his players. Saban said this was something he has observed over many years of coaching in the SEC West.

Alabama Injury Update
Injured Alabama football player C.J. Mosley practiced along with Chris Jordan and injured running back Eddie Lacy practiced “some,” according to Alabama football coach Nick Saban.

Another bit of injury news involved Dee Hart. Saban said Hart “was at the point in his rehab that he can do some football related stuff.” However, Saban said Hart was not ready for contact.