Alabama’s Nick Saban plans to be coaching the Tide until retirement

VIDEO: Alabama’s Nick Saban speaks to press about Ole Miss, Marquis Maze & more. Click play above or read a brief summary:
Alabama Football Coach Nick Saban said he plans to continue coaching at Alabama until retirement. “When I came here, I came here with the idea I’d be here for the rest of my career,” Saban said.

The Alabama football coach admitted that some of his earlier moves were bad choices. Saban did not say it, but the obvious inference being his move from LSU to the NFL.

“As long as I feel healthy and excited about coaching and teaching and being around players, I’d like to stay here (at Alabama) for as long as I could,” Saban said.

Alabama Crimson Tide Coach Nick Saban spoke about his team’s preparation for its Saturday game against Ole Miss. Saban said the team has “bounced back well” in practice this week after playing Vanderbilt last week.

When asked to talk about Marquis Maze, Saban said that the team tries to use Marquis Maze’s skills to their fullest. Saban said, “He (Maze) has a little bit of running back in him with really good running skills. He is a good receiver. He has good speed.” Saban concluded by noting how Maze has become one of the productive members of Alabama’s offense this season.

Saban praised the work of DeQuan Menzie on defense. Saban said “he has been a real positive for us.”