Garcia out: Auburn catches another break

In the seemingly never ending saga of breaks, the Auburn University football program has caught yet another one.

Today South Carolina head coach Steve Spurrier dismissed starting quarterback Stephen Garcia for the seventh and final time.

You heard that right people. The Gamecock QB had been suspended six times prior to this dismissal, and had been kicked off the team at least once before.

But before South Carolina got the mess fixed, Auburn got to inherit the turmoil taking place across the field from them on October 1, putting the game on a lower shelf that they could reach.

Now I’m no football guru, but don’t you want your quarterback to be a leader? Like, a leader that doesn’t find himself dismissed from the team half a dozen times…the team he’s supposed to be leading?

Auburn’s 2011 football team sucks. And as bad as their team is as a whole, their defense is even worse. A team with a marginally talented quarterback can shred their pitiful defensive unit.

Only Auburn can find itself lucky enough to face a legendary head coach three times in two years who is in the midst of mental diarhea. “Darth Visor” was once feared. Now he’s a laughing stock, a shell of himself.

Steve Spurrier would’ve never put up with the nonesense he has put on full public display the last three years with Stephen Garcia. He has compromised his principles and tipped his hand, telling the world that he just doesn’t have the goods anymore to produce a quality quarterback within his system.

And on this year’s roster, mind you, he had seven from which to choose.

Two weeks ago Auburn faced the Gamecocks in Columbia where Garcia continued to vomit all over himself in front of the home crowd. It’s a bold statement saying your quarterback can throw it in the dirt and miss open receivers better than Barrett Trotter, but South Carolina could definitely do so that day.

Last Saturday, Garcia’s back-up Connor Shaw performed “admirably”, if you want to put it that way. Though the competition was only Kentucky, Shaw went 26 for 39 for 311 yards and 4 touchdowns.

It was only against Kentucky, yes, but Stephen Garcia can only achieve those numbers on an XBOX.

Interesting that South Carolina finds the answer one week after playing Auburn. How many times have we read that script?

And, in keeping with the Auburn script, the Tiggers get Florida at home facing a Gator team that, thanks to Alabama, has no answer at quarterback.

Only in Auburn.

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  1. 9

    Even a one toothed Barnturd Mullet would have to find this thread unacceptably offensive and once again label you Aubsessed. However, I think you picked a good time to post it as I doubt there are any Awbies with balls big enough or self respect low enough to be here and read it much less announce his presence and post about it. Baa haww haww! RTR!

  2. 10

    Alabama is #2 in the nation and weeks away from the biggest regular season game in SEC history. Who cares about Auburn?

    • 11

      Those who understand their fanbase and supporters are devoted to creating havoc and taking down the University of Alabama. A.K.A., the T-Town Menswear story, the Gadsden Dodge Charger story, the “envelope” delivered to the Finebaum Show…

      …do I need to go on?

      “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.”

      It’s not that hard to understand.

      • 12

        So you’re basically being just as obsessed with them as we say they are about us. We’re the ones who latched onto Danny Sheridan, Scott Moore, and other rumors of the Barn Burning.

        Keep thinking you’re somehow above them even though you’re acting just as petty as they are.

        • 13

          Not really. But when the nose on my face is two inches from my eyes, I don’t see the need to pretend like it isn’t there.

          Their luck in the QB dept. will earn them two wins they shouldn’t have, over USCe and UF. Sorry, but that’s relevant.

          I’ll try to dial up an Alabama volleyball story for you. Hang on…

  3. 14

    Well, it is pretty funny. That South Carolina win is likely the peak of Auburns season this year. But hey, according to FYI they all told us that this was about the way they thought the season was going to play out, but hey, they will be better next year!

  4. 15

    Big surprise, another petty post. Yawn. I guess AU “catching a break” with USC is kinda like Bama catching a break with injured quarterbacks at Texas and Florida. If AU can’t feel good about beating SC with Garcia, Bama sure as heck shouldn’t feel good about beating Texas without McCoy, or UF without Brantley.

    • 16

      FYI, big difference between Bama injuring the Texas and Florida QB’s, thus creating their own “luck” and Auburn inheriting injured or debilated quarterbacks handed over to them by other teams.

      But I wouldn’t expect you to be able to see it. Now go feed your unicorn.

      • 17
        The Flash

        Whether “you injured them” or not bottom line is you played and beat them without their quaterback. Injuries happen in games sometimes by just the freak way a player my fall on his leg or ankle. Neither of the hits that injured the Floridia quaterbacks or the Texas QB were particularly hard or ferocious hits. I know with the Florida QB’s the injuries were caused by how the player fell awardly. But the way the Bammers have been on here actually bragging about injuring the other teams quaterbacks, they seem to be claiming that it was their intent to injure the other player. All I can say to that is Karma is a bitch and should it turn on McCarron, I won’t say he deserves it, but the bammer fans will. And you can bet if they lose a game because of it, they will be the first ones wining and making excuses.

        • 18

          I don’t think no one (at Bama) has intentionally tried to hurt a QB, though there is some debate that Auburn tried to last season with Farley, and intentionally tried to hurt the LSU defensive lineman one year under Tuberville. So FYI should feel really happy about that legacy.

          But Flash is right, on the bottom line, you get beat or you win with the players you have. Last season, Bama had injuries to Upshaw, B. Jones, Richardson, Ingram, and several other players. No excuses, Bama lost only three games with all the players having to play new roles, but they became better this season for it.

          The rest of that sh!t about Karma and all, well, that is what this season is all about for Bama.

    • 19

      It is a huge break. The difference is Bama softened up the opponents for Auburn. I.e. Bama took a national power and turned it into a cream puff. Now Gene, Gus and co. will reap the benefits of a helluva a lot easier opponent.

    • 21

      Kc, reasoning with FYI is like trying to explain to Hillary Clinton years ago that her plan for financial restructuring for housing would create the mess we’re in today. Both are ignorant neophytes.

  5. 22

    FYI- I’ve already told you numerous times to STOP defending AU. Those sons of bitches aren’t worth it. How many times do I need to keep repeating it?

  6. 24

    No it’s not luck you stupid Son Of A Bitch! It was a great dedfense in both games getting to a QB over and over again until luck finally runs out on him! Bama put several QB’s out in ’09 too. McCoy was a running QB but he wasn’t big tough and strong like Tebow. It was inevitable that he would get phucked up if he contunued to run against Bama’s D. If a QB is not tough enough to take it for 14 games or his teams not good enough to protect him against any defense, then the real truth is that team just is not championship quality. A championship team has an adequate replacement at every position. So Bama didn’t win because they put the QB out. Texas and Florida lost because they weren’t good enough or deep enough to take Bama’s punishment. Truth is they couldn’t have won without injuries. And you stupid POS nobody here bragged about hurting a QB. You spin everything assbackwards to fit your arguement. The past few days there’s been so much of your bulshyt to refute that I haven’t had time to phuck with it. RTR!

    • 25
      The Flash

      Crimsonite you’re nothing but a foul mouthed inbred redneck with the intelligence of a rock. I feel sorry for your family, friend and people who have to work with you, that is if you have any family (I pray you have no kids), friends or even work for a living. What a piss poor example of a human being you exhibit everytime you post here. I’m guessing your Harvey Updykes brother.

    • 26
      The Flash

      Crimsonite says nobody bragged about hurting a QB and that I spinn everything assbackwards, well you read the post below and decide for yourself.

      October 9, 2011 at 12:18 pm # Bama beat them pretty badly, and took out their first two QBs and softened them up for you guys. As a matter of fact, Bama has knocked out the opposing QB an awful lot this year. In just about every game

      I could be wrong but that post by Brando sounds like bragging.

      • 27

        Nope, there you go putting words in my mouth. I was showing a point that Bama is getting after the QB this year. I don’t think they are trying to intentionally hurt the QB, but I don’t see any problem with them knocking the hell out of the QB every play. So you are wrong, once again.

        • 28
          The Flash

          How can you say I put words in your mouth, when those are you exact words copied directly from your post. You may aruge that you weren’t bragging, but you can’t say I put words in your mouth! It appeard to me you were bragging at the time you posted that. I’ll let YOUR words speak for themselves.

  7. 30

    LOL!! In one thread you guys have yet again revealed how absolutely hypocritical you are. Let’s take it one point at a time:

    1. Crimsonite first argues that Auburn fans don’t have the courage to visit this site following our recent loss. The direct quote was, “However, I think you picked a good time to post it as I doubt there are any Awbies with balls big enough or self respect low enough to be here and read it much less announce his presence and post about it.” Yet, just 4 hours later he states, “The past few days there’s been so much of your bulshyt to refute that I haven’t had time to phuck with it.” Make up your mind and at least attempt to be consistent. LOL!

    2. Not bragging about injuring quarterbacks??? ITK commented, “FYI, big difference between Bama injuring the Texas and Florida QB’s, thus creating their own “luck”…” That sure sounds like boasting to me.

    3. I find it absolutely comical that all we heard last year was about how AU was dirty because all these quarterbacks were being injured. Yet, not you guys

    • 31

      Watching the tape, none of the QB’s we’ve injured were dirty hits.

      It takes homerism to the next level to not being able to admit that what Fairley was doing all season last year was the lowest of low.

      But then, you think Cam came to Auburn for free. So what then would we expect from you?

  8. 33

    oops… accidentally pushed the submit button…

    3. It’s pretty comical that you guys went on and on about how AU was dirty last year because all these quarterbacks were getting injured, yet now you make comments like, “No it’s not luck you stupid Son Of A Bitch! It was a great dedfense in both games getting to a QB over and over again until luck finally runs out on him!” In other words, if AU plays makes a play and the QB is injured, it was dirty. If UA makes a play, it demonstrates their dominant defense.

    The thing I will just never understand is why you guys feel compelled to go to such great lengths to discredit anything good that AU does, when UA clearly has a great team this year and history of great success. You guys are absolutely pathetic…. but it sure is fun watching you guys make complete fools of yourselves.

    • 34

      Well, FYI, a few points:

      1. Have you noticed? All your Auburn brothers have vacated this place, (Only to be replaced by even more obnoxious LSU fans lol) and you are the only one left.

      2. Compare how many late hit penalties Auburn had last year to Bama. Nick Farley was a late hitting, cheap shot player last year, but he was good enough he didn’t have to be dirty about it, but he admitted that he just enjoyed being a thug about it. Bamas linebackers this year should show you how you can be dominate, without the thuggery.

      3. I thought Malzahn was a great play caller and would take Trotter and make him a first team SEC quarterback. What happened to that theory? And whats up with the Flash Cards on the sideline with the big Cam head on it? Weird.

      4. The difference between Bama vs. Texas and AU vs. SC: The Auburn-SC game was definitely not a national championship game, and BOTH teams looked like very bad teams. It was a sloppy game on both sides, full of penalties. One of the ugliest games of the year.

      5. Ass-Whoopin day is still 11-26, rain or shine.

  9. 35

    Well FYI you and one post by another Awbie are all that came on here, so I guess my point was made. Also, the reference to not having time to deal with all the bullshyt was dfirected at that dumbazz Corndog Flash and the other random Corndog posters. You sound as retared as Flash now, but then again there’s not a dimes worth of difference between an Orange Tiger and a Purrple Tiger. However, there’s a hell ofa lot of difference between playing clean hard hitting football that unfortunately sometimes results in injuries, even your own athletes (against Arky, Barron almost took out Kirpatrick) and play dirty with the intention to do whatever it takes to maime someone, such as punting a helmetless man in the head while he’s on the ground. A good hard hit doesn’t cause the entire offendsive team to pile on top of you and beat the shit out of you for trying to maime their QB like Georgia did to Fartley. I don’t seem to remember any of that shit happening after the injuries to McCoy, Brantley or Driscol.

  10. 36

    And there has never been an Alabama player flagged by the officials for a personal foul while he was standing there doing nothing so as to warn him they wouldn’t put up with his shyt like they did to that POS Fartley. Like I said, you’re spinning shyt assbackwards to make bullshyt points, just like Flash.

  11. 37




    • 39
      The Flash

      RC the school junior high kid that would R-rather C-cock.

      Who even uses the word homo anymore besides an imaturer kid.

  12. 40

    Hilarious. FYI, don’t even respond. Just look at the lack of grammar, the anger, and the cursing. Man, UA must be a good place to learn. Oh wait, none of these losers go there! Lol how sad…

    • 41


      • 42
        The Flash

        RC October 12, 2011 at 5:44 am # HEY FLASH, THE FLAMING HOMO

        Reply The Flash October 12, 2011 at 6:29 am # RC the school junior high kid that would R-rather C-cock.
        Who even uses the word homo anymore besides an imaturer kid.

  13. 43

    “Imaturer”? Look at all your damn misspellings, boy? You are an LSU graduate? BULLSHIT! You are a fat, lazy Cajun who works on some Baton Rouge oil rig. Do you want me to purchase a speak and spell for you? How about Hooked on Phonics? First sentence: “The Flash is a H-O-M-O-S-E-X-U-A-L

    • 44
      The Flash

      I would rather need to inprove how to spell or type than
      R-ather C-ock! RC is a lonely H-O-M-O-S-E-X-U-A-L and a zoophile!

      • 45

        This post is embarrassing.

        “I would rather need to inprove how to spell or type than
        R-ather C-ock!” ?????????????????????????

        Flash, who is your favorite college football team? Please post this answer !!!

  14. 46

    Thanks for making my point fellas! It is remarkable that everything and anything involving Auburn is negative, and everything Bama is positive. Keep up the irrational posts fellas. LOL!!!

  15. 47

    The thing about it is — Spurrier would of never gave up his “values” at Floridumb — but he sold his soul to the football devil of win at all cost with a drunken, coke sniffin QB! Isn’t this like the 3rd time he’s been kicked off the team?

    Yeah I know — this one is final. lmfao!

  16. 48

    HA! The Flash, AKA Mr. Pretentious Intelligence, has now resorted to name calling, all the while misspelling everything except Homosexual. He must get called that a lot, because it’s the only thing he can spell right.

    • 49
      The Flash

      RC you’re a zoophile or zoosexual. I went and looked it up to make sure I didn’t spell it wrong for you!

      And I resorted to it because it seems to be the only thing you understand. You surely don’t understand college football. Although I bet you lust after a few of the teams mascots, such as Bevo.

  17. 50

    I sure hope that was chewing dip coming out of Les Miles during his press conference. The man does eat grass and its substances too, you know

  18. 51

    if au fans would rise up and get rid of the cheauting cultu
    re of dye and lowder maybe au would not be disgusting skank

  19. 54

    Here you redneck Bammer are …in the middle of a nice season and what is ITK doing? Instead of enjoying and discussing the season, he’s twisting any story he can to try and find another way to diss Auburn. Forget about Auburn you bozo and enjoy your season.

    Let it go….. let it go …..let go of the hatred …and your paranoia will soon subside.

    • 55

      We are enjoying our season, and your season as well. All is good for Bama fans right now. You guys just aren’t any fun anymore since the cammy juice ran out.

      • 56


    • 58

      Yeah that’s it. They cleared us but our cheating reaches even that level. Come on now….you guy’s aren’t that stupid. Wait….what am I saying, of course you are that stupid.

    • 59
      FBJ Lives

      LMMFAO So are most of you. Hey RSEE, tell us again about your sources and connections to the NCAA again. Funny as hell I tell ya…..BIATCH! HAHAHAHA CASE CLOSED!!!

  20. 61

    The NCAA cleared us…let me guess you’ll say something like this:
    “Pawwwl, I heard the bagman paid the NCAA to clear Auburn! Imma hang up and listen.”

    • 62

      At least you have SOMETHING to cheer about this season. Besides pulling against Bama every week, anyways. But congratulations on getting away with it! That was some mighty fine cheating you guys pulled off!

      • 63

        ^ HA! Was I right or was I right. I pull for my school because I attend it, not because my teeth are missing and I married my sister like you. War Eagle. Keep saying that we cheated and that you aren’t homers, it makes arguing with you easier than normal, which isn’t saying much.

      • 64

        You bigoted redneck. There are plenty of Auburn fans that don’t pull against Alabama. This blog has more biased hatred than the KKK does for black people.

      • 65
        FBJ Lives

        Thanks Brando, but I been telling you this for many many months now, but it’s all good. Now the NCAA can turn their attention to places that really need to be looked at, any suggestions?

      • 66

        WELCOME BACK AUBURN FANS! At least y’all have something to celebrate! Some good news to get your mind off of such a disappointing season! Now that all y’all are here, what do y’all think of Bama so far? That Malzahn offense is sure tearing it up this year isn’t it? I wouldn’t be surprised that Barrett Trotter breaks some records this season. Do you all think you have a shot at beating Florida? What about the week after that? Aren’t you all looking forward to the iron bowl this year as much as I am? It sure is good to see y’all! Glad y’all could make it back!

  21. 73

    Where is RC???

    Where is his buddy that promised?

    I’ll tell you where. He is headed to some REC meeting to try and formulate another strategy to sling more more BS about Auburn.

    Notice that ITK hasn’t posted yet? That’s because he’ dreaming up ways to spin this and feed you rednecks some more stuff to be angry about.

    Let’s see ..Auburn’s bagman paid the NCAA

    ..or Finebaum’s favorite: The NCAA and Slive would have been too embarassed if Cam got caught.

  22. 75

    Everybody go to the ITAT message board and look at the point and laugh thread…. You bammers are such morons. You dumb fucks look like fools just like the rest of CB world. Go Tigers War Eagle ….JH will be over capacity this wkend.

  23. 77

    I wonder what the NCAA definition of “High level burden of proof”?

    Oh well. I guess if Casey Anthony and OJ Simpson can get away with murder, then it shouldn’t be hard for Auburn to get away with paying some players…..

    Question… are all the NCAA investigations with Auburn over, or just the one involving CAM the SCAM?

    • 78

      The HBO one is over as well. How’s it feel to know that the curb stomping we gave you at home last year is legit?

      ***For future reference for the bammers***
      They must give out a paper telling you all what to say, because every response to this anywhere has the Casey and OJ remark in it. Originality would be nice. Thank you.

      • 79

        Didn’t realize a one point win was considered a “curb stomping”. Never mind, I forgot was dealing with Auburn logic.

        Thanks for the future reference….

        I guess I can “Google” other famous instances where someone, who was obviously guilty, was found innocent. Hopefully, that will fulfill your “originality” request.

        Congratulations, Auburn. And for future reference Aubies….This years Iron Bowl will probably change your definition of a “curb stomping”. 36 – 0 will look like a close game after this year.

        Roll Tide! 13 (about to be 14) Legitimate National Championships. And 22 SEC Titles. Damn it hurts to be this good !

      • 82

        Hang on to that win, cult member! It will likely be the last one you get for awhile! 36-0 is a curb stomping, a 1-point win is a very close call, but whatever you say, bro! Come back here 11-27 and talk that crap. Your team went from first to worst quicker than anyone ever has. Congratulations on that!

  24. 83




  25. 85

    Just the facts!
    Auburn cleared today FACT
    Cam Newton cleared FACT
    No NCAA violations found DOUBLE FACT
    HBO 4 found to be bogus FACT
    Trent’s car paid for by Bama booster FACT
    Lots of free suits from Bama booster FACT
    NCAA taking short drive to Ttown Uh oh FACT
    Probation for Bama not Auburn FACT
    LSU 56 Alabama 0 TRIPLE FACT
    No more national championships FACT
    Saban to Philadelphia Eagles FACT
    Auburn 38 Alabama 3 FACT
    Capstone Report writers heading for the hills FACT
    Spouted bogus garbage for a year on AU FACT
    Shane is an idiot FACT
    Always the most accurate and objective FACTS

    • 86

      This dude needs to know the definition of what a FACT is…..

      Bama 36 Auburn 0 is a FACT because it actually happened.

      Auburn 38 Bama 3 is equal to a fantasy, like Pat Dye is sober and Unicorns exist, Chizik has teeth, and Trooper isn’t a thug.

  26. 89


    what have you said that indicates your knowledgeable on college football? Alabama leads the overall LSU series 44-25 or somesuch. BTW, dufus, buy a dictionary or speak and spell and get back on your oil rig you Cajun trash

    • 90
      The Flash


      So Alabama was better than LSU along time ago, if you are that old enjoy your memories, but LSU is 8-3 over the last 11 years, including last year’s beating, which is a lot more relevant to the programs today!

  27. 91

    To all the Auburn fans:

    although it doesn’t bother me personally because I actually paid my whole way through UA, I know for a FACT MOST AU fans did NOT GRADUATE from Au. Staking a connection through a family member IS NOT a connection you toothless, white trash inbreds. As FLASH the Flaming Pedophile would say, Have a good day!

    • 92

      Auburn is paying me to go here. Stake that to your family kid. My engineering degree will be worth more than a piece of toilet paper, unlike one from “that other school”.

      • 93

        From reading your post Lol, I’ve come to this conclusion…..


        Well, we are talking about Auburn. That would explain how all their fans are alumni……

        • 94

          Let’s name the reasons why I shouldn’t have a scholarship:
          Thankfully they don’t give them out based on the rantings of delusional toothless inbreds like yourself.
          See last post, I really don’t have much to respond to. It’s all senseless drivel.

    • 95


      I live in Georgia. We have 2 Bama fan households and 4 Auburn fan households in our neighborhood. None of the Bama households have college degrees. The Auburn households have 7 Auburn degrees and 12 folks total with degrees. My UGA and Tenn neighbors won’t have anything to do with the Bama folks.

      I see from your grammer that you really learned a lot at Bama.

      • 96

        Well, that settles it. According to Auburn Logic, all Bama fans have no college degrees.

        Why do Auburn fans use this tired argument. What does it matter.

        Hoopie, please explain why it matters if a Bama fan has a college degree or not? What does this matter to Auburn fans so much?

        • 97

          I was talking to RC because he claimed that Auburn fans don’t have degrees.

          Go ask RC that question …he brought up the subject.

          Please use that UAT edumacation to try and keep up.

    • 99

      Its okay, we’ll just take it out on your team in the Iron Bowl. Just let us know how you would like that ass kicked.

      • 100

        We aren’t any good, but even if our team was dead it still has the chance to go either way. If you don’t think so, then you haven’t seen many Iron Bowls. If I was bama, I wouldn’t be counting any chickens just yet. Considering your offense has been tested by Kent state, penn state, north texas, and Arkansas, I wouldn’t be counting on a title just yet. Let’s be real. Either way though, I don’t care. Go on, win another one. Good for you guys, I’ll still be War Eagling my way around campus and cheering my team on even if we go 4-40.

  28. 102

    LOL @ lol, typical cult member brainwashing. Nobody in the business world seriously respects Auburn University, although they do have a second-tier engineering school. At least the space program is on hiatus so no more shuttles will be blown up due to faulty design. BTW, lol, UA is ranked ahead of AU in the World Business Report list of public Universities for 2011. UA 75th, AU 82nd. Keep drinking your orange and blue kool-aid you good little hay seed cult member

    • 103

      ^second-teir school. Right. Let me guess, you feel that way and you said so, so it must be right. Good response. As much as you say homers, brainwashing, koolaid, roll tide, etc, it doesn’t make it true. Seriously you guys are hilarious.

  29. 104

    Whore Eagle,

    According to these inbred, fake Christians like Hoopie and the rest of the jihad cult members, a 1-point victory over a 3-loss team is an ass kicking?

    • 105

      Yes, apparently a 1 point victory is now considered a “curb stomping”.

      Remember how we “barely” beat Auburn in the 09 IB? We beat them by more than 1 point, but it wasn’t a “curb stomping”.

      Hey, Lol! We need you to explain what a “curb stomping” is again. I think we are confused. What would you call a 36 point win? Is it the same as a 1 point win and would also be considered a “curb stomping”?

  30. 106


    I believe that bullshit story as much as Cam Newton is innocent or Gene Chizik has a conscience. Even if the story is true, you are projecting what you see across an entire group of people. Kind of like I do with AU fans. Every AU fan that I have EVER met are lying, sack of shit, church attending, OLD SOUTH, RACIST hypocrites. It seems you fall into this category as well. GROW UP, you hypocrite. That story is a lie in regards to your neighborhood, like every other malicious lie spewed out by your hate mongering, little sister fanbase. You are not a Christian, nor are any of your white trash fellow Auburn family members. Branch outside your “neighborhood” every once in awhile you two-bit phony

    • 107

      One of the Bammers is an equipment salesman. his daughter attends Auburn, but she doesn’t have a degree yet.

      The other Bammer is a wealthy, hippie, loser trust fund kid case that moved here from California. Once he moved here he changed from USC to Bama because they are on TV a lot. He never graduated ..does too many drugs.

      AU family number one (mine) I have an AU degree (building construction) and my wife has AU a BS and MS in Landscape Architecture. My daughter is a nurse and graduated from Ga Southern.

      AU family #2. Man and son both graduated from AU. Wife and daughter both graduated from UGA.

      AU family number 3. Wife and Husband both graduated from AU. Kids aren’t old enough.

      AU family #4-Wife graduated from AU. Husband from UNC and oldest son from GT.

      I’m sure you don’t believe me but ….that’s nothing new.

  31. 110

    Whore Eagle,

    I graduated from UA, and I have been to both SEC stadiums and other conferences. GA Tech is the only school besides AU that makes those claims of a large alumni fanbase. No other school does this nor cares because they know it’s a big lie. Auburn would not fill up their 85,000 seat stadium if only alumni attended. That claim that they only have alumni as fans is insane. They are not Vandy or Northwestern. That pile of garbage began during the Shug Jordan years when Coach Bryant was taking away his manhood annually. It has been passed on to the Auburn kids although a great deal of them now attend the University of Alabama. Shug needed something to hold onto while AU fans pride was taken away from them. Look at all the cult member responses over the years and even responses to this post for proof!

    I know AU fans do not represent true Christians. If they did, I would take my chances elsewhere

    • 111

      I’m just trying to figure out how a Bama fan that didn’t graduate from UA somehow makes that person less of a fan.

      But, according to Auburn logic, every game day at JH all 85,000 are Auburn alumni.

      Except a couple of times a year. My brother-in-law is an Auburn fan and he didn’t graduate from that school. He goes to a couple of games down there, so in those cases only 84,999 are alumni.

  32. 112

    FBJ Lives,

    Trooper’s recruiting practices under investigation, just sayin. A 1-point victory over a 3-loss team a curb stomping? Hmm. Whatever you white trash cult member. NO BALLS

  33. 113

    Whore Eagle,

    it’s all a bunch of shit. Notice that fake Christian Hoopie didn’t respond. My next door neighbor is an Auburn fan and when I asked him if he went to Auburn, he said no and kind of got defensive. However, people like Hoopie will condemn others on here then try to spread the Gospel of Jesus.

  34. 115

    I’m now an Auburn alumni!!! I just open a box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch and it had an Auburn degree inside !!!

    I’m now the proud owner of a B.S. in Socialogy !!!

    I will use it to get a job to be Pat Dye’s case worker. Or his AA sponsor. Which pays more?

  35. 116

    Want to ask this question of Flash, again…

    This post is embarrassing.

    “I would rather need to inprove how to spell or type than
    R-ather C-ock!” ?????????????????????????

    Flash, who is your favorite college football team? Please post this answer !!!

    • 117
      The Flash

      I don’t normally talk to whores but I’ll explain that post to you and give you the benefit of the doubt that you didn’t know what RC’s initials stand for.

      RC (short for Rather Cock) was having a hard time comprehending the beat down I was giving him because I had mispelled/mistyped a word. He said I needed to learn how to spell. I repsonded that I would rather need to improve my spelling than Rather Cock like he does.

      My favorite college football team is any team that beats Alabama. Last year I had three favorite teams.

      Who’s your favorite college football team? Please post this answer!!!

      • 118

        Easy….Alabama, of course.

        BTW, you need to come up with another nickname for RC. The “Rather Cock” is stupid and really and truly makes no sense. Sounds like something a 14 year old would make up.

        Are you 14?

        • 119
          The Flash

          Have you read any of RC’s post? If it sounds like something a 14 year old would understand then I almost accomplished my goal. You see RC post things as if he is a 12 year old, that’s what I thought, I even asked him if he was 12, so I had to post something on his level that he would understand and if you thought it sounded like a 14 year old then I almost hit the nail on the head. Thanks.

  36. 120

    Well, the bama fans can use caps lock and call us names so they must be intelligent and right. However, at Auburn we don’t put things like THIS in our newspaper. At least we have editors who can read and people who can coherently write. Although considering it is UA, I don’t know why I’m surprised. The entire Auburn student body had a good laugh over this one. For the record, a student going to UA sent me the link, in shame.

  37. 121

    LOL I’ve seen every Iron bowl for fifty years and not only is it my opinion but it is a statistical fact that 9 out of 10 Iron Bowls are won by the favored team. So you can kiss your azz goodby since there aren’t many IB’s where one team will be favored by as much as Bama will be this year. And it’s like I said nearly a year ago, it doesn’t matter if Auburn actually paid Scam or not. all that is necessary to disqualify him is for him to know that his father was shopping him. And there is your phucking free ticket out of the mess. Nobody can prove that he knew. But the motherphucker knew and even you bastards know that he knew. So don’t come on here with your phucking pious horseshyt like you’re all gaddamn squeeky clean. Just go sacrifice another damn chicken to Beelzebub and thank your lucky stars you slid out of this one. RTR!

    • 122

      ^LOL at this kid. Look how angry he is.
      Hey Crimsonite….your tears sustain me.

      You guys are the easiest troll ever.

  38. 123

    Lol, seriously, you are quoting a joke article as evidence of what? Every fucking paper has them you hypocritical dumb ass! EVERY paper. Ever heard of Lewis Grizzard? Why of course not! You are the typical Auburn University cult member. Go worship a tree little one

    • 124

      Considering most of the university let her have it and was ashamed of the article, I’d say you’re on the fringe. Read the comments lol. Either way, I don’t care. This place is full of homers. It’s like a trolls paradise. Like this:
      Bama sucks and the fans have no teeth. Also, they frequently have incest. Bear Bryant was a cheating drunk.
      (aaaaaand have at it)

      • 125

        And don’t forget, Cult Members! Ass-Whippin Day is 11-26! Hope y’all don’t mind if we roll us some trees down there on Harveys Corner this season.

  39. 127

    The Flash

    That makes sense only to the filfthy white trash Cajuns in LOSERANA like yourself. Even the white trash AU fanbase won’t comment. So, you are proud of beating pitiful Tide teams with the exception of last year? Who coached LasSU in 4 of those? HMM DING Ding, SABAN. Miles beat 3 Shula teams in his 4 wins (2007 was mostly Shula boys).

    LOOK AT ALL yOUR POSTS DUMBASS. You misspell EVERYTHING you fucking retard

  40. 128


    YOU’RE a GD LIAR. Only the white trash AU inbreds and our resident Cajun Retard Flash believe that. Of course, there’s no way Flash went to LSU because with his spelling errors, I doubt he could pass a GED. I’m sure you’ll try to roll some tree when Saban dies you classless hypocrite. You’ll just spin it and say “it’s a God thing” or “Prrrraise Jesus” like the rest of your ilk

  41. 129

    Some of you Bama fellas need to step in and rescue RC. The guy just can’t let it go and starting to look desperately pathetic. “But… But… Trooper… Yeah, that’s it, Trooper is being investigated… You just wait. I may have been wrong about EVERY other prediction, but this one just has to be true.” LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If RC wasn’t such a belligerent jackass, I might even feel sorry for him.

  42. 130

    RC really needs to find better “sources”. You and DS must have been talking to the same idiot(s).

  43. 131

    What’s even more pathetic is how FYI and Capstoner are still surveying posts 130 posts in on a rival blog trying to defend a skank University and get the last word. Not going to happen. Trooper is being investigated, and that is being used against him in recruiting. Some recruits will change their mind and others are looking elsewhere:) Auburn fans, will it still be av”God thing?”

  44. 132

    “Somebody step in and stop RC from tarnishing Auburn’s good name!”- BWAHAHAHA

    next, he’ll be saying, “I have a right to defend sweet Auburn. It’s a God thing and my parents paid my full tuition to go there. I know I’m on a rival blog but please stop him.”

    another comeback will be, “Fine, keep posting and showing your Bammer class.”

    point is, YOUvARE ON A RIVAL BLOG DUMB ASSES. YOUR AUBURN U WILL CONTINUE TO BE INVESTIGATED BY OTHERS IF NOT BY THE NCAA. I sure hope none of your current players ever drop their guard

  45. 137

    Wow, steal my screen name… Very clever (yawn). BTW, there’s something very disturbing about the fact that you guys think it is funny to joke about pedophilia.

  46. 139


    It’s very Disturbing you guys call other names, lie, cheat, and steal, and then try to talk about Christianity

    THE FLASH–you’re still not making sense. Most of your posts are in desperate need of a spell check which tells me (and everyone else) that you have yet to reach puberty. Stop trying to get the last word, you won’t succeed. Be an adult

    • 140
      The Flash

      RC I’m sure if you really think I have yet to reach puberty then you’re probably having sexual fantasies about me while you touch yourself when you read my post, you ignorant inbred pervert!

  47. 141

    The Flash,

    who’s the pervert? I could never imagine posting something so vile, but I don’t expect anything different from some white trash Cajun. Get back on your oil rig boy

    • 142
      The Flash

      You are the pervert RC! I hate to even think about the things you probably inagine, whether you would post them or not. Nobody would expect anything different from an inbred redneck mullet wearing moron. Get back on your sister boy.

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