Garcia out: Auburn catches another break

In the seemingly never ending saga of breaks, the Auburn University football program has caught yet another one.

Today South Carolina head coach Steve Spurrier dismissed starting quarterback Stephen Garcia for the seventh and final time.

You heard that right people. The Gamecock QB had been suspended six times prior to this dismissal, and had been kicked off the team at least once before.

But before South Carolina got the mess fixed, Auburn got to inherit the turmoil taking place across the field from them on October 1, putting the game on a lower shelf that they could reach.

Now I’m no football guru, but don’t you want your quarterback to be a leader? Like, a leader that doesn’t find himself dismissed from the team half a dozen times…the team he’s supposed to be leading?

Auburn’s 2011 football team sucks. And as bad as their team is as a whole, their defense is even worse. A team with a marginally talented quarterback can shred their pitiful defensive unit.

Only Auburn can find itself lucky enough to face a legendary head coach three times in two years who is in the midst of mental diarhea. “Darth Visor” was once feared. Now he’s a laughing stock, a shell of himself.

Steve Spurrier would’ve never put up with the nonesense he has put on full public display the last three years with Stephen Garcia. He has compromised his principles and tipped his hand, telling the world that he just doesn’t have the goods anymore to produce a quality quarterback within his system.

And on this year’s roster, mind you, he had seven from which to choose.

Two weeks ago Auburn faced the Gamecocks in Columbia where Garcia continued to vomit all over himself in front of the home crowd. It’s a bold statement saying your quarterback can throw it in the dirt and miss open receivers better than Barrett Trotter, but South Carolina could definitely do so that day.

Last Saturday, Garcia’s back-up Connor Shaw performed “admirably”, if you want to put it that way. Though the competition was only Kentucky, Shaw went 26 for 39 for 311 yards and 4 touchdowns.

It was only against Kentucky, yes, but Stephen Garcia can only achieve those numbers on an XBOX.

Interesting that South Carolina finds the answer one week after playing Auburn. How many times have we read that script?

And, in keeping with the Auburn script, the Tiggers get Florida at home facing a Gator team that, thanks to Alabama, has no answer at quarterback.

Only in Auburn.

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