SEC Expansion: Big 12 has done little to inspire Missouri’s confidence

Just how bad are things between Missouri and the Big 12? There were some clues tonight in a report from the Kansas City Star that the conference did little to help Missouri when it came bowl time.

From the Kansas City Star, “Missouri, after beating Kansas in a matchup of unbeaten teams in the 2007 Border War football game at Arrowhead Stadium, was passed over by the Orange Bowl in favor of KU. Last year, despite beating Texas A&M, the Cotton Bowl invited the Aggies rather than Missouri. Also, in the opinion of MU officials, the Big 12 did not prevent Iowa State, another team MU had defeated, from being selected ahead of the Tigers in the bowl order as well.”

With every new piece of information revealed it is clear—the Big 12 must have been a miserable excuse for a conference.

With big dollars now on the line, the creation of an SEC Network looming and enormous distrust in the Big 12, will anything keep Missouri in the Big 12 and out of the SEC?

What is the next step if Missouri decides to bolt the Big 12? The Kansas City Star provides a possible outline for that.

The paper reported, “That next step toward the SEC, if it were to follow the scenario established when Texas A&M embarked on its move from the Big 12 to the SEC, could be Missouri formally notifying the Big 12 of its intention to leave.”