SEC Expansion: Big 12 has done little to inspire Missouri’s confidence

Just how bad are things between Missouri and the Big 12? There were some clues tonight in a report from the Kansas City Star that the conference did little to help Missouri when it came bowl time.

From the Kansas City Star, “Missouri, after beating Kansas in a matchup of unbeaten teams in the 2007 Border War football game at Arrowhead Stadium, was passed over by the Orange Bowl in favor of KU. Last year, despite beating Texas A&M, the Cotton Bowl invited the Aggies rather than Missouri. Also, in the opinion of MU officials, the Big 12 did not prevent Iowa State, another team MU had defeated, from being selected ahead of the Tigers in the bowl order as well.”

With every new piece of information revealed it is clear—the Big 12 must have been a miserable excuse for a conference.

With big dollars now on the line, the creation of an SEC Network looming and enormous distrust in the Big 12, will anything keep Missouri in the Big 12 and out of the SEC?

What is the next step if Missouri decides to bolt the Big 12? The Kansas City Star provides a possible outline for that.

The paper reported, “That next step toward the SEC, if it were to follow the scenario established when Texas A&M embarked on its move from the Big 12 to the SEC, could be Missouri formally notifying the Big 12 of its intention to leave.”


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    The Big 12 is a dysfunctional family. Total breakdown comes in a year or two when UT, TT, OU, and OSU are finally allowed to join the PAC, something UT and its tag-alongs have been trying to do for years.

    The SEC has stability, it’s the best athletic conference in the country, and it’s as good (if not better) academically as the Big 12.

    If offered, MU needs to accept the invitation from the SEC and never look back.

  2. 2

    why would any conference want mizzou,,they are pre Madonnas…cry when they dont get what they want..thats why the SEC or BIG 10 dont want them..Big 12 should dump them and go after WVU..Louisville and BYU..Get teams that appreciate the conference..

  3. 3

    I know what a prima donna is, but what is a “pre Madonna”? AND WHY ARE YOU SHOUTING? Are your pre Madonna panties a little too tight?

    • 4

      Matthew, a pre Madonna’s a Diana Ross, or a Whitney Houston, etc. There’s a whole slew of ’em out there, and, hey, some of ’em were pretty darn good, too. Now, for the post Madonnas, that’s a whole different story.

      • 5

        Prima Donna, not pre Madonna. Its an Italian opera term meaning first lady. ‘Pre Madonna’ would mean ‘before Madonna’.

  4. 6

    Hey I wish OU would’ve gone to SEC but that will never happen. Hate to see Mizzou go. Liked them as a Big 12 north team.

    • 7

      Nebraska leaves the Big 12, then Colorado, now Texas A&M, and maybe Mizzou. UT, TT, OU, and OSU tried to leave last year and again this year, until the PAC slammed the door. That’s 8 of what was a 12 team league just over a year ago. Hmm, wonder if there might be something wrong with the Big 12?

      Oh well, here comes another UT lapdog to grab one of those desirable vacant spots. (snicker) TCU wasn’t even allowed to be a UT tag-along years ago when UT deserted the SWC, so the Froggies are back once again to see if UT will let them tag along this time. (maybe now, but definitely not when UT goes to the PAC)

      And maybe, just maybe, there might be some other MWC teams who’d like to join the Big 12? Anybody? Please? No? Then maybe some of those football powerhouses in the crumbling Big East might be interested.

  5. 8

    now i know why the SEC did not vote MISS, to the conference..what do they bring no football no basketball..
    Missouri #10 25 34 59
    West Virginia #2 « 30 38 68
    Big 12 should kick em out……..SEC already did..LIKE LITTLE BITCHES THEY ARE……………..WHAAAAAAAA..

  6. 10
    Truth Detective

    The Big 12 has given Mizzou the cold shoulder because they are a lousy partner. They gave in to their “demands”, but they still are trying to get into the SEC, which isn’t doing cartwheels to get them in.

    Mizzou has lousy teams and lousy fans. No one cares what they do. Dump the bums.

    BYU, Louisville, and West Virginia will make great additons to the Big 12 and no one will even remember Mizzou was in the conference. They’ll be wallowing in the SEC muck with Arkansas and Texas A&M.

    Take a walk losers!

  7. 11
    S McCarty

    Nice to see all the Mizzou experts posting here. You are clueless. And you sound like idiots. Like the man said…8 of 12 teams looking elsewhere and ya wanna pin this on Missouri now? Get a grip.

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