VIDEO: Highlights of Arkansas-Auburn game

Watch these video highlights of Arkansas defeating Auburn.

Tyler Wilson continues to prove he is the best quarterback in the SEC. Watch these video highlights of Wilson leading the Arkansas Razorbacks to a big SEC West win over the Auburn Tigers.

Arkansas improves to 5-1 (1-1) on the season. Auburn falls to 4-2 (2-1) for the year.

Arkansas’ Wilson was 24-36 for 262 yards and two touchdowns. The Razorbacks posted 438 yards of total offense. This is really something when you look at the Arkansas team’s victory in Dallas last week—Wilson is making plays and taking hits. He is a legitimate quarterback with many great playmakers.

One other comment, Bobby Petrino knows offense. When Arkansas gets a defense that matches his offense, it will be something special.


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    I switched over to the Aubie game after Bama’s game and laughed my butt off. The barntarded clipboard holders were signaling in the plays using pictures of Cam Newton.Seriously, you can’t make this crap up. What page from the Gus coloring book does that come from?

  2. 5

    Yep, the Barnturds got punked big time. I see 6 losses. Too bad Spurrious didn’t switch to his new QB last week or they would be looking at 7 losses. This is the 2nd week in a row that some writer on this site has had a fetish to suck Tyler Wilsons dick. Dude, Awbie has one of the worst defenses in the SEC. Vandy’s defense is ranked #20. Compare McCarrons stats to Wilsons last night and tell me again who’s better. 4 td passes to 3. About the same number of passes thrown but AJ had a better completion percentage. The 5th game in a row with no Int’s. About the same passing yards. Plus AJ will get up in your face and he’s only a sophomore. Shades of Penn St he fired that td bomb through the eye of a needle to DeAndrew White. And for White to catch that invisible bullet was nothing less than simply amazing in itself!Take your QB fantasies for other teams somewhere else dude.

    • 8

      The entire Arkansas team can’t hold Courtney Upshaws jockstrap, but yet Arkansas beat the sh!t out of Auburn. Wait until the Iron Bowl.

      • 9
        DAMAGE INC.

        Lmao! Going to be lots of sad faces wearing orange and blue at the Iron Bowl this year bro (where’s the TrOoPeR towelz cuz?) — but thousands of Crimson fans will leave out of the one flashing yellow-light dump ass town of Aubarn/Opelika smiling in victory 🙂 RTR.

  3. 10

    Yep the mas exodus of Barnturd fans has been a pleasant experience. Gonna get booring around here though. Got a few Coonasses to keep things lively but that will only last 3 more weeks. What’s that old saying + The view from the top is a lonely one. RTR!

  4. 11

    I said 5 months ago we would be seeing less and less of the Barners. FYI wanted to argue with me. Not sure why some (most barners) are so stupid……..

  5. 13

    From the Gus Malzahn Crayola Collection

    “Playing Winning Offense” (completely illustrated)

    Hold up pic of Cam: QB fakes to RB and runs middle.
    helpful hint: Be like Cam.

    Hold up pic of Eagle: QB scrambles wildly behind line.
    helpful hint: Eagle vision is 10/10.

    Hold up pic of Fairly: RG and RT chopblock DT.
    helpful hint: Bonus pay for putting DT out of game.

    Hold up pic of Pat Dye: QB hands off to RB.RB runs right.
    helpful hint.Saggy pants are now a crime in Alabama.

    Hold up pick of Bo Jackson: RB goes left.Ball goes right.
    helpful hint: Bo knows opposites.

    Hold up pic of Lowder:QB hands off to RB middle.
    helpful hint: Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

    Hold up pic of Uncle Milty: Throw to WR.
    helpful hint: Bonus pay for TD’s only.

    Hold up pic of Pat Sullivan: Throw to TE.
    helpful hint: We wear the white helmets.

    Hold up pic of Roe-Lach: Gene pisses himself again and calls his last timeout. helpful hint: Contracts are negotiable.

  6. 14
    Phillip Marshall

    Hello Bammers. It is I, the lone scion of all things proper in the football world. Totally unbiased. I call ’em like I see ’em. Normally you would have to pay for my services. But today i will give you a freebie. (Please refrain from the Prostitute references.)
    The alleged loss to the Arkansas Razorbacks of this past weekend will be challenged. There is no legal way that the mighty fighting illustrious Auburn Tigers could have been beaten by a bunch of smelly, inbred, toothless pig farmers from some 3rd world state.
    At Auburn we pride ourselves on our Creed, on our fairness and most of all on our “Family*** values. We possess a moral compass that is unequaled simply because we are “Auburn Men”. Of course everyone knows that Auburn is the Harvard of the SEC so all of the above goes without saying. But still, I put it there to remind you. I am Phillip Marshall and i have creative journalistic license.
    Anyhoo Bamers, It is clear and evident that the referees where biased toward Arkansas in this game and i will give examples.
    Tyler whatshisname was clearly throwing illegal forward passes. the tape should be checked and it will prove that his everhand motion is totally unlike that of Barrett Trotter and therefore must be illegal.
    The Arkansas offense was using an illegal lubricant to assist them in breaking tackles.
    Incompetent referees…..Surely they would have to be incompetent if they could not see that the Auburn Juggernaut should be given the game just on sheer sportylookingness alone.
    I will be writing a letter to the NCAA concerning this horrible misjustice perpetrated against the Nobile Auburn Tigers BECAUSE much like the 2004 National Championship this game should be given to us simply because WE THiNK SO.


    Phillip Marshal
    Future Pulitzer and Nobel Prize Winner.

  7. 16
    Count Arthur Gustav Malzahn the III

    I am the mystic guru known as Gus. Phillip Marshall speaks truth. No one can match my mojo. Petrino is a JOKE! A JOKE I TELL YOU!!! I am Gus Malzhan the Sultan of sweeps, King of the Swing(Pass). The mighty Emporer of the 3rd down conversion!!!! WE GOT CHEATED!!! WE WERE CHEATED!!!!!
    I am better than Petrino!!!!!

  8. 17
    Gene Chizik

    I dont know too much, but I’m thinking this is not a God thing at all. We will have to go back and make some adjustments for the second half and see how it plays out. Nevermind that, Pat Dye just told me the game has been over for 2 days. Well… We will have to look at the film and make some adjustments and do some praying and such.

  9. 18

    I haven’t left… You guys just haven’t posted anything about AU in a while.

    Auburn looks about like the team that I expected. There is a lot of talent but they are clearly young and inexperienced. The loss of our two starting receivers sure didn’t help. Contrary to what you guys may think, I’ve seen some improvement and I am very optimistic about the future. Although we only have 6 total returning starters back this year, almost everyone will be back next year and will be bigger, stronger, and more experienced.

    With regards to Wilson and AJ: AJ is doing exactly what he needs to do to let Bama win, whereas Wilson is winning games.

    • 19

      haha the humbled FYI without the know-it-all smart ass remarks is such a puss! Wait……. the blow-hard FYI was too, now that I think about it, but anyways…it is called depth issues, and it was foretold by everyone but the cult members. Experience? Your defense has been an issue since Chizik got there. The only difference between this year and last year, is that if the defense can’t keep it close, you won’t be coming from behind. Just like we tried to tell you pre-season. And Bama is looking about as good as we predicted as well, and you missed that one too.

  10. 20


    “you haven’t been talking about Auburn in awhile so I haven’t been on here.” STOP worrying about what we think and for God’s sake STOP DEFENDING AUBURN. They are NOT worth it as you will see when the trashiness is exposed once the investigation(s) are concluded

  11. 21
    Tubbs Six Fingers

    You think that Les Than Mild practices Voodoo? LSWho has to be right up there with Awbie in the luck category, and we know CheezeDick sacrifices chickens. We crippled Florida for them and now Georgia has crippled Tennessee for them. Bray has a broken thumb and is out for 4 weeks. That will make two games in a row that they will face a team with no QB. Oh wait. They play Awbie after UcheaT so that will be three teams in a row with no QB! Bwaa haww haww! Hell, by the time they play us they’ll think McCarron is Tom Brady! Bwaa haww haww! RTR!

    • 22
      Les Miles

      I felt sad for florida. One more injury and they would have been pulling QBs out of the stands. Its a sad day when you wish the walk on scout team guy was dressed out.

  12. 23

    Opps! Forgot to change back my screen name above. Yeah, it’s sad when you have to burn a redshirt just to lose by 30. Wasn’t really neccessary either cause Trey Burton was moving the team better playing QB in the Wildcat and Driscoll will be back in a couple of weeks. And next week we get Tennessee without Bray and a chance to maime another teams offense. Ouch!

  13. 24
    Tubbs Six Fingers

    Agreed FYI, YOU never claimed Awbie would be great this year. But all of you ratturds at the Barn dissed us because of the IB and losing 3 games after winning the NC and saying you one upped us by matching what we did in ’09, etc, etc, etc. Well to match us then you have to get ranked #1 at some point this season and not lose more than 3 games. Oops! What’s more we lost 9 starters – 5 drafted by the Pros off that defense and last year we still ended up with the best defense of all the teams who played in a BCS conference. So what’s your youth excuse for your defense which is your weakest link now? Ya’ll have a lot of Crow to eat. Some of you – the ones who have disappeared, a lot more to eat than others. RTR!

  14. 25
    Tubbs Six Fingers

    And yes AJ is managing games where Wilson is winning them. Didn’t win the one that counted though did he. The QB doesn’t have to win games by himself when he is on a team as conplete as Alabama. Don’t kid yourself. Aj is held back by Saban, Alabama’s offensive style and the fact that we don’t have a Julio. The Carter bullshyt punked our passing game possibilities this year unless DeAndrew White continues his maturity pattern. He was absolutely awesome Saturday. Aj has as good an arm and better accuracy than any QB in the country. He just needs a few games more experience, the type of receivers Oky and Arky have, and to be turned loose with McElwains whole package. Like Saban said when he named the 3 best SEC QB’s – “I’ll stick with AJ”. RTR!

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