VIDEO: Alabama and Florida have very good special teams

Alabama and Florida have impressed with special teams play this season. Here are a few highlights of great plays made by Alabama and Florida this season:

In this video, Arkansas punter Breeding with a 42-yard punt, returned by Alabama’s Marquis Maze for an 83-yd touchdown. This is one of the best punt returns I’ve ever witnessed because of the discipline required by Maze and his blockers.

Discipline is the thing that stands out most about Alabama. The Crimson Tide plays smart football with very few penalties (12 penalties for the season) and takes advantage of every opportunity.

The best example of this is how the coaching staff noticed something about Arkansas’s punt coverage and decided they could exploit that during the second half.

According to’s report Nick Saban said, “”We’ve been hurting people with side returns. Then their guys started running to the side return. I told the guys at halftime, ‘Look, we’re going to block the same guys, just block them the other way and we’ll stick it right up the middle.”

And what makes this team special, the players executed it.

Marquis Maze did a masterful job looking for blockers and letting the blocks setup his race to the endzone. It was the best return I’ve seen because it required discipline. Discipline is the hallmark of this team.

In this video, Alabama shifted out of a field goal formation in an attempt to convert a fourth down. Alabama quarterback A.J. McCarron hits Michael Williams for a 37-yard touchdown pass.

In this video, Florida’s Chris Rainey blocks a Tennessee punt. As noted by the CBS broadcast team led by Verne Lundquist, this was Rainey’s fifth career punt block.

In this video, Florida blocks a punt against FAU and Chris Rainey scoops the ball up and runs it in for a touchdown.

In this video, Florida’s Andre Debose returns a kick for 50 yards.

Both Alabama and Florida have made big plays on special teams. Will it come into play Saturday night in the Swamp? It seems like a good bet.

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    Although I think FL is a good team and will present several significant challenges, all of these great plays have been against just absolutely crappy teams with no defense. Bama has made two fairly good teams look slow and predictable – the fake field goal was masterful in it’s execution and the guts of the actual call. The only real strength for FL Saturday night is that it is a home game. But Bama has beaten good FL teams at the swamp, at night, and when it counted. I think this sets up to look an awful lot like the ARK game. The difference is going to be maturity and discipline.

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