AUDIO: Alabama’s Nick Saban previews Florida Game

The Florida game will be a “real test and real challenge for us, but those kinds of things create opportunity,” Alabama football coach Nick Saban said during the weekly SEC Coaches’ Teleconference. Here are a few highlights, or you can listen to the teleconference or do both.

Saban talked about Florida’s passing game. Saban said the team has gotten the football to Florida’s two explosive running backs. Saban said the Florida passing game can stretch the field like the Gators did last week. Saban said Florida’s quarterback is more mature and playing with more confidence.

This Florida team is “significantly different” thant he Florida team that Alabama defeated last year in Tuscaloosa. Last year’s team was “more of a zone-read option” attack. This year’s Florida team is more pro-style, according to Saban. This difference included the running game and the passing game.

Saban talked about knowing Florida Coach Will Muschamp. Saban explained what stood out about Muschamp as a coach.

Saban reacted to the possibility of a 13-team SEC. Saban said he has not put much time into thinking about the schedule, but did say Alabama will make one trip to Texas to play Michigan in 2012.

Saban talked about the balance of power in the SEC—“I think our division is as strong as I ever remember it,” Saban said. “That is no disrespect to the other side as there are some very good teams on it…There are a lot of good teams in the SEC on both sides…anybody could win the SEC Championship.”

Dee Hart is “doing extremely well in his rehab,” Saban said. Saban said he it would be unlikely he could get back in time to play this season.