Now the Big 12 can get on to the really important work—Pleasing Texas

Big 12 leaders agreed to talk about a six-year grant of media rights.

It is important to note that they will pursue that course of action, and this agreement has not yet been reached. (Source).

But, this is real progress in the Big 12.

Now the conference leaders can move on to the really important decision—like what type of table would be used for these discussions on media rights.

Texas wants oak. So, it better be oak.

You have to make sure Texas sits at the head of the table.

Also, Texas needs the biggest chair.

That swivels.

Make sure the chair has a comfortable arm rest. Texas likes its arm rests.

And a fluffy cushion.

Texas needs it in orange.

Oh, and a footstool.

Maybe get Texas some coffee too. The Longhorns like their coffee.

Or, schools like Missouri, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State could grow some balls and follow Texas A&M, Nebraska and Colorado to independence. Nebraska found refuge in the Big Ten. Colorado found refuge in the Pac-12. Texas A&M found refuge in the SEC.

The SEC could be the right choice for Missouri and Oklahoma. Joining the SEC would be good for Missouri because it would become an equal partner in a conference of equals. Joining the SEC would be good for Oklahoma because Oklahoma needs an ego boost after getting embarrassed by the Pac-12’s rejection.

But, charting your own course is more difficult than letting Texas tell you what to do.

Just remember, courage now and we can end the conference realignment drama, but if you cower in fear then we will all be right back here next year when the Big 12 collapses again.

And you know it will happen. Because you can’t trust Texas.