Alabama Football: Duron Carter likely to miss 2011 season; Bama players intangibles ‘good to this point’

Alabama Crimson Tide Coach Nick Saban provided bad news for Alabama’s wide receiving corps—transfer Duron Carter likely will miss the entire season because of eligibility issues. Saban said information needed to make Carter eligible had not arrived, and Carter would need to spend a year in residence before he would become eligible to play football at Alabama.

“On the Duron Carter situation, there is one piece of information that we did not receive and have not ever received and may not ever receiver,” Alabama football coach Nick Saban said. “So as of right now, he has to be here a year in residence before he is eligible. So, he will still have two years to play after that, but as of right now it does not look like he will be eligible to play for this season.”

Saban praised the work ethic of this year’s team and its tough play.

“The intangible part of this team has been good to this point,” Saban said. “The one thing we do need to do is have more consistency in execution.”

Saban said he was pleased with the effort from the team during the first sessions of the week.

“I like the attention to detail that our players had and I like the way they worked two or three days getting ready for this game,” Alabama football coach Nick Saban said.

Dee Milliner missed practice Monday, but returned to practice Tuesday and Wednesday. Saban said he “didn’t have any problems.”

Saban said Arkansas has improved on defense and has “good playmakers on that side of the ball. He said the offense is balanced and has good receivers and a good quarterback, but is balanced by the ability to run the ball “effectively.”

“There was as a time when they were pretty good on offense and struggled a bit on defense, but each year they have gotten progressively better on both sides,” Saban said. “I think they are a very good team this year.”


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      Funny thing on this story, I wrote something for Sunday night that predicted this.

      Oh well….now when they post it, it won’t seem so sage or wise. (g)

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    Originally I was pissed at the ball dropping with Duron. But this gives me confidence in our compliance department. He could have cost us a National Championship. Shows just how dumbazz the Barnturd brushfires over Calloway and T-Town Menswear were. Would be nice if that one missing item would showup though. If we were Barnie it would just magically appear no doubt. Bwaa haww haww! RTR!

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