SEC releases new statement on conference expansion; Missouri busy saving Big 12


The Southeastern Conference (SEC) has released a statement denying any formal or informal agreement with a school. The new statement was a response to reports that Missouri was offered a spot in the SEC and that such a move would likely shift Auburn into the SEC’s Eastern Division.

The conference released this statement via Charles Bloom of SEC Media Relations on Twitter, “The Southeastern Conference has not agreed, formally or informally, to accept any institution other than Texas A&M and there have not been conference discussions regarding changes in divisional alignments.”

Take the statement for what it is worth. Parse it at your leisure.

However, with so many reports from reputable newspapers it would seem that Missouri is likely headed to the SEC if the Big 12 collapses.

The question is whether or not the Big 12 dies. Missouri’s chancellor continues to work on saving the Big 12, at least according to media reports. According to Pete Thamel of the New York Times via Twitter, “Big 12 officials on Mizzou’s Brady Deaton: ‘He’s actively, actively working to keep this thing together.’”

Mizzou’s chancellor is not actively working to save the Big 12. He is actively, actively working.

Well, there you go.