Bobby Petrino talks Arkansas-Alabama game

Watch the above video for more information on Bobby Petrino and his thoughts on the game with Alabama.

Arkansas coach Bobby Petrino talked about the big game against Alabama at his Monday press conference.

“They look good on video,” Arkansas football coach Bobby Petrino said. “They are a very good defensive football team. They are basically the same guys we played against last year.”

Petrino said his Arkansas team would need to stop Alabama’s power running attack and be prepared to defend against deep passes.

He also talked about Saturday’s victory over Troy.

“It was a good win for us,” Arkansas football coach Bobby Petrino said. “Much better competition and much harder fought, which will help us here in the long run. It was something we needed to go through.”

Petrino also talked about his philosophy of pass protection.

“I always talk about 11 guys pass protection,” Petrino said. “It takes all eleven of us. There is the timing of the receivers and the timing of the quarterback and protection. So it is everybody’s responsibility to make sure we keep the quarterback clean.”

Watch the video above for more information on Arkansas and what Bobby Petrino thinks about the matchup with Alabama.


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    Yeah that’s what I thought too. Here’s hoping that Troy was a true indicator of the quality of Arkansas’ team. Then again the little piggies want to beat us so badly that maybe they didn’t even practice for Troy. Great or average, Saban better have the boys ready to put out like a cheap whore Saturday cause I have a feeling Arky is going to sell out like condoms at an AIDS party. RTR!

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