Auburn’s lunatic fringe doesn’t know it is the fringe…or lunatic

Paul Finebaum has called extreme fans what they are—lunatics. However, the lunatic fringe doesn’t believe it is a fringe or lunatic.

According to Finebaum nemesis the Never To Yield Foundation, “Where is the fringe, Paul? You don’t find it in the people who ask that you be denied access to the Auburn sidelines and you don’t find it here.” (source)

What? Really? It isn’t fringe to ban someone over a difference of opinion?

Isn’t that what a university is all about?

I know most football fans in the South didn’t attend a college, but everyone should know a university is about a diversity of opinions. The world’s first university, the University of Bologna guaranteed freedom of opinion. Different opinions are a cornerstone of a good university, and this is what all major institutions have recognized.

Auburn University itself is interested in promotion of this sacred principle.

Why should its football team and its fans not equally support this defining element of a university?

Isn’t the athletic department an extension of the university? Isn’t the athletic department part of the university’s mission?

It is wrong to ban Finebaum over what he says or thinks. Even the athletic department of a university should stay true to the core principles of the university itself.

Sure, our passions may rise in a moment of anger, but we should all refrain from being Harvey Updykes.

We should all refrain from the Auburn fan’s logic that compared Paul Finebaum to Osama Bin Laden.

This is why Auburn’s leadership should repudiate any move to ban Finebaum from campus. It should send a message to all fans that disagreements are no reason to respond with harshness.

Auburn prides itself on being the “Christian University.” What is Christian in the war against Finebaum? What is Christian in refusing to turn the other cheek and welcome our brothers with hospitality?

The same spirit that wants Finebaum banned from campus and compares Finebaum with a terrorist is everything wrong with college football.

It isn’t worthy of our universities and colleges. It is lunatic. It is fringe.

It is wrong.

And nothing the Never To Yield Foundation can say will ever change or legitimize it.


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  1. 1

    Auburn is definitely NOT a Christian University in any shape, manner, or form. Christians don’t trek across the ghettos to piss on a rival coach’s gravesite, nor roll toilet paper on trees when someone dies. And, YES IT DAMN SuRE DID HAPPEN!!

  2. 3
    Denny Chimes

    Guess everything was nice and rosy as long as Paul was kissing Cheezit’s butt last year. He asks some questions and they get all butthurt about it. Guess since the Barnerham News won’t ask the tough questions, someone has to.

    • 4

      Bammerham News has done an open records request from auburn 3 separate times.

      You folks are calling Auburn folks paranoid for hating Finebaum’s spinning the situation just to get Bama viewer ratings …..while at the same time claiming the Bham news is in favor of Auburn?

      You sir …sound like the lunatic fringe. You contradict yourself in your own writing

  3. 5
    Jake Mongoose

    “Sure, our passions may rise in a moment of anger, but we should all refrain from being Harvey Updyke’s.”

    Harvey Updyke’s what? Oh, you meant “Harvey Updykes”, plural not possessive? Then why didn’t you say so?

  4. 8

    Finebaum has not been a sports reporter for many years now. He is merely a rumor monger and doesn’t deserve a press pass. I’ve considered him the Jerry Springer of College Football. Well …I was wrong. Jerry Springer knows that he is nothing but a rumor monger/fight promoter and would never ask for a press pass. Finebaum “expects” that he deserves one. I have more respect for that slimy Springer than Finebaum.

  5. 11

    troopah thuggah – price is right my favorite show – i am good at biddin on things….scam – my parents are doing things behind the scenes

    • 12
      FBJ Lives

      This article has served it’s purpose of getting you nobodys all pumped up. All I know for sure, is that this site has one huge ass boner for Auburn it isnt even funny. In fact, it’s downright creepy.

      • 13

        Hows that huge ass boner feel today FBJ? I told you it would sting. More pain to come for you this year, so get used to it. The slide for Auburn to the bottom of the SEC is going to be fun to watch.

  6. 15

    Haha that loss stings doesn’t it, cult members? What do you expect? Your defense has given up over a thousand yards of passing and a thousand yards rushing in just 3 games. And you still haven’t faced a really good defense like Bama has yet. You will drop 3 of the next five, possibly 4.

  7. 17

    1. AU spent 6 of their first 9 yrs of their existence on probation.
    2. 1956 AU pays two brothers from Gadsden 500 each to play, causing asterisk on 57 NC.
    3. 1967 found them turned in again by former players saying they had been paid.
    4. 71 to79 18 different infractions caused AU post season play and TV ban +2 yrs prob.
    5. 1980 NCAA finds several violations after AU had been put on probation. +2 more yrs.
    6. 1987 the $cam like QB Berger was reinstated 3 times after accepting illegal benefits.
    7. 1988 Charlie Dare testified in court to being paid and given grades to play.
    8. 1991 Eric Ramsey taped PFD offering inducements for him to play.
    9. 2003 head coach TB, interviewed on radio detailed the P4P scheme existing since 93
    10. 2010 Cam Newtons father admits to shopping his son for 180K he ends up at AU.
    11. 2011 four former players from 2002 to 2007 told HBO about being paid to play.

    56 years with a PROVEN record of cheating. All points above are FACT! And these barnards name a stadium after the one who was caught on tape?? Its always the same with them. “So what if we cheat?” “As long as we win.” No wonder the 49 1/2 states hates them!

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