Alabama Football: Wide receiver Carter status unchanged, Tide glad to get Hanks back

There is no new information on wide receiver Duron Carter. The Alabama football player is not yet eligible to participate in games, but could be eligible as soon as proper documentation on his academic status is delivered to Alabama. At his Monday press conference, Alabama football Coach Nick Saban said there was nothing new to report on the situation.

“I don’t have anything else to report on Duron Carter, so you don’t even need to ask,” Nick Saban said. “You will be the first ones to know when we get the information or if we get the information or when we get the information or however you want to say that.”

Saban said if the school had received the necessary paperwork on Carter on Saturday morning, “He could have come up and played in the game.”

On a brighter note for the football team, Alabama’s coaching staff is happy to get wide receiver Darius Hanks back.

“It will be good to get Darius Hanks back,” Saban said.

Hanks sat out the first two games to regain additional eligibility.

“(Hanks) gives us an explosive receiver on offense with experience,” Alabama’s football coach said.

Saban gave the Alabama receiving corps high marks for improvement since the start of the season.

“Kevin Norwood played better. Kenny Bell played better. DeAndrew White played better,” Saban said. “They all played better from first week to second week. Hopefully this experience they have all gotten will help them continue to gain confidence and improve as we go through the year.”


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  1. 5
    Barnie Phucker

    FBJ will be running his mouth out of his azz about halfway through the season. See this is the worst thing that could happen to the Awbies. They all covered their azzes by saying they don’t expect shyt out of their team this year. Now with the upsets of bwaa haww haww Utah St and the gift by stupidity from Relf on Saturday, they are all having their orgasmic fantasies that they can whup Bama’s azz. Bwaa haww haww haww haww haww haww haww haww! They’ve already started running their mouthes thereby setting themselves up perfectly for the universal sized heckling they’re gonna get when half the SEC stomps their azzes here shortly. RTR! That being said, in my opinion everyone involved with the Duron situation has dropped the ball. If I did my job with the same efficiency there could be a dozen people killed every day.

  2. 6

    I can’t WAIT until Hanks get’s back in the lineup — this will help out Maze BIG TIME. Plus — I personally prefer Darius as the “go-to” receiver IMO — since Julio is gone — man I think about how if Julio stayed — fear — I know, dream scenario’s — sucks but I’m “moving on” to the future! See ya at 3-0!!!! R T R.

  3. 7
    Deb Parker

    Jesus, Du Du ron ron ron could have taken the course again and gotten his transcript in this amount of time. Is it the Juco, NCAA or what holding up this crap? Cause someone needs to lose a job that they aren’t doing right.

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