Alabama Football: Duron Carter expected to be ready for Penn State

Alabama Crimson Tide Receiver Duron Carter
Alabama Crimson Tide Receiver Duron Carter. Photo via Twitter

Wide receiver Duron Carter could be ready to contribute to Alabama in its big game against Penn State. According to Alabama Crimson Tide football coach Nick Saban, Carter could have played last week and looks ready to contribute this week with a full week of practice already on the books.

“I think he is ready to contribute,” Alabama football coach Nick Saban said.

Saban said Carter now must work on doing things within the Alabama offensive system.

“He is a bright guy and I’m sure will learn quickly,” Saban said.

Saban also praised Joe Paterno coached teams during his Wednesday teleconference. Saban said of Penn State teams that, “They are smart. They are well coached. They are disciplined. They play with good fundamentals.”

Saban said this type of play extends into all areas—offense, defense and special teams.

“First of all you are always going to face a team that has really sound fundamentals in every part of the game,” Saban said. “They are going to block and tackle and play sound in everything they do. And as I said before, they are not going to give you anything.”

Saban said the team will face a challenge this week playing on the road in historic Beaver Stadium.

Beaver Stadium “is one of those places” that is “difficult to play,” Saban said. “It is going to be a challenge for our players to go in there and focus like we need to do.”


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