SEC Expansion: Reports are Texas A&M to SEC as early as Wednesday

SEC Football

The Southeastern Conference (SEC) could have a new member by as early as Wednesday, according to multiple media reports.

Mr. College Football via Twitter said, “Not a done deal yet but announcement on Texas A&M to SEC could come Wednesday. Then the real fun begins.”

Also via twitter was this report from Texas A&M beat reporter Billy Liucci, “SEC presidents meeting/voting today. Translation: Ags have officially submitted their request for admission into SEC.” (Source).

And what school will become the SEC’s 14th member? Dennis Dodd of CBS reported tweeted, “Latest on SEC No. 14: West Virginia/Missouri.”

The conference expansion drama continues to unfold.

SEC interest in Missouri would result in further destabilization of the Big XII—a conference teetering on the precipice. Reports indicate Oklahoma could soon forge its way westward and seek admission into the Pac-12.

A move by either Missouri or Oklahoma would likely spell the end of the Big XII and signal a grab as the SEC, Pac-12 and Big Ten cherry pick the remainder of the conference.

The era of the super-conference is nigh.


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    Well if we can’t get Oklahoma and sure as hell don’t want Texas then I guess the only decent BCS conference team left west of the Mississippi would be Missouri. But I never thought that would happen. Missou’ is a Big 10 type team and that is where they wanted to go before Nebraska phucked them. Still don’t believe it will happen. If we’re expanding then so will the Big 10 and Missouri is the logical choice. I believe they will wait. I believe I would make a push for Ok St and Pickens money, or maybe Texas Tech or Houston. The East is where the bitch is. Do you really believe we can cannibelize the ACC for the teams we would want – Fla St and Va Tech or North Carolina. I do not think so. Not as long as the ACC is going to be one of the four Super Conferences. If not from the ACC then who the hell in the East is deserving of a place the Conference of Conferences? Notre Dame certainly won’t come. We sure as hell don’t want to take West Virginia and Pitt while the Pac 12 gets Texas and Oklahoma. What a mess. RTR!

  2. 3
    Rogue Elephant

    SEC’s looking for balance.
    First TX A&M.
    Then W.Va.
    Then Mizzou.
    Maybe VA Tech/N. Carolina.
    Gotta feeling the first 3 gotta come before Va.Tech/N. Carolina will jump on board.
    Just sayin’.
    Damn sure don’t want Maryland anymore.
    Not with those wild unis.

  3. 6

    If the SEC is really smart, they would take Texas Tech. TV viewer wise, Texas Tech has more market Share than either OU or OSU combined. The Texas Tech footprint is mainly Dallas Fort Worth were most of the Tech alumni come from, West Texas, New Mexico and Western Oklahoma. The SEC could have a footprint from Arizona to Florida.

    Texas A&M only adds Houston area. The Aggies like UT are so dispersed that they really do not control a large TV market. However, TTU does control several large markets and will be a Tier 1 school by 2014 and most likely will also be AAU qualified about the same time. Texas Tech would be the 4th largest school in the SEC if it should join.

    Tech also has one of the longest running winning records in the country and the 5th longest bowl appearance streak in the country and the 4rd longest bowl eligible seasons in the country. Tech has a better record than Texas A&M in the last quarter century. Tech is a stronger program than the Aggies across several athletic categories.

  4. 7

    not just about football…big east schools have the best basketball….so you have to think what team brings basketball and football….WVU…end of story

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