VIDEO: Highlights of Alabama vs. Kent State

The #2 Alabama Crimson Tide defeated Kent State 48-7 Saturday in college football action. Alabama held the Golden Warriors of Kent State to 90 yards of total offense and amassed 480 yards of total offense.

These highlights include A.J. McCarron’s beautiful pass to Marquis Maze, Trent Richardson scoring on the ground and Jalston Fowler’s impressive 49-yard touchdown rumble.


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    Hate to switch subjects but I got to give credit to LSWho for representing the SEC UNLIKE Georgia who got punked by Boise State — now everyone in the nation will be screaming for Boise to go to the NC. Yawn that!

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      I have a feeling Georgia will take several more beatings this year, so I don’t see how Georgia will look like such a quality win if they are not in the top 20.

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