VIDEO: Countdown to Kickoff preview of Alabama vs. Kent State

The SEC Digital Network provides this video preview of the Alabama football game against Kent State. The University of Alabama Crimson Tide is a heavy favorite in this game that pits Coach Nick Saban against where his football career started—Saban played and was a grad assistant there.

The Alabama football team is led by its defense and this video shows Dont’a Hightower and C.J. Mosley as two stars of the defense. According to the preview, Hightower and Mosley are “as talented as any two linebackers in the country.” Oh, and the narrators reminds viewers that Alabama’s secondary is experienced.

The video speculates that AJ McCarron appears to be the favorite for the starting quarterback job, but Phillip Sims is pushing for playing time. (Take this prediction for what it is worth.) What isn’t in doubt is that Trent Richardson will be a featured part of the Alabama offense as Richardson has already shown he can play when Mark Ingram was injured last season, according to the video.

You can watch the video preview below:


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    All other things possibly being equal, AJ has senioity and served his apprenticeship last year. No matter who might have the overall edge, he WILL start the game out of respect, but will give way to plenty of playing time for Phillip. RTR!

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    Oh and by the way, with a new offense and QB’s nobody knows what to expect from Bama. Don’t expect any shenanigans and fancy smancy stuff from either QB, nor from the RB position when the other Sims relieves Lacy or at Wildcat. That stuff will be unleashed on Penn St next week if necessary or saved for Arky and Florida if not. RTR!

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