Alabama’s Nick Saban explains how staff is getting Duron Carter into football condition

Alabama football fans wondering about the status of Duron Carter received good news Monday when Carter was able to practice. However, Carter missed all Fall Camp and the Crimson Tide coaching staff must work to get the standout wide receiver in prime football condition. Saban outlined some of how this would work.

“We think Duron (Carter) is a really good player,” Saban said. “He will certainly help us down the road at the receiver position. He has good size and has good quickness. He gets in and out of breaks and is one of those guys that is hard to cover. He has some experience as a player because he has played college football before.”

Saban said the team has worked Carter in shells over the last two days and will advance to pads moving forward while the rest of the team works in shells.

Alabama “Will try to work him out a little bit over the weekend and try to get him ready to start implementing himself with the offense next week,” Saban said.

Saban said the staff will be cautious in working Carter toward game condition to prevent an injury.


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    Forgive me if I’m a dumbazz, but how could Carter possibly not be in prime football condition. Has he been standing around beating his meat all summer waiting on his transcript? I would sure as hell hope not. He certainly had a conditioning program going and should have been involved in 7 on 7’s up until practice started a few weeks ago. Should have been weekend praticing with McCarron and Simms. And damn sure should have been watching film and studying the play book. If Julio could tearup Clemson as a true freshman in his first game ever after just 3 weeks of summer practice, then there’s no phucking reason Duron with 2 years experience and a Junior College All American, cannot be ready to participate against freaking Kent St!

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      Maybe he needs more time in the heat to acclimate? He will only have 2 or 3 days in full gear. Just guessing. I was hoping to see him a little in the second half of Saturday’s game, but now it sounds like that won’t happen.

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      He still falls under NCAA (or SEC) guidelines to spend 2 days of practice in shells and shorts before he can put on pads. And, I’m sure he has been able to study the playbook while he was waiting, but I don’t think he can do that “officially” – probably “borrowed” the playbook from another player to study. CNS is going to do things all above board – we need to keep this kid eligible whether he gets to play Kent State or not.

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        The only other reason I can think of for CNS to make this kind of statement is to deter attention from this kid. “Nothing to see here – just routine conditioning – may not even get to play anytime soon!” No sense in letting opponents know they have to prepare for Carter along with Maze and company.

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    Yes, I agree. Saban doesn’t have to tell everything. I am sure Carter has been working on his own. That is very different from practicing with the whole team. He will be on the short track for playing time, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him in mop up duty for this weekends game.

  3. 7

    Yeah no doubt he needs to get popped a few times stretched out for a catch to remember he has to both catch it and hold on to it. And remember what Michigan St said. Bama was the most physical team they played all year. Said they had never been hit that hard and that often. This aint the Big 10 or Junior College. Welcome to the SEC Duron. RTR!

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    Are you kidding me ?????? If Duron knows anything he knows what big time is !!!!!!!!! Chris Carter is his Dad and that is Big Time, in any Book especially mine!!!!!!

  5. 9

    Are you kidding me? He played about 50 snaps for Ohio St and 1 season in Junior College. I don’t give a damn who his daddy is. That was not Alabama nor the SEC, and that was not the big time. Saban said he’s doing great. Well I guess so running protected routes. Hope he keeps doing great for 14 games. But we’ll know a lot more after he gets popped a dozen or so times by D’onta and Nico and Chapman and Jessie and Dre’ and Mark and Robert and Millner and DePriest and so on. That’s the big time dude. RTR!

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