Alabama’s Nick Saban explains how staff is getting Duron Carter into football condition

Alabama football fans wondering about the status of Duron Carter received good news Monday when Carter was able to practice. However, Carter missed all Fall Camp and the Crimson Tide coaching staff must work to get the standout wide receiver in prime football condition. Saban outlined some of how this would work.

“We think Duron (Carter) is a really good player,” Saban said. “He will certainly help us down the road at the receiver position. He has good size and has good quickness. He gets in and out of breaks and is one of those guys that is hard to cover. He has some experience as a player because he has played college football before.”

Saban said the team has worked Carter in shells over the last two days and will advance to pads moving forward while the rest of the team works in shells.

Alabama “Will try to work him out a little bit over the weekend and try to get him ready to start implementing himself with the offense next week,” Saban said.

Saban said the staff will be cautious in working Carter toward game condition to prevent an injury.