SEC Notebook: Trouble for LSU’s Jefferson & Big XII interested in Arkansas

There is breaking news out of Baton Rouge this morning. Multiple media outlets are now reporting that Baton Rouge police have issued an arrest warrant for LSU’s quarterback Jordan Jefferson. The charge is battery.

ESPN reported the news via twitter: “BREAKING Baton Rouge Police Dept. has secured arrest warrants for LSU QB Jordan Jefferson & LB Joshua Johns for felony 2nd degree battery.”

This LSU situation is of vital importance to the SEC West race.

Will the Big XII raid the SEC?

The New York Times reported the Big XII’s wish list if Texas A&M bolts out of Texas’ shadow and into the SEC. Near the top of the wish list was Arkansas.

According to Pete Thamel’s report, “Its wish list, in order of preference, is Notre Dame, Arkansas and Brigham Young, according to a person with firsthand knowledge of the Big 12’s discussions.”

Arkansas would be an interesting choice for the Big XII since the Razorbacks bolted from the SWC to help expand the SEC to its present 12-team composition. It was the addition of Arkansas and South Carolina that allowed the SEC to launch its annual championship game.

Would Arkansas now consider a move back into the shadow of Texas—a shadow the Aggies are so interested in escaping?

Be careful with the tweets
The reported MSU guard D.J. Gardner was “booted from the team after profane tweets.” Apparently, Bulldog coach Rick Stansbury did not like reading this tweet from the basketball player: “These b***es tried to f**k me over.. That’s y I red shirted .. But I wish my homies a great as* season.. I don’t even know y I’m still here.”


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      Indiana Vol

      Maybe the SEC could jettison the CHEATINGEST PROGRAM in the SEC; Bammer!

      Bammer would be a good fit in the Big 12!

      • 6

        How does it feel lose 4 in a row? Bout to be 5 and counting son! Enjoy the ride with Barbara Dooley’s son. BTW enjoy the NCAA sanctions UcheaT is gonna get in October (hopefully right after we blister that orange butt in T’Tow). I cant wait til October!

      • 7

        BAMA would be a great fit for any conference they should put auburn in there they are a disgrace to the sec and they will always be in the tides shadow.this is ALABAMAS STATE auburn just lives in it

  1. 8

    During the Big 12’s ballyhoo last year Arkansas not only said no, but hell no and so did all of their fanbase. They aren’t going anywhere. Actually no team which has any pride would go to the Big 12 and have to suck Texas dick for their supper. As for Jefferson, he’s phucked. The police confiscated 59 pairs of shoes from his residence to look for DNA to see if he was the one who punted a guy on the ground in the head and neck breaking 3 vertabrae. Since he is being arrested, apparently the test was positive and he will be charged with Felony Battery. Dumbazz! I thought only Barnturd players punted people in the head when they were on the ground. Anyway it’s good for us cause the LSU QB has just had the feet option taken away since Jarrett “Pick Six” Lee isn’t near as dangerous as dual threat Jefferson. Damn Arky lost for the season the SEC’s leading rusher who made their passing go and now LSWho is losing Jefferson. They are trying to give us a bye into the SEC Championship Game. Bwaa haww haww! RTR!

  2. 10
    Denny Chimes

    Just because it’s a boring Friday afternoon and work and I’m phoning it in, I made the mistake of going to SBB’s site for his take on Jordan Jefferson. Not one word. Surprised? Not me.

  3. 11

    With which typical non-point of IV’s do you agree Chimes? You can’t be dumb enough and uneducated in college football enough to think we would be a perfect fit in the Big 12. Texas runs roughshod over the Big 12 like a Monarch over his serfs. With their sense of entitlement and their fanbase thinking they are the weathiest and aristocrats of the college football world, it would be nothing but a disaster for Alabama and our fanbase there. In a few years we’d make them forget about Chokelahoma and it would turn into a nuclear war of galactic proportions after which they would spend all that money paying off recruits, players and the NCAA to kill us off. Not us, not Notre Dame, not anybody who isn’t desperate wants any part of Texas’ bullshit in the Big 12 or coming into their own conference. A&M and Okie would be great in the SEC West with Fla St and Va Tech in the East. Or any two of the four, one in each division. RTR!

    • 12
      Denny Chimes

      Settle down Crimsonite. Read the time of my reply (11:52 PM) and his “Cheatingest Program” BS (12:05 PM). I was actually responding to his original statement about Arkansas when he said, “Arkansas would be out of it’s mind to leave the SEC.”

      It’s Friday and I’m in a good mood so have him credit for making a statement that I agreed with. But it didn’t take him long before returning to his usual douchbaggery.

  4. 13

    It still amazes me that a fan of any school on probation has the audacity to talk trash about another school cheating. At the very least, wait till you’re team is off probation. Bama28, your really going to throw a UcheaT out there???? How about a UprobAtion?

    • 14

      what bama is on probation for had nothing to do with the football program yopu dumb ass it was about teaxtbooks . anyway it wont be long before yall get a taste of it so just sit tight

  5. 15

    Chizik will get them out of jail and get them in Auburn, The Fambly needs a good quarterback
    Anyways. These guys will fit right in the Awwburn program.

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