USA Today Sports Analyst Danny Sheridan
USA Today Sports Analyst Danny Sheridan

Danny Sheridan will be on ESPN’s Outside the Lines to talk about the Cam Newton case.

Sheridan announced the news via twitter: “I will be on ESPN’S ‘Outside The Lines’ show tomorrow at 3:00 PM ET discussing Cam Newton.”

Cam would probably rather people discuss his NFL performance during the preseason game Thursday night.

Or maybe not. In any case, Sheridan will once again dominate discussion involving Auburn and its alleged illegal recruitment of Cam Newton.

Sheridan made news on the Paul Finebaum Radio Network by reporting the NCAA thought it knew a bagman involved in Auburn’s recruitment of Cam Newton. Sheridan repeated this report on Finebaum’s show, but declined to name the bagman. Sheridan also reported Auburn was being examined for other potential NCAA violations.

Sheridan followed up his recent visit to Finebaum’s radio program by meeting with the NCAA following an invitation from the college sports governing body.

What will Sheridan tell ESPN?

Will his attorney be present?


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  1. 1

    He won’t tell them anything interesting, though I do believe his claim. Yes – his attorney will be present.

    Will just be a TV version of the Finebaum interview … which was shite.

    • 4
      wish we would shut up

      we are listening to an idiot. let it go. we look more and more stupid every time this guy opens his mouth.

  2. 5
    # 1 al. fan

    Maybe the ‘news’ is that Cammy is gonna make a trip back to Toomer’s Corner and put his hand on those ‘crab apple trees’ and save them for all humanity!! That way the the Aubies can go back to throwing their toilet paper in the trees and go back to using Sears & Roebuc catalogs…. thems just some of my thoughts…..RTR

  3. 6

    Just as likely as not–the OTL crew go after him and try to embarrass him. Sheridan won few friends with his most recent Finebaum interview.

    Still, the sense of angst among the fambly is palpable. Their boards are full of teeth gnashing.

  4. 7

    After meetrng with the NCAA he immediately goes on ESPN. Don’t look good for the Awbies. I don’t expect him to reveal anything Earth shattering, but you have to believe his interview with the Nazi’s gave him confidence and or went bad for the Barnturds. RTR!

  5. 8

    He doesn’t know crap. I’m the bag man (woman). Plus, it cost me a lot more than $180000. Championships are expensive….I’m still paying Cecil off. Cost somewhere between $280000 and $270000 dollars. Worth every penny. WDE.

  6. 10
    robert garrard

    Just another failed attempt to bring down the champions. Does NOT even deserve the time that it took to type this. How old is this getting?! Give it up you stupid bammer rednecks.

    • 11

      kiss ass garrardo. the champions will bring themselves down you auburn far as champions goes they can keep it as far as im concerned they only like 11 more to catch up with BAMA .

  7. 13

    Had lunch with Vince yesterday and he informed me that Danny will reveal the name of the infamous “bagman” and the AU booster for whom he was working. NCAA hopes the info will put pressure on someone to come forward.

  8. 14

    Hey Garrard, dumbazz, then why are you wasting time typing it? Oh, I know! You’re philanthropic. You want to give all us rabid Bammers the opportunity to curb stomp your azz one more time. OK dummy! Anyway shyt sucker, it’s not us dumbazz Bammers – it’s outside sources and the NCAA you scum sucking moron. And by the way fool, you can scratch that “*Champions” shyt from your vocabulary cause that trophy is fixing to vanish faster than a fart in a class 5 hurricane. Bwaa haww haww! RTR!

  9. 15
    robert garrard

    I keep hearing allegations from “unnamed” sources….. over and over and over and over and OVER AGAIN! Never any proof. Anyone can say that they have information, but won’t name the source. Crimsonite, you are soooo stupid that I actually feel a little bit sorry for you (and your family). Auburn will NEVER be required to relinquish their Championship! So get over it idiot.

  10. 16
    robert garrard

    Oh yeah, I almost forgot…… Danny and Finebaum really brought the heat on OTL today. Ground breaking stuff! And nickie satan is still short, balding, and is a terrible player’s coach (that coming from the mouth of a current player). So shut up baby brother and just deal with it.

  11. 17


    You still sending out directions to your house over the ‘Net putting your family in danger? Dumb inbred asshole

    BTW, BIG BRO Bama leads LIL BRO Auburn 40-34 in the series. Nobody cares that Auburn beat Mike Shula and Bill Curry. Congrats though on FINALLY beating a real Bama team last yr, albeit a 3 LOSS team by A DIGIT. You know, about the size of your dick

  12. 18
    robert garrard

    Auburn leads the series in the last thirty years (modern college ball). The drunkard bear isn’t around any longer, therefore he can’t sign/pay as many players as he wants. Although, satan finds ways to skirt the rules with the oversigning and running players off stuff. little ole bama will NEVER EVER EVER be anything other than just another team in the SEC. The same bama player that said saban is not a players coach, also said that saban treated his own wife like a dog when the freshmen ate dinner at his house. Even saban’s own players think he is a sorry excuse for a man. At least he didn’t hit Terry like the drunkard bear would have. bama is mediocre and always will be. Saban needs to stuff a couple oatmeal creampies in his midget mouth and continue to be Coach Chizik’s bitch!

  13. 20

    Hey Capstone!! ..i just read your biased intro to this topic. ONCE AGAIN your idiotic bias and hatred has betrayed you. The NCAA has punched DS in the jaw and broken his teeth. Maybe now he will shut up and go away for ever.

    Finebaum was trying to do damage control on Friday afternoon ….and has now essentially made the same claims as DS.

    Soooooo …just to help you out and keep you from looking more stoopid, I suggest that you not run with this latest Finebaum revelation. PF will soon be in the laughing stock boat with DS.

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