Alabama Football: Fall Camp practices ‘have been good’

Crimson Tide holds 17th practice of Fall Camp

The Alabama Crimson Tide football team’s Fall Camp practices are going well, according to Alabama football coach Nick Saban.

“The practices have been good. The tempo has been good,” Alabama football coach Nick Saban said. “We continue to make improvements. There is not an area of our team that we couldn’t stand to make improvement in some phase, some part of, whether it’s technique, assignments, mental errors, ability to make plays and finish plays. We continue to stress the fact that we need to finish things. We need to give effort and play with toughness and be able to execute.”

The team continued its work in Fall Camp with a practice session inside Thursday. Nick Saban said the move inside was to help players deal with the extreme heat.

“Yesterday was particularly hard on the players even though it was not the hottest day,” Alabama football coach Nick Saban said. “I think it is the cumulative effect, so we decided to go inside today to give them a little better opportunity to be able to recover and not be in the heat. We will make this decision on a day-to-day basis. I thought being inside today helped us to improve our mental intensity and our ability to focus and actually practice a little bit better, which, to me, is probably more the objective at this point than getting acclimated to heat that we may never have to play in.”

Injury Update
Brandon Ivory suffered a sprained knee. “It is not surgical,” Alabama’s football coach said. “He won’t be out that long.”

Arie Kouandjio is battling a patella tendon problem “in his knee.” Saban said this issue flared up before in camp and has returned. This could result in Arie missing “a couple of days.”

Dre Kirkpatrick has a leg contusion. “He may be out a couple of days,” Saban said.

Duron Carter situation
The Alabama football staff continues to wait on wide receiver Duron Carter. Alabama is awaiting transcripts before Carter can be declared eligible. “We’re hopeful we will get them by the end of this week. The week is running out. So I can’t make any more comments about that,” Saban said.


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    Allen Times

    Glad to hear there haven’t been anymore serious injuries on your team. It’s been a hot summer and dangerous when working out in that kind of heat. Auburn and Alabama have both been blessed to have a near injury free preseason, even though we have both lost a good player for the year with some an injury, but it could definably be worse. I think, once again as usual, it is going to be a great year to be an SEC fan!
    Of course….as always War Eagle! And hope that ya’ll stay healthy!

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    Hate Smurf Coach

    Don’t offer up an olive branch, you’ll only get some Mullet dip spit in your face. I’ve tried before here doesn’t work and you’ll notice all the Non AU articles usually have no posts cause they don’t care about football team practices, just here-say, gossip, and investigations.

    Just words of advice. Sometimes Cappy is able to actually talk or rationally discuss, however RC and Crimsonturd can’t communicate without including sexual innuendos or cursing.

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    Bobby Justice

    Already practicing for our trips to Atlanta and New Orleans. This coaching staff is on top of everything.

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    You stupid bastard. If you don’t like what I say then just go away. After all you are nothing but a cum sucking troll. RTR!

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