Alabama football: Jeff Stoutland mentioned in Yahoo’s bombshell report on Miami

An Alabama football coach formerly with the Miami Hurricanes was mentioned in today’s bombshell report on alleged cheating in Miami. (Also, Joe Pannunzio, Alabama’s director of football operations, was named in the report.)

From Yahoo Sports report: “NCAA rule-breaking with coaches and staffers: Shapiro said he violated NCAA rules with the knowledge or direct participation of at least six coaches – Clint Hurtt, Jeff Stoutland and Aubrey Hill on the football staff…Multiple sources told Yahoo! Sports Shapiro also violated NCAA rules with football assistant Joe Pannunzio, although the booster refused to answer any questions about that relationship.”

Stoutland is now offensive line coach at Alabama. Stoutland was named offensive line coach at Alabama in January, but “Stoutland spent the previous four seasons at Miami as the offensive line coach and was named the interim head coach prior to UM’s bowl game this year,” according to UA’s official press release naming him as a football coach at Alabama. Pannunzio was named Alabama’s director of football operations in February.

The Yahoo report includes specific allegations against Stoutland: “Among the specific incidents, Shapiro or other sources say Hurtt, Hill, Stoutland, Pannunzio and Allen all delivered top-tier recruits to Shapiro’s home or luxury suite so the booster could make recruiting pitches to them. Among the players who were ushered to Shapiro while they were still in high school: Eventual Miami commitments Ray-Ray Armstrong, Dyron Dye and Olivier Vernon (prompted by Hurtt); eventual Florida commitments Andre Debose (Hurtt) and Matt Patchan (prompted by Stoutland and Pannunzio); eventual Georgia commitment Orson Charles (Pannunzio); and eventual Central Florida commitment Jeffrey Godfrey (Allen).”

There is no good way to spin the linking of an assistant coach with the cesspool allegedly operating in Miami.


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  1. 1

    There’s no good way to spin it, but it didn’t happen at Alabama. I trust Nick Saban’s judgement on this matter. If it was Shula or Fran coaching the team, I would order them to fire him immediately!

    • 2

      you people are a joke.
      you trust nick saban on this matter?
      f**k you. idiot
      the hounds of hell are upon you.

      you goons are the worst of what college football has to offer and it will soon be revealed.

      bammers are jihadists with mullets.

  2. 3
    Hate Smurf Coach

    Joe Pannunzio – director of Alabama football operations delivered student athletes to Shapiro at Miami, now a blockbuster cheating scandal.

    Point the fingers at yourself cheaters.

  3. 5


    If either of these guys need to be fired, it will be done. PERIOD

    • 8

      If you guarantee it, then you would bet on it.

      Since you won’t bet on it or provide details, you have no credibility.

      RC calls other folks a lot of nasty names, yet he is the fool. Somebody has totally BS’d him and he continues to make a fool of himself.

  4. 10
    a fan

    Ha! Ha! Ha! Sources say yahoo and robinson will drop a bombshell on Auburn. Blah blah blah. And what do you know but 2 bammer coaches are directly implicated in violations that will probably result in the end of the miami fball progran. Saban gets the best coaches, saban runs a tight ship. Blah blah blah. Odds are the bagman to be revealed tomorrow is a bammer coach. That would be hilarious. Only in Alabama. Can you say poetic justice?

    • 14
      a fan

      Yo RC,

      Ha! Ha! Ha! You were right, I am having a heart attack from all of the laughing I am doing listening to sheridan and his high priced attorney. As I predicted yesterday I find sheridan’s segment very entertaining. I suppose you were playing with yourself, oops I mean entertaining yourself, yesterday when you gave that dire warning. You need to wipe that stuff off of your face again.


  5. 17

    Nothing to worry about they will be fired by sundown if need be. On the other hand you bums have a good nights sleep lol. RTR

  6. 19


    Most of them will be praying awfully hard tonight. Problem is they’ll be praying for the wrong thing. It’s tragic that a fanbase who beats the Christian drum so hard really has no morals, etics, or accountability in the most important areas in life. Auburn people are typical Old South hypocrites with a serious cultural problem. The Auburn Creed is garbage, and I’ve wiped my ass with it many times

  7. 21

    You bammer trash will learn one day to keep your big fat trap shut cuz the tables can turn in an instant..You fucking idiots will never learn…And if you fools think anyone is paying attention to that old bald headed ugly sheridan man tomorrow and believing anything that moron says think twice you dumb fucks. BTW we got one of your previous players today one Melvin Ray….lol

  8. 24

    Fire stoutland and pannunzio if there is anything to their having been involved. cant have those kind of shenanigans around the program, even far removed. And let this be a lesson to the Barn. Be nice to Milton MacGregor when he goes to jail, or he might start showing evidence against you. Just stop by once and a while to ask how hes doing.

    • 26

      It’s Mandyke! Where you been hiding? I forgot how dumb some Auburn fans can be, until you started posting here again. Thanks for reminding me!

  9. 27
    a fan


    Whatever sheridan says or doesn’t say tomorrow will not affect the hilarity and the irony of this story. If you think auburn fans are the only ones who find this humorous you are sadly mistaken. I have no doubt that I will find whatever sheridan says or doesn’t say entertaining. Fire the clowns, don’t fire the clowns. Doesn’t matter, it is still hilarious. And all of you have egg on your face in regards to the robinson bombshell. Now that is funny, I don’t care how you are.

  10. 28


    So what abt Ray? Sloppy seconds my dear, but you and your men know all about that 🙂 BTW, Sheridan is VERY well respected in journalism. He writes for a little paper called USA TODAY!! Very well known around NCAA circles. Your trashy University is going down you hypocritical bitch

  11. 29

    Hey Mandy why don’t you brush the cheeto crumbs off you chest get your fat ass up and start that praying thing RC was talking about you don’t have long.

  12. 30

    Instead of tuning in to that crap tomorrow you outta be out lookin for damn jobs. I see the same damn trash is still on welfare in here. Worthless as hell.

    • 31

      I see you are still having to provide for your girlfriend Mandyke. We all can’t be truck drivers and make all that money like you do. Wergle hey! Please be here when Auburns football team crumbles and falls apart this season.

  13. 32

    A Fan

    Explain how it’s egg on our face? None of us really believed Robinson was talking about Auburn. We were entertaining ourselves watching all of y’all piss all over yourselves. An Auburn tradition. I love watching you guys squirm, and there will be PLENTY from you guys soon. What did Mandy C–t say, “Tables can be turned?” Lol

  14. 34

    I cant wait til you scrubs come to JH this yr. Seriously after what that updyke nut done to our trees..all bammer trash that enter Lee County should be worried about leaving alive.. I would be.

    • 35

      The stands will be empty by halftime this year Mandyke. Except for the Bama fans. Do y’all care if we go roll the trees when Bama beats that ass this year?

      • 36

        saban loses job if he loses this year, plus he hired 2 goons from miami to grease the wheels?
        you guys are slick

        • 37

          Keep telling yourself that Saban loses his job this year, so you can be like Chizik and sleep well tonight. Ass-whoopin is still coming, believe it.

  15. 39

    Mandy is used to the missionary position. BTW, my boyz and I will be ready for the inbred Auburn fanbase this yr. Y’all won’t have the balls to phuck with me. Guarantee it

  16. 41
    a fan


    “Entertaining ourselves”. I guess that is an Alabama tradition. As for the egg on your face, it must be something else. Anyway, in the future y’all should let everyone know when you REALLY believe something and when you are just funnin. That way there will not be any confusion regarding what that is on your face.


  17. 43

    Do you remember that scene in ‘Back to the Future’ where Marty McFly’s family start to slowly disappear in the picture he carries in his wallet?

    Same thing is happening with Auburn’s NC* trophy.

      • 45

        Yes, I know the hounds of hell are upon me. I don’t know exactly what you mean, but if you will quit saying it in every post, I will hook you up with someone who will provide a $200,000 scholarship to Auburn. That is a deal NOBODY can refuse!

  18. 49

    You guys started claiming the Auburn was in trouble last November. There is no evidence that Auburn has done anything wrong.

    Over this past year you fools have claimed that the following events would bring the hammer on Auburn

    1. Scott Moore–no tapes what a joke.
    2. So Florida — Robinson was investigating Miami
    3. Louisana –The investigation is aimed at Oregon
    4. The HBO4 –yawn …The NCAA has investigated ..nothing
    5. Lowder …had no money/power by the time of Cam
    6. McGregor trial …no testimony or tapes
    7. Sheridan …a carnival sideshow just getting attention

    Now all you fools have is RC and his “friend” at the NCAA. This is supposedly an NCAA investigator that will give inside info to a loud-mouthed redneck on a Bammer internet board. Step back and thin about that. No investigator smart enough to be hired by the NCAA would be stoopid enough to give info to a loud-mouthed redneck like RC.

    • 50

      You left out the part about the pending results of the very real NCAA investigation into Auburn for the past year… they should be wrapping it up soon, so you keep screaming ‘But Bammer cheats too!’ like it means something.

        • 52

          The NCAA should be close to wrapping things up at Auburn. Odds the NCAA spends a year investigation a program and doesn’t find major violations are pretty slim.

  19. 53


    you can keep trying but I will not name my source. I’m just going to kick back and watch all the white-trash Auburn fans burn to a crisp. Auburn fans are white trash hillbillies who masquerade a Christians then lie, cheat, and steal. Some rob their own damn trailer parks. I’ve graduated from playing games with Auburn gumps a long time ago. Your day is coming. August 22-28

  20. 56

    By the way …you folks shouldn’t have anything to worry about with these ex-Miami coaches. He hasn’t been at Bama long enough to do any shenanigans. Also ..Saban, just like Chizik runs a tight ship and it would be very surprising for any coaches to be involved in nefarious activities.

    As far as to whether Saban should keep them? That should be up to Saban.

      • 58

        lets see it.
        you assholes think your people are perfect. compared to your goons, our guys are angels.
        your hate has gotten in the way of your judgement, and now it is going to come back on you 10 fold.
        the hounds of hell are upon you

        • 59

          Nope. You are wrong on that. But your school has had a year long anal-probe by the NCAA, not Bama. I could care less about Auburns NCAA troubles, I just can’t wait for that ass-whooping coming 11-26. You just be sure to be here and run your goober-smoocher then. And I expect to to apologize for being a dumbass when the NCAA sanctions hit Auburn.

  21. 60


    I’m not an oddsmaker or gambling piece of shyt like Milton McGregor. My satisfaction will come from you hiding in shame and your trashy Auburn friends taking up for that slimy University once all the info is released

  22. 61

    RC…I have reserved comment but I have a source which tells me that UA will be under investigation with the suit store issue. Trent Richardson will not be playing for at least the first game. This is true and I 100% guarantee it.

    • 62

      You have no source either. I don’t need a source to know Auburn is STILL under investigation. Didn’t Chizik tell you guys?

  23. 63

    My same source does have suspicion on AU as well but nothing can be proven because no one is talking. Case will be closed w/in 90 days.

  24. 64

    Finally. Danny Sheridan will not name the “bag man” tomorrow because fear of a lawsuit for defamation of character. You can write that!

  25. 66

    One other conspiracy to be addressed. The reason Dyer is not practicing is due to a concussion suffered on the first day of two a days. Holding out as a precaution. You can write that as well.

  26. 67

    I believe he will say he knows the name of the bagman and that he is well connected to the university. I believe he will give the location of the witness (Atlanta) but still say it’s 50/50 bc no one will talk. If he does in fact, give a name this means he is 100% sure bc he knows the person won’t sue bc it opens up everything. If he doesn’t give the name he’s not confident bc he risks a lawsuit.

    • 68

      Then Clay Travis can be sued for defamation as well as all you goobs with your conspiracy theories on Auburn message boards. Out of all those pictures, not one show any extra benefits. The NCAA and SEC has been aware of it when it happened, and still, no investigation. It is over with, and Richardson will play the first game, and the rest barring injury, 1000% sure of it.

  27. 70

    My source also tells me that CT doesn’t know sh** and that he is just trying to impress Mandy so he can get laid.

  28. 72

    Interesting Atlanta huh would it have anything to do with the celebrity we heard about months ago? Just speculation

  29. 73

    I am an Auburn fan and I don’t doubt that there is a 50% chance that someone connected to AU paid Cecil. However, I am being told there is no paper trail and it’s unlikely anything will come of it. No national writer, even Charles Robinson, has been able to get to the bottom of it. That’s because it’s either not true or they did a damn good job of covering it up.

    • 74

      Of course you are an Auburn fan. That is why you are here on a Bama site.

      CT, are you actually Charles Goldberg or Phillip Marshall…,,Be Honest.

  30. 75

    One other thing…the bingo trials and Milton Mcgregor has nothing to do with any of this. All the speculation on the other message boards are simply not true. One thing that is true is there was rampant cheating when Terry Bowden came but he cleaned it up and was fired for it. Tommy T also did not allow it which is why they tried to get rid of him too. Lowder was the cancer and he is no longer on the BOT.

    • 76

      I’m convinced. I guess Auburn really is clean. Damn those people at HBO, NYT, Sheridan, Cecil Newton, NCAA. They should be ashamed spreading those lies.

      Cam or Trooper, if you are reading this, I apologize for jumping to conclusions.

      Cam, I’m sorry for thinking you would probably know that you were being shopped for $180,000 to $200,000. And to Cecil, I’m glad you repented and allowed Cam to go to Auburn without asking or getting anything for it. After all, its all about family down there.

      And, Trooper…I’m sorry for thinking you are a corrupt thug. I know you are just misunderstood. I know giving high fives to players after cheap shots was only your way showing support.

      I know now that facts should not get in the way of what is actually going on at Auburn. After all, you can prove something that is even remotely true with facts. I think we should just admit that Auburn is the victim here.

      WHEW, I’m glad I got that off my chest so the healing process can begin.

  31. 79

    Well one things for sure with this story on Miami if Mississippi State wouldn’t give the Newtons money Miami sure would have so why would they go to Auburn for free??LOL

  32. 82

    All I’m saying is if Cecil was looking for money there was atleast one school willing to pay according to the report so why would he go to Auburn for free? I said it as a joke but now that I think about it kinda makes sense. As for any D1 athlete not all of them has a pimp for a dad.

  33. 83

    nick saban will give cudos to stoutland pz for changing the miami skank culture yr by yr so that au took the king of skaunks from um….but he will remind them they are at bama now and do not have to pay a penny for anybody and that bama is as pristine and pure as the white driven snow.rt.congrats tcu 2010 permanent
    national champs

  34. 84
    Allen Times

    Ahhhhh,,,,,,what a trashy coach at Alabama. But you know what they say, birds of a feather flock together. He should fit in right up there with the rest of bammers coaches. Bet he even gets a few free suits while working there too.

  35. 87


    You truly are an aborted fetus. The Auburn HC is a GD lying sack of shyt, Trooper is a dirty SOB, and Cecil Newton negotiated a slavery like deal and sold his son to Auburn. OH IT WILL BE REVEALED 🙂 The AU fanbase are a bunch of hillbilly inbreds who see nothing wrong with desecrating rival coaches gravesites and put oak trees above human life. I guess as long as your sack of shyt coach calls it a “God thing,” your dumb OLD SOUTH ass will bow down and suck his cock

    • 89
      FBJ Lives

      Heat getting to you RC? Or are you just having a meltdown over the fact that Bama is running a dirty program, just as many others are? This should be a happy day for you guys, today is the day a oddsmaker appears on a radio program to “offer a name”, but its not as fun to you now, as you are constantly deflecting allegations about a ousted booster who I know you are hoping to hell doesnt start talking. Now add some coaches that have been fingered by Yahoo sports as corrupt and cheaters. Oh I forgot, when they went to Bama, all sins were forgiven, and they have been reborn. Lastly, as I have been telling you for months, more to come……and it will. 🙂

  36. 91

    LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! “…bama is as pristine and pure as the white driven snow…” That has to be the most ridiculous comment I have EVER read on this ridiculous site. The sad thing is that I am starting to think you actually believe it. Only a Bama fan would have the audacity to refer to a program currently on probation as “… pristine and pure as the white driven snow…” Classic!! LOL!!!!!!!

    BTW – if there was ever any doubt, this is why I occasionally visit this blog. The entertainment value and opportunity to watch bama fans reveal their true selves is absolutely priceless.

  37. 92


    You must be a flunky nightime guard with all those posts in the wee hrs of the morning. Your football program including your lying pussy of a football coach is about to be undressed today

    The hounds of hell are upon you 🙂

  38. 93


    Straight from….

    News February 11, 2011
    Alabama hires Joe Pannunzio for football ops

    T he Alabama Crimson Tide hired Joe Pannunzio as director of football operations. The official press release follows:

    The University of Alabama announced the hiring of Joe Pannunzio as director of football operations on Friday. Pannunzio brings nearly three decades of college football experience to the Capstone. He spent the last five years at the University of Miami (Fla.) and was the head coach at Murray State the previous six seasons. His primary role at UA will be to oversee the administration and operation of the football program.

    “I’m honored to have the chance to work at such a special place like the University of Alabama and I’m really looking forward to moving into this administrative role,” said Pannunzio. “This is as good as it gets when it comes to college football and I appreciate Mal Moore and Nick Saban offering me this opportunity. In terms of running an organization, Coach Saban is the best in the country and my family and I are looking forward to being a part of the great football program here at Alabama.”

    Pannunzio served as the tight ends/special teams coordinator at the Miami from 2006-10. The Hurricanes made four bowl appearances in his five years in Coral Gables.

    While the head coach at Murray State from 2000-05, Pannunzio led the Racers to the 2002 Ohio Valley Championship joining Mike Gottfried, Frank Beamer and Houston Nutt as one of the four coaches to win a conference title at the school.

    Pannunzio’s career has included stints at Southern Colorado, Mesa College, Kansas, TCU, Minnesota, Mississippi and Auburn. The Pueblo, Colorado, native was a standout quarterback at Southern Colorado, where he graduated with a degree in physical education in 1982. He was named honorable mention all-conference in 1980 and led his team to a No. 9 ranking in NAIA Division I. He and his wife, Rita, have two daughters (Angela and Nico) and one son (Mario).

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    8 Responses to “Alabama hires Joe Pannunzio for football ops” Subscribe

    1. Crimsonite February 11, 2011 at 8:17 pm #

    Just hope he doesn’t bring any of the “U”s baggage with him. This makes two of our 4 new coaches from Miami. That’s a scarey feeling.

    2. Pluto February 12, 2011 at 5:42 am #

    I understand the Vibe – but things have changed down there.

    3. tblakney February 12, 2011 at 8:35 am #

    Are they eliminating football at Miami??

    4. Crimsonite February 12, 2011 at 10:29 am #

    No they haven’t eliminated it entirely, but the way they’re playing their fans might think so. They are desperate and desperate teams do stupid things. Look at Bama in the Albert Means era and Awbie right now. The media expected the “U” to compete for a National title in ’09 and Zachary to win the Heisman. Instead they have sucked the past two years and actually ever since they lost the title to Ohio St. They can’t dominate the ACC like they did the Big East and that in intself considering how pathetic the ACC is, is very disturbing. Hell they can’t even win a game or a recruiting battle in their own State lately. RTR!

    5. ATLANTAROLL February 12, 2011 at 2:05 pm #

    The “U” could use a little thUg in em’right now.
    6. Pluto February 13, 2011 at 6:02 pm #

    The guy knows the deal when he came in. Keep it Straight and keep it down home cuz.
    Give Aubie Credit. Cover your s*it trail and make it murky.
    7. Crimsonite February 14, 2011 at 8:23 am #

    One hour to go and I predict that Clowney will stay home. If Clemson were our only competition we would have a better chance. But USCeast is also in the SEC and he grew up a Gamechcken fan. His home and x-teammates are there and will get earlier playing time. All Bama has going for it is Saban being the best at preparing a defensive athlete for the NFL against Spurrious being an offensive coach – in more ways than one, LOL. Hope I get a pleasant surprise. RTR!
    8. CRIMSON HAMMAH February 14, 2011 at 8:27 am #

    told u so—Meet-Trooper-Taylor.aspx

  39. 94

    Fbj, I.e Pussy

    no heat getting to me lil sister. Nothing is going to happen to a Nick Saban program. No proof, and they could just feign ignorance like Auburn if there was. That is, until the Auburn paper trail is complete. And it will be! 🙂

    you are a pussy until you accept my challenge. Chizik is a lying pussy who doesn’t practice what he preaches. I will say that to his face this year at Jordan-Hare

    • 96

      But, But, But….we’ve got pictures of Bama players wearing suits!!! That proves they are cheating. Plus, they are still on probation for selling textbooks to other students on subjects they just completed and profited $10 on the whole deal !!!

      And, And, And….what about Gadsden Dodge Chargers !!!

      The hell hounds are coming! The hell hounds are coming!

      More to come! More to come !!

  40. 100

    Old ugly bald sheridan being laughed at as we speak.. Paul is pissed off..Hes a dumbarse bammer. should have seen this coming.

  41. 102

    Yep you mods better run hide…Some serious deleting going on. Hey I dont blame ya…You morons have been lied to over and over….

  42. 103

    A Fan,

    How is this a “stain” on me exactly? I thought he would name the bagman, but he can’t release his source for the same reason I can’t divulge mine. Follow this you minion: it’s called CONFIDENTIALITY!! I’m still going to investigate and report Auburn’s cheating until you guys clean up your own backyard. It’s your choice

  43. 105
    Hate Smurf Coach

    Mullets get a big fat 0, Danielle Sheridan like most of you girls is impotent. National champs, kiss the ring Mullet biotches.

    • 106

      The investigation is still on-going dumb azz. Don’t you remember Chizik getting bitch slapped by that female NCAA Enforcement prez.

  44. 107

    I thought something was up with Michael Dyer not practiing. Guess what….HES BACK….All you bammer trash are fucking idiots.

  45. 108


    The fact you felt the need to post that shows how hypocritical the trashy fanbase of Auburn really is. If you guys were Christians, you would either admit guilt or turn the other cheek. I hear you suck a mean cock so you being a lady is out of the question

  46. 111

    BamaFire, What does the investigation in Prattville have anything to do with UA? Did you actually read the news article? Fail

  47. 112

    Does anyone realize that about 40% of the posts on this Bama site are from Auburn fans?

    Aubsession running strong. Can’t wait for the season to begin. I’m ready for the Aubs to crawl back under their rock of shame.

    • 113

      Those Auburn losses are going to come early and often. They will all scatter like roaches when the season gets going.

  48. 115
    Hate Smurf Coach

    How bout not posting articles on AU and I will go away. I could care less about Bamer football. If you mullets really want us to go away, just actually talk about your own team. I assume that is impossible since your 9-4 team didn’t do anything this year.

    ITK and Cappy are actually AUinfatuated. They just can’t stop copying and commenting about articles on, cutting down Goldberg, or believing the AU football team is Satan incarnate. if you really want us to go away, shut your cunthole and we will not bother you.

  49. 116

    HATE Smurf:

    We will continue to investigate and report Auburn’s cheating until one of you so-called “God-thing” Christians actually start demanding a clean program from Chizik, Jacobs, Dye, and Lowder. The ball is actually in your court. What we do is actually up to you guys. Stop cheating @$$holes!!!

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