Someone get Sports By Brooks a pair of glasses

Attention Sports By Brooks: This is NOT AJ McCarron
Attention Sports By Brooks: This is NOT AJ McCarron

I’ve always defended Sports By Brooks.

But this was too funny not to share. (Source: here is the link to the original file on Brooks’ website.)

Maybe some Auburn fans providing him all this lame information about Alabama football players’ sartorial elegance should buy Sports By Brooks a pair of glasses. That would help when trying to identify Alabama Crimson Tide quarterback A.J. McCarron.

It would also help if he avoided deleting the offending photograph from his website in an attempt to cover his own mistake.

Just a helpful hint.

But the story doesn’t end there.

Brooks took to twitter in an attempt to make the fans pointing out the error look foolish. Brooks tweeted, “Plz confirm 1) McCarron in T-Town Menswear? 2) McCarron sports car w/ sick rims? 3) McCarron store display jersey? TIA.”

Hiding your error makes this whole thing look like a juvenile Facebook smear.

It was entertaining. Now it is just pathetic.


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    It’s garbage like this that really pisses me off. I’ve been known to be wrong a time or two in my life (as much as I hate to say that). With that said, I’ve owned my mistakes and personally held MYSELF accountable. We, as fans, give these smear campaign pseudo-journalists free passes to destroy a person / team / program, but there’s zero consequence for their false accusations. Here’s a call to arms.

  2. 2
    Denny Chimes

    The same Aubies who said Brooks was nothing but BS are linking his site all the time now as proof that there was wrongdoing by Bama. The hypocrisy is overwhelming,

  3. 3

    Little do the little Auburn Bastards know that nothing is going to happen to a Nick Saban program. What a waste of time 🙂

  4. 4
    jason williams

    as I have said on twitter several times now, BROOKSdontknowSHIT! #BdkS (I think as Bama fans we should all use this to refer to his site)

  5. 5

    It doesn’t bother me in the least bit. There is no way that Bama compliance hasn’t overlooked the situation. They were on this 6 months ago, and found no one received any extra benefits. THAT is the key right there. If there was even a remote doubt that there was extra benefits, Saban would have no problem setting the player. He has done it before, and Bama has self-reported this type situation before. If anything, it shows that Bama compliance has been proactive in stopping a potential problem before it started.

    If you do a search for any SEC teams current players signed memorabilia, you can find it. What is the difference with the referenced picture above, when you can find the same merchandise for Mike Dyer, Ontario McCalebb, and many other current players? Does this mean Mike Dyer and McCalebb’s eligibility is in question too?

  6. 6


    The difference is, if ultimately shown to be true, it appears that the UA merchandise was intentionally signed for one company/booster, for the purpose of later resale and advertising. If this was stuff that was signed at the spring game and later a fan decided to sell it, it would be a complete non-issue.

    • 7

      The photographs show no such thing.

      Furthermore, even if they signed the memorabilia knowing the guy would sell it, trade it whatever, that is no different than what will happen Sunday at Fan Day.

      The athletes only responsibility is to NOT MAKE A DIME when they sign something.

      Now, if there is evidence of that….show us.

      Otherwise we will continue to laugh at this incompetent and feeble smear.

      We know the NCAA isn’t interested in this. The SEC agreed this was a non-issue when consulted.

      The NCAA is interested in something in this state. The serial cheat known as Auburn.

      • 8

        CR …chill dude …you are right …there is no evidence. Only speculation. It’s frustrating isn’t it?

        Oh ….and those comments apply equally to the Cam Newton situation.

        • 9

          No, they are not equal. That is just yet another Auburn myth. It is not speculating when the NCAA is investigating allegations of COACHES saying that Cam told them the money was too good at Auburn, Cams dad openly admitted to soliciting money for pay for play, and Auburn players admitting to pay-for-play on national TV. The Bama situation is not the same at all.

          There is no investigation into Bama for this at all, even though you guys have been screaming and ‘speculating’ for weeks now.

          So, lets recap:
          Is Auburn under investigation? Definitely
          Is Bama under investigation? No
          Is there evidence to warrant a serious investigation into Auburn? Yes.
          Is there evidence to warrant a serious investigation into Alabama? Pure speculation on Auburn message boards.

          So, no, not the same at all. You are wrong as usual.

          • 10

            There is no proof. If there were proof, then the Bama players or Cam could be found as a violator.

            “The Cam said” stuff is heresay from MSU fans/ex-players that didn’t even report it until Cam finally decided to go to Auburn. There is no proof that Cecil solicited Auburn.

            The NCAA has investigated the HBO 4. There is no proof to what they say. If the NCAA wants to take those 4 malcontents at their word, then Mark Emmert and Nick $aban were guilty at LSU. Do you really think Emmert wants that brought up?

    • 11

      Actually, it is about if the players in question received any extra benefits. The ‘advertising’ claim was absolutely handled by Bama compliance in a timely manner. The only thing that could get a player in trouble for this is the ‘extra benefit’, like discounts on suits, free clothes, etc. that y’all are trying to claim happened, even though there has been no evidence of this, per Bama compliance. And they turned over information to the SEC and NCAA. Bama has been very cooperative.

      The rest of this story has been written by Auburn homers for Auburn homers, trying desperately to hang Bama. This is retaliation for our laughing and pointing at the situation Auburn is in, and the Auburn fanbases ridiculous denials and deflections. Y’all are melting down, and this story is just more proof of it.

  7. 12


    You need to read the NCAA bypass because your claim about them having to receive compensation just isn’t true. AGAIN, I’m NOT saying they are guilty… Just discussing it. I will say this though, if it is shown there is a tie between TTMW and Vice Authentics, UA may find itself in BIG trouble.

    • 13

      The By-laws are VERY clear that extra benefits are what govern eligibility. No eligibility problem. No story.

      And I’d be damned careful about memorabilia considering the sheer number of Michael Dyer autographed crap you can find on the Internet.

      You guys might not want the NCAA to start asking questions about that while they are giving you that anal probe-like investigation

      • 14

        FYI won’t let the facts get in the way of a good conspiracy theory. Even if there is a link between TTMW and Vice Authentics, there would have to be proof that a player received extra benefits, which Bama compliance as stated there was no evidence since the beginning, and turning their findings over to the SEC and NCAA. 6 months ago. But at least it gives you Auburn homers a ray of hope, and distracts you from having to face what is coming down on y’all for just a little bit.

        • 15
          tha truth

          There is No link between Vice Auth & T-Town fashion. I can tell you 100% without a doubt that Vice Auth has No connection what so ever to this story. They have No connection with T-Town fashion & have never even met the owner of that store. They are Not involved!!! I guarantee!!!!!!

    • 17
      Logical Thinker

      Which one(s) specifically make you think this to be true? If that were the case, then the upcoming Fan Day would be a violation as well! It’s an autograph. It doesn’t matter if it’s on a sheet of paper, a jersey, or someone’s forehead! If the player does not receive any extra benefit that other students are not privy to receive, then there’s zero violations!
      I’m so tired of the NCAA and the geriatrics who run the corrupt organization! All of these restrictions are placed on athletes; however, if another student wants to sell anything belonging to them, they’re certainly able to do just that! Plus, to have the belief that any coach, or institution, can regulate boosters, or any adult living in the various places on Earth, then they clearly are inept and should be removed from their position! The ONLY person who anyone can truly control is themselves! To think otherwise is asinine!!!

    • 18

      Then Dyer’s eligibility would be in question if that is the case versho. There are several sports memorabilia shops selling Dyer signed merchandise. According to you, Dyer doesn’t have to receive compensation to be held accountable for advertising for these places. This story has run its course, nothing else to see here. The desperation you guys are showing in trying to keep it going is still funny to watch. But Auburn is sure still under investigation, that is a fact.

  8. 19

    FYI and Versho,

    Poor Barner sperm,

    the NCAA will not touch Nick Saban’s Alabama program. Keep wishing, praying, hoping, and wasting your time away 🙂

    Oh, BTW, keep trying to get us in trouble in vain. Each time you do this, a little more comes out about all of Auburn’s sins 🙂

  9. 20

    NCAA: Auburn University is under investigation for providing impermissible benefits over a 20-yr period, conspiracy, racketeering, and violation of Federal anti-trust laws and interstate commerce among many.

    Auburn University: “How bout dem Bammers and their suits and signed merchandise?!”

    NCAA (rolling eyes but acting concerned): “Sure, please provide more info.” (yeah, right, we’re not crossing Saban with all the dirt he has on 55 other member institutions.) 🙂

  10. 21

    Sure they wont. Its not like they’ve ever made him forfeit any games or put Alabama on probation (again) while he was coach or ruled any of his players ineligible.

  11. 22

    Come on Brando, surely you don’t have to resort to name calling and deflection. I’m not accusing UA or developing any kind of conspiracy theories. All I have done is read and viewed the available information, and commented about how things looks thus far. AGAIN, I don’t know if they are guilty or not. Does it look sketchy at this point? Absolutely. Does that mean they are guilty? Not at all. Are comments from a head coach and compliance officials sufficient for me to automatically disregard the available evidence? Without question, absolutely not. If this was involving ANY other school, you guys would be screaming that the NCAA needs to step in, and would have already judged the university guilty in the court of public opinion.

    With regards to the bylaws: ““After becoming a student-athlete, an individual shall not be eligible for participation in intercollegiate athletics if the individual accepts any remuneration for or permits the use of his or her name or picture to advertise, recommend or promote directly the sale or use of a commercial product or service of any kind.” (Page 74.)”

    • 23

      Did I call you something offensive FYI? I just said you were an Auburn homer. Guess the truth stings you a bit. But your quote:

      With regards to the bylaws: ““After becoming a student-athlete, an individual shall not be eligible for participation in intercollegiate athletics if the individual accepts any remuneration for or permits the use of his or her name or picture to advertise, recommend or promote directly the sale or use of a commercial product or service of any kind.” (Page 74.)”

      This can apply to Dyer as well, as several sports memorabilia internet shops have a lot of Dyer signed merchandise being advertised. It would be the very same offense. Does Dyer need to be investigated? If a rival fan base thinks so, then he should, huh? See my point?

      And what part of Bama has reported this to the SEC and NCAA did you not follow? Do you not think Bama showed the SEC and NCAA the steps taken and their records of showing no extra benefits were not found? Nothing about this looks like a cover-up. Which it would have to be, if you are to believe the story you are trying to insinuate. How do you know the NCAA hasn’t already looked into this? You don’t. This story was old news to them before the Auburn message boards even knew about it. But at any rate, I think if there are any violations, they will be secondary. If Trent done something wrong, at worse he will set out a few games. This is not the same type of issue Auburn is facing, and your focus on all this at Bama is a weak attempt to get the spotlight off of Auburns corrupt program you guys are in such denial about. The same ol’ “See, Bammer cheats too!” argument you guys have always used.

  12. 24


    THOSE WERE MIKE SHULA ISSUES HE INHERITED. Look at the dates they occurred during the NCAA report you dumb ass. It’s pretty sad you’re wasting your time & energy on a futile cause. Nothing is going to happen to Nick Saban’s program 🙂 I do know a little about this

  13. 27

    To all the dumb ass Auburn fans:

    Alabama’s textbook violations continually occurred from 2005-07. Mike Shula was coach in ’05-06, and Saban inherited his delinquents in ’07. You guys remember Shula, right? The sack of shit you guys beat 4 yrs in a row that you guys continually brag about like it’s something great, even though he was fired after losing 24 games over a 4 yr period

    Please dumbasses, present the COMPLETE facts of the case. They won’t screw with Saban’s program. GUARANTEED 🙂

    • 29

      You know that tune very well, versho! What are you going to sing when the NC is vacated by you guys? You won’t even acknowledge that it is a very real possibility.

  14. 30

    It comes down to the fact that the store doesn’t sell memorabilia period. The store sells suits. If players were signing suits, then there would be an issue. If players were signing chicken wings or budlights, then all sports bars would be an issue. Use common sense, “hey there is a signed bama jersey hanging on the wall, I think I better go buy a suit from this place”. Let that sink in for a second.

  15. 31


    I understand your premise but disagree for two reasons. (1) It appears from some of the pics and video that he was using it as advertisement to get people in the store; (2) IF, and I emphasize IF, he is connected to Vice Authentics, it wouldn’t matter if he sold it out of his store since the store would just be the location to “manufacture” the product.

    • 32
      tha truth

      I can tell you 100% without a doubt that Vice Auth has No connection what so ever to this story. They have No connection with T-Town fashion & have never even met the owner of that store. They are Not involved!!! I guarantee!!!!!!

  16. 36

    FYI is praying and hoping that the NCAA says, “Let’s stop investigating all the heinous crimes committed by Auburn and let’s spar with Nick Saban instead.”

  17. 37

    Dolt McCoy and Gerber Shipley were on the cover of Bassmaster in August 2009. No violation there, but it was certainly advertising a product and I’m sure their fishing excursion was valued at far more than the $200 for Mark and Julio.

  18. 40

    NCAA: Mr richardson did you receive compensation or any extra benefits from Mr.albetar? TR: NO NCAA: MR.Richardson why did you sign stacks of jerseys helmets and other paraphernalia for Mr.albetar? TR: hes a nice guy and has always treated myself and teammates with respect and he said the stuff was for himself and gifts for his friends and family! …….CASE CLOSED ITS AS SIMPLE AS THAT! HE DIDNT KNOW ABOUT IT! SOUND FAMILIAR?

  19. 45

    I’ll say this. If there were no benefits passed out from hand to hand in T-Town that could be ultimately considered enough of a violation for sanctions, and the memorabillia on display in the store always said NOT for sale; then neither the University nor the athletes can be held responsible for T-Town or anyone else advertising the items for sale on a Facebook site. All that would be necessary is for the University to demand that T-Town stop it immediately. No one can be held responsible for someones Facebook or any website space. No one is required to go searching the internet for any business’ website to see what they offer, especially when they live down the street and can visit it in person. In fact while internet literate people may think of checking if a business has a .com site, very damn few people would go looking for it on Facebook. There are questions about the outfit that certifies the items, but the question is are the photos even authentic or did T-Town lie in the ad about certification? RTR!

  20. 46
    FBJ Lives

    Spins, Lies, 17 Years on probation, Caught red handed, blah babble, “no wrong doing”, free suits, nothing going to happen to a Saban program, denial, corrupt athletics dept…… This is Alabama Football. Its a comin boys. But dont believe me, Brooks, or Travis. Tony Barnhardt has commented on it, and others Are watching it. Hope it goes away all you want. It just aint going away, so get ready Updykes. Repeat offender just took on a whole new meaning 🙂

    • 47

      Yep, and once again, when Auburn wins, and it is under scrutiny and scandal…some things never change. Kinda like living in the shadow of Bama. You keep making smart-ass remarks about ‘repeat offender’ while your school sets the standard for ‘pay-for play’. It makes you look really smart.

  21. 48

    Lmao fbj you and your fambly just can’t get off of clay travis’ nut sack and find a story about Alabama written by someone that doesn’t hate bama can y’all? Lol love the picture of trent is that a new angle? The dyer jersey that has a c.o.a. is down to $534!! Better jump on it!

  22. 52

    Hell how bout a signed team helmet from 2010-2011? Its a steal originally 1799.00 marked down to 1499.00 http:/ …..can’t spell authentic autograph without AU Bitches!

  23. 55

    FBJ Free Blow Jobs:

    NOTHING is going to happen to a Nick Saban program. MARK IT DOWN

    I am your master. You pussied out of a direct challenge I gave you last week. Until you are ready to accept my challenge ANYWHERE IN THE BHAM AREA, I own your ass, you pussy!

  24. 56

    Hippie hippie hippie the NCAA isn’t a Damn court of law there is no judiciary process u cum wad! They will make up their own minds about awbarn! Go do is all a favor and pull your bottom lip over your fat head and swallow!….you no talent pucci!

  25. 57

    Here’s another sportswriter that the “Captstone” quoted earlier regarding Auburn being under investigation. Look who Dennis Dodd has thrown into the pile now.

    So which is it Capstone? Are these guys that you quoted earlier right or wrong? ….Oh yeah ..and don’t give me the “he was right in Auburn’s case and is now wrong in Bama’s case BS. Either these guys are legit ..or they’re not.

    Before the SEC enjoys the joy of six (consecutive national championships), it must endure the snickers over that “5” on the cover conference media guide. Sure, there have been that many consecutive titles for the Strength Everywhere Conference. But we also enter the season with a five-pack of SEC schools (LSU, Alabama, Tennessee, Auburn, South Carolina) on probation, under investigation or awaiting an NCAA verdict for major violations.

    • 58

      How hard is this to figure out, Hoopty?

      On probation: Alabama, LSU
      Under Investigation: AUBURN, South Carolina
      awaiting an NCAA verdict for major violations: UT

      We know Bama is still on probation after the textbook case. We know Auburn and South Carolina are currently under investigation. We know UT is waiting on the verdict of their investigation. Of course this article is correct.

      If you are trying to insinuate that Bama is under investigation or is awaiting an NCAA verdict out of this, you are just plain crazy. You are reaching trying to put Bama in the same boat with Auburn. What a sad little troll you are.

      The sooner you can learn to admit the truth, the easier it will be on you when probation and sanctions hit your school.

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